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UPDATE 2007-09-20: We should be finished with our" >addition/remodel project by November (2007)! With any luck, my books will be home by Christmas.

(2005-05-03) Important announcement! I am moving on 2005-05-13. My entire library is currently in storage (sob!), and it will remain so until I am able to remodel my new house, probably winter 2005 or spring 2006 spring 2007 at the earliest (sob sob sob!) To my BC friends who already have books on loan from me, please hold onto them or PM me for my new address. I will be setting up a web page/site with information on the remodeling project (as if anybody would be interested...) so you can get an idea as to when I will be "back in business".

(2004-10-28)" >Alicebird and I set up a" >new OBCZ in our building's coffee shop. Quite a few books have already come and gone. Starting this OBCZ has been a very rewarding experience, and I highly recommend it to my fellow BookCrossers!

UPDATE 2005-08-26:" >Modoc Hall/Java City OBCZ news is available on" >my blog.

My first, and so far only, bookring:
Dude, Where's My Country? by Michael Moore.

I don't like to put "raw HTML" in these text boxes, so most of my book-related information (e.g. what I'm currently reading, my TBR pile, non-BC books and such) is available here, where I can use emacs to put in all the HTML tags. (Plus, if I screw up, it doesn't break my bookshelf!)

I just printed 120 more pre-numbered labels, so I'll be going through my bookshelves at home and registering some of my favorite books. Before BC added book status, I used a leading punctuation character in the book title to indicate the following:

Ready to release - If you want it, let me know and I will try to get it to you
I'll loan this one out, but I would like it back when you're finished
TBR (To Be Read)
Keeper, reference, or my personal copy of a book that I already released
(no punctuation)
I no longer have the book, or I wasn't the original registrar

If you sort the bookshelf by title (A-Z), books will come up in the order shown above. I will eventually remove the leading punctuation, but it takes a while...

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