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UPDATE: though i haven't changed my house, my address has changed!! this city is totally crazy and they've changed ALL the street numbers and so mine has changed from 36 to 20!! just in case you have the old address, it's 20 now!! :) (though hopefully our wonderful postman would bring our mail to us, 36 or 20!! :))
changing some thank you notes :)
first off may i take a bow to kitten22 for her continous, and please note the word continous, mbags (yup plural it is) to iran, thank you, thank you, thank you. and thanks for wings, kindness and generosity : airyaa, bookczuck, ShadowPi, shaunesay, weirdwong, pashmack, minx2012, auntdia, nicole27, Hero, BlossomU; thanks everyone!

a couple of notes to clear up what my stat numbers are really saying:
1. about "releases caught/books found". i borrow alot of books from friends here and when i journal borrowed books they add up to my "books found" numbers BUT after i return them to the original owner the numbers in my "releases caught" don't go up and so it looks that i'm keeping alot of books, that i'm not doing, usually atleast for every book sent to me another goes out.

some misc notes:
1. as i said i borrow alot of books here and i am so lucky, so may i thank jiluah,oceanss,airyaa, matlockjames and hengameh whom i constantly bother and then hero and blossomu who've introduced me to some great ones!
2. and oh just one more thing, if i've sent you a book as a trade or rabck,
that would mean that they are yours to do what you deem fit with. keep it or move it on it's up to you though if you were to journal it, it would be great, i worry constantly about books being lost! :)
3. on the same note, some of the books that come here may end up on my pc, please let me know if you rather not this happen.

i think this place is the greatest and for us here it's a life saver (as i am sure you agree that life without reading material, especially coveted reading material!! :) is not worth living) ... well ok, life is pretty cool even if you don't have books, BUT it's just so, so much better if you have them :)) and i think bxers are one of the most wonderful, generous, interesting and great people; may i someday become one :))

AND the trades have the available status!and also most my "tbr" will be available after being read.

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