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Note: The Lost Book Island is not affliated with the BookCemetery/BookUndertaker.


The Lost Book Island is still open and is still accepting lost books. We haven't gone anywhere and are the original place for the lost in the mail books and stalled bookrings and bookrays.

Please note that we are waiting until the BookCrossing site is well and stable in all ways before any new updates are done.

Full BCID Must Be Provided!!!

In order for the LostBookIsland to process your request for a journal entry onto the LostBookIsland shelf the full BCID must be provided. In the past the LostBookIsland has sent reminder PMs to those that forget or just provide links. This is time consuming and the LostBookIsland will no longer be able to send the reminder PMs. If your book did not show up on the island with a journal entry please check to be certain that you provided the Full BCID and re-submit your request.

Lost Book Island

What is the Lost Book Island?

This bookshelf was created to give some books that are on vacation a relaxing tropical environment before they resume their travels.

It can be frustrating to send a book from your bookshelf out in the post and then never hear from it again and the Lost Book Island would like to give you an image of your book sitting on a beach under an umbrella sipping a cool and refreshing drink. (And try and drive away the images that the book is crammed in a dark corner of the post office never to be seen again.) Perhaps after some rest and relaxation the lost books will decide to write home again with a journal entry and tell you of their adventures.

How do books get lost?

Sometimes books are truly lost in the mail occasionally there is proof of this as empty envelopes are delivered.

Some books are not journaled by the person that gets them in the mail and therefore it is unknown what the book's fate truly is.

And still other times the book is 'lost' within a BookCrossers home. (These are generally books that are traveling a bookring or bookray path and it was previously agreed that the book would travel to the next person in line.)

What books are eligible for addition to the Lost Book Island shelf?

Any book that the whereabouts are unknown after it has been mailed to a known BookCrosser or books that are part of a bookring, bookray or bookbox that are apparently stalled.

This does not include books that were wild released as the very nature of wild releasing does not guarantee that the book will get a new journal entry.

Please allow the book to be missing for at least 3 months before it is added to the Lost Book Island shelf. It often takes long periods of time for books to travel through the mail especially when mailing internationally. This will also allow BookCrossers that might be going through a rough time to have a chance to move along a stalled bookring or bookray.

How do I submit a book to the Lost Book Island?

Just send a PM that includes the full BCID and the title of the book that you feel is lost. Generally, the circumstances can be figured out from existing journal entries. However, if the situation is complicated or unclear please feel free to include more details in the PM.

Do you have a book that you would like to offer as a replacement as a bookring or bookray if there is a need for that book?

To search for books that might need replacing just do a book search here at BookCrossing and restrict the search to the username of lostbookisland. If you see a book on this shelf that matches your search then please read the journal entries to see if there is a list of people that are waiting to read the book. Then a PM can be sent to the bookring or bookray originator to see if your copy of the title can help revive the bookring or bookray.

As always, there is no obligation for any BookCrosser to try and revive a stalled bookring or bookray, but if this is your choice of things to do then I am sure that you will be making some readers happy.

How does the Lost Book Island use status codes?

Traveling - Books that have not yet been journaled by the person that they were sent to. (Could be truly lost in the mail or the oversight of the person receiving the book.)

Reserved - Books that have been journaled as received by a BookCrosser and have no further information to indicate that they were mailed out to the next person in the pre-determined list.


Feel free to browse the bookshelf and take a look at the journal entries of these lost books some of them will have quite the interesting travels.

Success Stories

The success stories are numerous we hope that you have fun browsing around and taking a look at the interesting travels of many of the books here.

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