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My mom is bookcrosser guinaveve and my brother is jsport. If you want to contact me, please do it through my mom's BC shelf.

Click here to go to my mom's shelf.

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I am collecting Animal Ark books. The author is Ben M. Baglio in the US and Lucy Daniels in most other places. The ones below are the ones I know I don't have. There are so many, there may be some that I don't have and haven't heard of yet.

Goose on the Loose, Bears in the Barn, Seals on the Sled, Wombat in the Wild, Hippo in the Hole, Whale in the Waves, Animals in the Ark, Koalas in a Crisis, Monkeys on the Mountain, Badgers by the Bridge, Seal on the Shore, Rabbit on the Run, Cats in a Caravan, Porpoise in the Pool, Beagle in the Basket, Spaniel Surprise, Panda in the Park, Sheep at the Show, Fawn in the Forest, Rat Riddle, Mouse in the Mistletoe, Donkey on the Doorstep, Puppy in a Present, Stallion in the Stable, Cats in the Candlelight, Cats Cradle, Foxes on the Farm, Deer on the Drive, Frog Friends, Hamster Holiday, Piglet Pranks, Happy Hamster, Pet Pals, Gorillas in the Glade, Hamster in the Hamper (may be handbasket?), Chinchilla up the Chimney, Tiger on the Track, Pigs at the Picnic, Elephants in the East, Swan in the Swim, Guinea Pigs in the Greenhouse

I have all of these listed below.

Animal Ark
Kittens in the Kitchen
Pony on the Porch
Puppies in the Pantry
Goat in the Garden
Hedgehogs in the Hall
Badger in the Basement
Sheepdog in the Snow
Cub in the Cupboard
Piglet in a Playpen
Ponies at the Point
Owl in the Office
Lamb in the Laundry
Kitten in the Cold
Bunnies in the Bathroom
Hamster in the Handbasket
Squirrels in the School
Fox in the Frost
Guinea Pig in the Garage
Shetland in the Shed
Raccoons on the Roof
Dolphin in the Deep
Foals in the Field
Dog at the Door
Horse in the House
Pony in a Package
Puppy in a Puddle
Tabby in the Tub
Pup at the Palace
Mare at the Meadow
Cats at the Campground
Hound at the Hospital
Terrier in the Tinsel
Hamster in the Holly
Husky in a Hut
Polar Bear on the Path
Labrador on the Lawn
Racehorse in the Rain
Siamese in the Sun
Collie with a Card
Beagle in a Backpack
Kitten in the Candy Corn
Colt on Christmas Eve
Husky with a Heart
Bunny in a Basket
Mustang in the Mist
Otter in the Outhouse
Giraffe in a Jam
Roo on the Rock
Calf in the Cottage
Spaniel in the Stocking
Cat in the Tinsel
Tabby Under the Tree
Stallion in the Spooky Hallow
Pony in the Pumpkin Patch
Pet’s Party
Leopard at the Lodge
Lion by the Lake
Corgi in the Cupcakes
Poodle in the Pansies

Animal Ark Pets
Puppy Puzzle
Kitten Crowd
Rabbit Race
Hamster Hotel
Mouse Magic
Chick Challenge
Pony Parade
Duckling Diary
Lamb Lesson
Doggy Dare
Cat Crazy
Bunny Bonanza
Ferret Fun
Guinea Pig Gang
Gerbil Genius

Animal Ark Hauntings
Stallion in the Storm
Cat in the Crypt
Dog in the Dungeon
Colt in the Cave
Foal in the Fog
Hound on the Heath
Wolf at the Window
Cats in the Castle
Deer In the Darkness

The Kitten that Won First Prize and others
Pets Party

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