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Zachary S P joined us at 5:02PM on Wednesday, November 14th. He weighed 10 pounds, 5 oz and was 20.5 inches long!

Love the idea!

Leaves of Grass on Bartleby
This link will bring you to the full text of Whitman's Leaves of Grass (my personal favorite), but you can access most of the classics here. As they say on the site itself... " — after the humble character of its namesake scrivener, or copyist — publishes the classics of literature, nonfiction, and reference free of charge for the home, classroom, and desktop of each and every Internet participant."

Which Book
A really innovative and fun site - this is where you will find the next book you want to read! You can enter what kind of book you're in the mood for - happy, sad, with a female lead, set in Africa, violent, funny, lots of twists and turns, etc. - and it will return with suggestions.

Set This House in Order: A Romance of Souls - Matt Ruff - This one is LOST for the second time!! : (
Sewer, Gas & Electric - Matt Ruff - LOST : (
Air - Geoff Ryman
Join Me - Danny Wallace
Kings of Infinite Space - James Hynes
Parable of the Sower - Octavia Butler
Parable of the Talents - Octavia Butler
Fledging - Octavia Butler
Adulthood Rites - Octavia Butler
Specimen Days - Michael Cunningham
Yes Man - Danny Wallace
The Sky's the Limit - Steven Caines
Half Nation Under God - Cora Corbett
Better Homes and Husbands - Valerie Ann Leff
The Secret History - Donna Tartt

I've found out about some great bookrings/bookrays from reading other folk's profiles, so I thought I'd list the rings and rays I belong to. (I've DEFINITELY not kept this list 100% complete though - oh well!)

The Permanox Redemption - Henniker Keene Tks therubycanary!
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister - Gregory Maguire Tks kikimasu!
Dude, Where’s My Country - Michael Moore Tks ecoboy!
Behaving Badly - Isabel Wolf Thanks BlossomU!
Galatea 2.2 - Richard Powers Thanks illinicheme!
One Thousand White Women - Jim Fergus Thanks Secretariat!
When The Phone Rang - by Us Thanks Maurean!
The Fantasy Factory - Amy Flowers Thanks book-bugger!
Making History - Stephen Fry Thanks daemonwolf!
Faking It - Jennifer Crusie Thanks TracyShannon!
The Company of Cats Thanks Eskielover!
The Calcutta Chromosome - Amitav Ghosh Thanks YowlYY!
Holy Fools - Joanne Harris Thanks Bookshop!
Say When - Elizabeth Berg Thanks EDDI!
Jenna Starborn - Sharon Shinn Thanks Karendawn!
Shopaholic Abroad - Sophie Kinsella Thanks spaceystacey!
To Be Someone - Louise Voss Thanks midwinter!
The Pink Slip Party - Cara Lockwood Thanks LGinder!
Bookends: A Novel - Jane Green Thanks Zarylia!
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them - Al Franken Tks BunRab!
The Companions - Sheri Tepper Thanks Tyressia!
The Fifth Child - Doris Lessing Thanks caffcaff!
Bushwhacked - Moly Ivins & Lou Dubose Thanks shh-girl!
The Confusion - Neal Stephenson Thanks Dallasjay!
Quicksilver - Neal Stephenson Thanks CBCD!
This is My Town by U.S. Bookcrossers Thanks Maurean!
The Great Fire - Shirley Hazzard Thanks tuff517!
Pattern Recognition - William Gibson Thanks Midwinter!
Any Human Heart - William Boyd Thanks fizzfred!
Sex Changes - Pat Califia Thanks Fanclub!
Couldn't Keep It to Myself: Testimonies from Our Imprisoned Sisters - Wally Lamb Thanks icekween01!
The Bone Woman - Clea Koff Thanks Ada2!
Cloned Lives - Pamela Sargent Thanks Potat1556!
Pope Joan - Donna Cross Thanks Lpree!
The Roaches Have No King - Daniel Evan Weiss Thanks icekween01!
253: the print remix - Geoff Ryman Thanks Psychjo!
A Round-Heeled Woman - Jane Juska Thanks BookLemur!
Santa Evita - Tomas Eloy Martinez Thanks Irishajo!
1000 Places To See before You Die - Patricia Schultz Thanks Peachy93722!
Daughters of Isis: Women of Ancient Egypt-Joyce Tyldesley Tks Shelagh!
Making History - Stephen Fry Thanks hAnG-gLiDiNg!
Measuring the Earth with a Stick - Bob McDonald Thanks Jessibud!
The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It - David Niven Thanks taniazed!
Fingersmith - Sarah Waters Thanks Tangledthreads!
Waterlily - Ella Cara Deloria Thanks arauca!
Bombay Ice - Leslie Forbes Thanks Dame Blanche!
The Food Chain - Geoff Nicholson Thanks book-man-8!
Dreams from My Father: a Story of Race and Inheritance - Barack Obama Thanks Genevalove!

The Plot Against America - Philip Roth Run by ButoracA

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure - Dave Gorman Run by SwissToni. 32/36 - on 22

While I Was Gone - Sue Miller Run by efs300.
Playing God in Yellowstone - Alston Chase Run by dicentragirl.
Nothing to Fall Back On: The Life and Times of a Perpetual Optimist - Betsy Carter Run by Apolonia.
Hello Darling, Are You Working? - Rupert Everett Run by grover3d.
Silver Metal Lover - Tanith Lee Run by PDB11 (perpetual bookray).
Affinity - Sarah Waters Run by MarciNYC.
Dress Your Family in Coururoy and Denium - David Sedaris Run by Captain Jack.

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