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thanks for taking the time out to learn a little more about me! it's realniceofcha

sorry if i havent got back to you or responded the quickest, i'm out on the road at the moment and on the 6th July i depart for California to meet my Fiance (IRL, for the first time!!, werid i know read my blog to catch up) and then im off to Europe to do my OE, BXers wave as i go past in a whirlwind with my nose in a book......

so other than that i've been living out of a suitcase and touching base at the office bout 2 a week so its just chaos but i'm out there on the road with a few good reads in tow...

and i get back to my usual routine ont he 7th of Sept.... i try to get online as much as i can and respond and post and allsorts but its just taking me alittle longer but your books will be send from all kinds of odd places like Bethlehem, New Zealand... etc etc

its on its way ppl!!!

The Time Travellers Wife (Audrey Niffenger)

and this list so far as follows

Peggysmum (Australia)
Woosang (Australia)Aquina (England)
Hellie (England)
blaisezabini12 (Romania)
Suebo (USA)
gothamgal (USA)
Ladybug01 (USA)
pheelya (USA)
Faithful-Reader (USA)
reddragonlady (USA)
Chippolata (NZ)
Cinderella99 (NZ)
JessVB (NZ)

PM me if you want to join but please do read the rules first.

My next projects are these NEW RINGS!!!

Becoming Madame Mao
The Hundred Secret Senses

more soon!, message me if you want to join but be considerate for the other (potential) ring members and read the rules first(click on corrosponding link above)

now also as perviously
take a look at

My Wish List
*cheers cliff1976!*

if I've joined your bookring I apoligse that my global location is not terribly practical, but it's really beautiful... and if your not opposed, I'll include some photos/postcards of NZ for you when you get it back!

I'd love to hear from you even if you haven't much to say! its just great to hear from people! (I'm pretty random arn't I?)

oh and if theres something that you like or might like on my cyberbookshelf here, tell me but keep in mind I live in NZ so postage may take FOREVER/$$$ (mostly if you live outta Australisia.) But it doesn't mean I'm not keen to share or give or lend! (I'm a team player)JUST PM ME already!

I'm not all sure as to how it all works, and if i say something dumb just ignore me. I'm getting there.

and I am really 20 or so it says on my Drivers Licence, but I really feel like I'm 20 going on 35 so I'm not average 20something-adultlessent... I sold and retired from the real estate game, I currently run my own company and I love selfhelp/business seminars.... oh and reading, for business and pleasure!

FYI my Yahoo Messenger is: Liltrixpan
thats if you want to add me :) I'd love to hear from you! I'm on and off line all day long

Books im currently reading:
-In Her Shoes; Jennifer Weiner (Mahalo to Kamalamalama)
-Affluenza (bookring)

Books i DESPERATLY want:
-Carrie's Story by; Molly Weatherfield

Books i've finshed (in 2005)
-Rice Mother; Rani Manicka (Bookring)
-Running In Heels; Anna Maxted (thanx to wckdchic23)
-Namesake (trade thanx to Klong)
-Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (trade thanx to Klong)
-The Wages of Sin: A New Zealand Prostitute's Story; Jean Turvey (thanx to Kiwiwonder)
-Second Star to the Right; Deborah Hautzig (thanx to EMA375)
-One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed; Melissa P (thanx to DCT)
-Nickel And Dimed by; Barbara Ehrenreich (thanx to Janis)
-The Lovely Bones by; Alice Sebold (thanx to sharalsbooks)
-Kitchen God's Wife by; Amy Tan (thanx to Lisa-B)
-Sex Work by; Frederique Delacoste (a loan thanx to KiwiWonder)
-Memoirs of a Geisha by; Arthur Golden (a loan thanx to KiwiWonder)

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