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My use of my shelf has changed over time.

My early shelf is full of books I haven't read. Some are part of my wild-release sprees while a student (including boxes of romances into women's restrooms around campus. That was a lot of fun).

Some are because before the (now mostly defunct-want to restart it?) local club got its own account, we registered a lot of mass release books under my account. The later ones went onto cubx's shelf.

More recently I'm mainly registering books I've read (and a few that just cry out to be wild released). I find enjoy the journal entries more when I've read the book. With a full time job I also don't walk into so many buildings so I have less opportunities to release books.

On books sent to me, I do try to make journal entries that are more than a couple sentences long. II can't say how fast I'll get it read, but I usually journal my thoughts when I do.

If you have a book of mine, please feel free to do what you want with it. If you want to put it in your personal collection I ask that you journal WHY it's a book good enough to go in your PC. Thanks!


I am involved in bookswapping at
If you have a book I want, but don't see anything on my shelf you want, I'd be glad to request it from you there, and you can pick any other book in the large library there you want. My PBS profile is, and you can find my most accurate wish list there as well (I find the BX one to be *really* hard to work with). I'm afraid you have to sign in to look at a specific profile.

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