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Dec 2011 - Have registered some more books recently, although most have been controlled realises.

Aug 09: Sorry to everyone who has passed me books and I have held on to them for a long time!! None are bookrings, but I have a few RABCKs etc. Many thanks to those who sent them, and after a bit of a Bookcrossing break for one reason or another I hope to be passing them on again soon.
I'm in Fair Oak, Hampshire, England. I am gradually going through my books and releasing them. target="_blank">My Wish List

Update Dec 2003 - I've had 2 wild catches from 12 releases, which is great... so if anyone else picks up one of my releases, do register it please!

Update March 2004 - WooHoo, another wild catch from the Terry Gilliam book I released yesterday and forgot to make release notes on straight away, fantastic, same day journaling!

Update April 2004 - Another catch, from 5 miles away from where I left it, after six months. Thanks to steved for journalling it, and to whoever had it in the meantime, who obviously released it again.

Update Feb 2005 - another from Meridians House, by anon

Update July 2005 - I've had a catch from one I left somewhere and forgot to put down as released... I think it was Meridians House again. I've also had a couple of books that I passed on to Mylor released by him and found, including a double bounce. I've totally lost track of what that makes my release to catch ratio, so I'll work it out one of these days!

Update Jan 2006 - Wow one of my books just turned up in New Zealand after being MIA after being released over there two years ago! Never give up...

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