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"In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others."
Andre Maurois
(This quatation was stolen from Hendrickje's profile and it is SO true).

Bookcrossing sounded like a fun way of getting rid of books I no longer read or have never read, but when I started to go to meet-ups and Conventions even, the amount of incoming books just increased. Have to be careful here!

I like to read biographies in general and veterinary biographies in particular. George Mikes makes me smile or laugh aloud each and every time. Susan Allen Toth has visited all the same odd and unlikely places in Britain where I have been and all those I never reached + curiouser and curiouser: she has even bought the same books!! How many of you can claim having "Down among the Donkeys" in your shelf or have visited Ken Jones's seal hospital in Gweek, Cornwall? (That was one of the places I didn't get to). I love her travel books England as You Like It, England For All Seasons and My Love Affair With England.
Occasionally I have the urge to read cosy mysteries. No horror and not too violent, please.

I used to work in a bookshop and even got a diploma to prove I'm a qualified book-seller, but in that trade you also have to sell the not-so-good books and in the end I changed careers into vet nursing.
My alias "Kirjakko" dates from that time. In Finnish Karjakko is a person who looks after cattle (karja) and thus Kirjakko has to be a person who looks after books (kirja).

I love to travel in Britain, where second hand and charity bookshops are plentiful and even if Amazon has made it all too simple to find out-of-print books, there is nothing quite so exciting as to find a much craved book or even a book you didn't know existed from the shelves of a nice sh-bookshop. Hay-On-Wye is a heaven, but the prices are a bit dear.

At home I have Manne the Glen of Imaal Terrier. She is a granddaughter of Glenda, who is in my profile photo and sadly passed away Nov. 28th 2013 :( .

I don't mind at all if you decide to keep a book that has travelled through my hands. Bookcrossing is about not losing track of the books that have left your nest and if they find a loving home, all the better. To have and to hold, to love and to cherish - that is what books are for!
Many of my friends have passed their surplus books over to me for BC-purposes, sometimes even bagfuls. I've been very happy to receive stickers and labels as RABCKs; they are put into good use.

I descend from a long line of hoarders and apart from books I collect get-well-soon cards where the patient is an animal (occupational oddity). And Thomas Kinkade cards are always appriciated. I drink several pots of tea per day and thanks to fellow bookcrossers I have had the opportunity to taste different teas from all over the world.
Hints for the Birthday Group, apart from wishlist books or what has been mentioned above: I know only sky is the limit when your imagination flies, but in case your batteries are low:
There are some nutty knitters among bookcrossers and although May is not the most typical month to receive mittons or woolly socks, I'm all for them. They can be made of left-over yarn having crazy colours, anything goes. Cinderella's sock size is slim European 42.
Anything to do with Glen of Imaal Terriers. This is a cheeky one - there isn't anything (shame on you, Irish people!).
For the Finnish participants: Anything by Inge Löök or Virkkukoukkunen puts a smile on my face. I love tea, but anything else by mouth is a no-no, I need to get rid of soooo much fat.

"One way to fill your life
is to spend it
reading about how
other people filled theirs."
- Ashleigh Brilliant -

For the first time I will try to remember to write down every book I've read during a year (2021):
1. Andersson: The Affair of the Mutilated Mink
2. Webster & Webster: Niin monta Mount Everestiä
3. Fuller: Ei hunningolle tänään - afrikkalainen lapsuuteni
4. Sallamo (suom.): Menestys - Innostavia ja syvällisiä ajatuksia menestyksestä
5. Lindnord: Arthur & friends
6. Finne: Kiljusen herrasväki & Kiljusen herrasväen uudet seikkailut
7. Croker: Lost in Translation - Misadventures in English Abroad
8. Westlake et al.: Se ei ole minun cup of tea
9. Bagley: ...ja hiekka peittää jäljet
10. Vargas: Sinisten ympyröiden mies
11. Gallmann: African Nights
12. Rissanen: Lauran vasat

13. Brandreth: Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders
14. Buckley: A Dark and Stormy Murder
15. Paulsen: Winterdance - The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod
16. Marks: Canine Crimes
17. Lindroth: Vanhapiika
18. Simenon: Maigret psykiatrina
19. Ferrars: Norsunluusammakon arvoitus
20. Steinbach: Without Reservations

21. Severgnini: Ciao, America! An Italian discovers the U.S.
22. Arhippa: Polku pimeään
23. Lehtolainen: Turmanluoti
24. McCall Smith: Bertie's guide to life & mothers
25. Childs: Eggs in Purgatory
26. Waugh: A Tourist in Africa
27. Kyrö: Mielensäpahoittajan hiihtokirja
28. Poskitt: Agatha Parrot and the floating head
29. Pitcher: My sister lives on a mantelpiece
30. Carl: The chocolate bear burglary

31. Haapanen: Polttopisteessä Baden-Wünsdorf
32. Carr: Kuolemankello
33. Dickson: Kuolema astuu näyttämölle
34. Ratinen: Matkaystävä
35. Sánches: On ilo juoda teetä kanssasi
36. Piaf: Dansat med lyckan www.bookcrossing./---/16085523/
37. Varis: Kilpikonna ja olkimarsalkka
38. Earl: Apua, olen äiti!
39. Adams: A Killer Plot

40. Burdette: An Appetite for Murder
42. Wright: Death of a Sunday Writer
43. Kyrö: Mielensäpahoittaja Eskorttia etsimässä
44. Bradley: Speaking from among the bones
45. Bennett: The uncommon reader
46. Puértolas: Tyttö joka nielaisi Eiffel-tornin kokoisen pilven
47. Salonen: Kuokkavieraat
48. Mustonen: Vuorilla kruunatut - Eeva ja Erik Barendsenin marttyyrikertomus
49. Kyrö: En juhli, Mielensäpahoittaja
50. Van Villa: Letters to my idoli

51. Bengts: Murha maalaisidyllissä
52. Pickens: Southern Fried
53. Serraillier: The Silver Sword

Didn't finish:
1. Hamburger: The View over Stalin's Head
2. Jokipaltio: Nyt skräpätään
3. Murphy: In Ethiopia with a mule
4. Onkeli: Tervetuloa paratiisiin
5. Marttina: Vahingossa Venezuelaan
6.Fussey: Cows in the corn
7. Fowler: Jane Austen -lukupiiri
8. Väänänen: Sadekesän kirjeitä
9. Lindgren: Mio, poikani Mio (äänikirja)
10. Hart: Southern Ghost
11. Trakin: Tom Hanks - Journey to Stardom
12. Jokinen: Räätälöity ratkaisu
13. Bourdain: A Cook's Tour
14. Elbling: The Food Taster
15. Faber: Rakas isoäiti
16. Tyler: Redhead by the Side of the Road

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