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Please note: I am not interested in trading (including new bookrings, rays, etc) through Please do not PM me to ask for a trade, etc.
I am active at where new faces are always welcome.
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Happy Bookcrossing!

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Since you're still reading:) My husband and I just bought our first home in August 2007; we love it and are slowly working toward getting everything put away and making the house our home. I enjoy sewing and wish I could make a living at that; I have dreams of becoming a writer but have so far been too much of a lazy slob to do anything about it. Bookcrossing and have encouraged me to make time for reading, which I haven't really done enough of in the past. The rest in a nutshell--I'm a procrastinator, a perfectionist, enjoy being creative and observing other's creativity, prefer the country to the city, am satisfied with my body, enjoy movies and television and don't believe either is the downfall of our society.

My sister and I are collecting Choose Your Own Adventure books for our someday-children (and I have also used them in my classroom); they were favorites of ours when we were younger. They would be for keeping--sharing, but not releasing for good. I have registered the titles we already have on my permanent collection shelf.
FYI here is the info about the audio book box I started in January '06 and which has permanently stalled.
1. valentina1209--> moved along in great time
2. lilmztaz--> moved along in great time
3. mnewman <------received 3/8/06. Update 6/8/06: Mnewman is no longer active on bookcrossing apparently due to serious illness. She is no longer participating in rings, ray, or boxes, so please do not send her anything. Most of the books that were in her possession have gone to titletrader and paperbackswap, or were sold at a yard sale, so those rings, rays, and boxes can be considered stalled. It appears that bookcrossing labels were left in the books, though, so we can consider them all truly in the wild! 7/1/06-most of the audiobooks were finally journaled as having been purchased at the yard sale and traded at

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