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From Mountain View, Hawaii USA
Joined Sunday, May 9, 2004
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In Memory Of Kamala

Kamala passed away peacefully, surrounded and touched by family and friends.

She delighted all of us with her happy laughter and joy of living.
She was my best friend, my companion and the love of my life.

Aloha nui loa Kamala - Ron Ardis

Note: Below is kamalamalama's Bookshelf as she last designed it.

My Wish List:

1. Dime Store Magic(wizzbizz)arr.3/13 mlld.3/23
2. Devil Wears Prada (fibe) arr.8/16 mlld
3. All Eyes Skyward(resqgeek) I,m last
4. Drive Me Craqzy(beachglass) I'm last(stalled,then revived)
5. A Child Called It (brooklynbrat) I'm last rcvd 11/23/05
6. Faking It(jenvince)arr.3/22 mlld. 4/02
7. Full speed(sharlsbooks) I'm last
8. Meredith Gentry(honey101) #9
9. Timeleon Vieta Come Home(sabrinka)I'm last
10.Tea rose(pjmom8025) arr.10/12 mld 11/04
11. Monstrous Regiment(earthdanbce)#10 arr/8/16 mld
12. Echoes(Eucalia) rcvd 8/16.. I'm last
13. Summer in the city(sunflowergal)
14. B rick Lane(The white Lion) I'm 1st--rcvd 9/12 mld 9/24
15.The Return(Eucalia) #9
16. Rachels Holiday(Cass01)I'm last,then back to her-rcvd 5/11 mlld 9/03
17. Angels(Cass01) rcvd. mlld-
18. Farm Fatale(TinkESQ) I'm#4
19. Dark Sister(T02S03B11D20)I'm #8
20. Molokai'i(MomX3lovesbooks) #7
21. Cat Under Fire (AmberLee17) #1 arr.12/20 mlld
22. Summer in the City (sunflowergal) #5
23. Trace (SqueakyChu) #2
24. Imitation in death (Luintaurien( #5
25. Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell #2 rcvd 11/04 mlld 1/15/05
26. The Color of Magic(Leukonoe)#22
27.Dead Until Dark(terra57) rcvd 3/01,mld 3/08

1.Romance(suefitz) arr.9/23 mld.9/30
2. Sci-Fi(bossmare) arrr.3/02 mld.3/05
3. Trash or Treasure(MarciNYC) arr.2/14 mld.2/25
4. Surprise(agschoolgrad)
5. One-of-A0Kind Sleuth(scout-finch) arr.5/16 mld.5/17
6. Pay It Forward(arugh48187) arr.9/23 mld.9/29
7. Mystery(Janastaiow -I'm 1st on list-arr.9/29/mlld.9/30
8. USA Movie-tie-in(hoopsielv) I'm # 5 arr.12/12 mlld.12/13(del.confirm)
9. Books I've Read in August(skcreader) I'm #9
10. Ollie1976 anyrhing Goes(Ollie1976) I'm #14(stalled)
11. Romantic Escape(faeriemyst)I,m #1 rcvd 11/23 mlld 11/28
12. Wrap It Up(BunnyLady) I'm #10 rcvd 01/13/06 mlld 01/17
13. Foodie Fiction(Iluvtoread2) I'm #11 rcvd 03/10/06 mlld 03/14/06
14. X-Mas theme BB(valentina1209)I'm last

(someone was very impressed w/my shelf,so I thought I'd better do some..
I love to trade,(for books or Hawaii post-cards) & do RABCK'S,luv the "gud karma"
I'm an ACTIVIST-(political, environmental, peace,Internet) -belong to PETA, Green Party member, like to join circles (Spiritual, e-circles, GTW, Wild-Women, ZEN,Nature), do sign holding for justice & peace @wkly Hilo Peace Vigil. (See link to Malu-aina below)
An energy worker (Universal Energy) since 1996-6 levels).See link below...
Love to travel-when n ot living in Hawaii, I travel the country-side in my RV.
My fave sites:
United For Peaceclickhere
Save the Albatrossclickhere
Live Pano of Pu'u O'o Vent,Kileaua Volcanoclickhere
Air america Radioclickhere
SEVA Foundationclickhere
Special Projects:
1. Hosted "Secret Santa" book exchange 2004 (thanx to felicia-fairys' suggestion) most rcvd their book, good feedback!!
2. Participated in An Informal Bookray Just for Fun
3. Participated in 4libros "holiday wishes 2005"--rcvd lots of lots of goodies,very successful!!
4. International Christmas Card Esxchange 2005
5. Hosting a 2006 RABCK Draw W/A Twist
6. Joined the 2006 Valentine/Theme Challenge hosted by maggiemuffet-- MY 1st & I WON !!!!!
7. Partcipating in "On Line Book of Bookcrossers" (bcid#332-3615687) will try to keep up-dated
8. The Easter Week Challenge by Folde-released 18 books w/feathers
9. Participated in 3rd Anniv.Childrens Theme Challenge(kz4ufo) I won a box of 30 books!
10. Four Years Challenge in June by MaryZee (her BC anniv.& mine!
11. Joined Eggiwegs' Chef Challenge in her sons' honor
12. Project Christmas in July releases by slt
13. Peace Challenge 9/22-23 by 4-lele
14. La-Bestias' Apocalypse 666 Challenge by carboanion
15. June Bug Challenge by ThanksMom
16. Well-Travelled Challenge by cnfotp
17. What I Did on my Summer Vacation Challenge
18. Kids helping Kids Challenge (rapscallia)
19. Books 4 Tonga (KarmelK)
20. Well-Travelled Challenge (cnfotp)

Fave quotes "I'm always imagined PARADIZE will be a kind of library" Jorge Luis Borges
"Justice is indivisible" Martin Luther King

GUEST-MAP:Plz scroll down & pin my G.M. & PLZ,PLZ in comments along w/where you live put the reason ie:a book-trade,a book-relay,RABCK,Holiday Wish granted, or just to say "Aloha" ,etc...You get the idea! I,m trying to keep feels good to know inspired other BX-ers to get theirs,too...

Any book marked AVL or TBR is up for trade.Just ask.

My Holiday Wishes

*Still looking for all those smashed pennies to replace the ones I lost.
*Black "by night" post cards,
*Small fridge magnets to cover up all the rust spots,

*Anyone sending me a book, PLZ, either put it in bubble wrap pkg (can be re-cycled-more bettah if it is) or put clear plastic tape all around the pkg...I've been getting too many rain damaged books lately. They sit outside on the dock in Hilo, & we're the wettest city in the USA...Also there is MEDIA MAIL here in Hawaii,so feel free to use it....(unless its cheaper 1st class)"
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