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From Teckomatorp, Skåne Sweden
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Hi everyone! I love books. I guess you could figure that one out. I am a nerd (you did NOT see that one coming, did you?) I read alot of books and some comics, watch alot of telly, play boardgames, hike and geocach. I also enjoy writing letters.

drosphilist and I have two beautiful children together, Embla (born 31st of july 2017) and Arvid (born 10th of january 2022) so we dont have much time for the things we enjoy. But everything in life has its time. We also have an old house that we are restoring/renovating.

When it comes to books I had a long period of reading harliquin historical romance. Then I read alot of classics, YA and got stuck in fantasy land. Now I read almost anything, except crime fiction and bios. Now I find myself buying pockets in english second hand just so I can bookcross them. My closet therefor contains more books then clothes and more then I will ever have time to read. If I have something of interest just send a mail. Or if you wanna just chat.

I am also on goodreads, so you can find me there 😄

Ask me something if you want to. 😀��📖

For Secret Santas, NSS and other kind of games. I love bookmarks, letter paper (I collect them) cute stickers and key chains. I use fun pens at work to distract the children and connect in the hospital setting. I can wear earrings at work but no other things. I eat all candy but don´t like sour much. Chocolate is always a good choise. I like cute, witchy, cottage core and goth aesthetics and lovely wrapping makes me cry. As for books in there games, it dosen´t have to be on my wishlish. The only think I don´t like is thrillers/murder or biography, unless it´s like a cosy muder .. then it´s fine. Classics are fine. YA, fantasy/Sci Fi is fine but PLEAS not book 10 in a series ... it´s kind of hard to follow the plot then.

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