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Reflection from Skyblue505- since September 2005

I have slowed down mailing books/packages overseas since the U.S.P.S. no longer provides an option for "surface" mail. If you want your opinion of the disappearance of surface mail to be heard, contact USPS. I have sent them an email to let my voice/opinion known.

I purchase a lot of my books at the local library booksale, the books are no longer their property.. so you don't have to worry that you are in possession of a stolen book. : ) I normally won't register ANY book that is in my permanent collection. (Not trying to sound snobbish, but they are classics and old.) If you collect something special.. let me know and I will try to send it with the book. (postcards, stamps, spoons, coins..etc) Ohhh... and all books come with cat hair for free! :)

I normally read fiction/literature, history, bios & autobiographies. I enjoy traveling, quilting and reading. I collect currency from other countries. I also enjoy drinking tea.

Lifetime Challenge:Trying to send/wild release a book to every country within my lifetime.

Progress so far.... Although the most current list is right below..

India (bekainindia)- mailed 2004
Jamaica (wild release)2005
Malaysia (mayucha) - Journaled 2004
Afghanistan (
Armenia (raffikojian)- Journaled 2005
Finland (harmaja)- Journaled 2005
Romania (blaisezabini12)-Journaled 2005
South Korea (Jemper)- Journaled 2005
Ethiopia (eyago)-mailed 2005
Austria (SabinaLorenz)-Journaled 2005
Germany (SabinaLorenz wild released & TracyShannon)-released/ journaled 2006
Malta (kbudgie)- Journaled 2006
Brazil (Chivers)-bookring below 2006
Canada (shazsnod)-journaled 2006
Switzerland (Sunneschii)- journaled 2006
Australia (libertine101) journaled 2006
Greece (s3rendipity)-journaled 2006
Sweden (stormon)-journaled 2006
South Africa (moonblue)-journaled 2006
Spain(Sorgin) -journaled 2006
Portugal(Elsita)-Journaled 2006
France (chich)- Journaled 2006
Kuwait (aussieQ8 & different-girl)-one journaled 2006
New Zealand (boreal & futurecat)- all journaled 2006
Netherlands (1972Galadriel)-journaled 2006
Norway (notnot)- journaled 3/06
Ireland (mirp)- Journaled 2006
UK (sunlightbub)- journaled 5/06
Egypt (cathepsut)-journaled 4/06
Slovenia (WhiteDwarfStar)-journaled 4/06
Argentina (Pitangus& Reulte)- journaled 4/06
Japan (Mairbu and SKingList) mailed/journaled 4/06
Cypress (Kislany) journaled 7/06
Belgium (matindautomne & whitehorsy)-all journaled 4/06
Tonga (suggested by KarmelK)-arrived 7/06
Nepal (suggested by Harmaja)- mailed 4/06
Zimbabwe (suggested by KarenBC)- mailed 4/06
Denmark (pelikanol)-journaled 7/06
China (pyjamas)- journaled 7/06
Antarctica (to McMurdo base)- mailed 5/30
Philippines (suggested by Babajee)- mailed 5/30
Singapore (Kiptos)- journaled 6/06
Ukraine (suggested by geniedances)-journaled 11/06
Aruba (wyyy) journaled 06/06
Israel (ababaigalit)-journaled 7/06
Mongolia (-z-)-journaled 1/29
Brunei (bluefenix211)-mailed 7/25
Thailand (suggested by charbono)- journaled 1/31
Eritrea (suggested by LindyB28)-journaled 4/7
Malawi- mailed 2/21
Nigeria- mailed 2/21
Guatemala-(PROJECT IXCANAAN) journaled 5/1
Belarus- (bruehwuerfel)-journaled 4/2
Venezuela (Juliet982)-journaled
Ecuador (The Bruce Project)- mailed 5/17
Columbia -mailed 6/21

Got to wild release books in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, England, Wales, Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, France, Luxembourg, Prague, Germany, Italy and Switzerland

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