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My mother found this photo of me when I was 10 years old. I thought it was an appropriate photo for my Bookcrossing profile since I'm holding a huge stack of books!" target="_blank"> width=124 height=175 border=0 alt="The WeatherPixie">

Books I like to read:

This is a good overall view of what I enjoy reading:

Travel journey books: I esp. enjoy those set in Australia, Eastern Europe, or places that are not the usual tourist attractions.
Guinea pigs: Not the basic pet care type (except for Peter Gurney) but anything where a guinea pig is a character in the story
Hobbies: Any book on entering sweepstakes/competitions and people who win them. I am also somewhat interested in such books about the lottery, even though I don't play the lottery.
Fiction: I'm not much of a fiction person, although anything in the above categories is likely going to catch my eye, although I've been known to enjoy a cozy mystery now and then.
Nonfiction/self-help: I like positive thinking books or books on the premise that changing one small thing can make huge changes in your life.
Children's books: I like books written recently by my favorite childhood authors. I recently discovered the "Dear America" series, and like those. I also like Newberry award books.

My wish list:
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Books I have read this year: click here

I enjoy reading, entering sweepstakes, hitting garage sales, traveling, and my three guinea pigs. I collect scented stickers. (Yes, I'm a child of the 80s!)
Bookrings I've joined:

FAST FOOD NATION Read and mailed
The Tree of ManRead and mailed
Looking for Alibrandi Read and mailed
Au Revoir Read and Mailed
Running With Scissors Read and Mailed
100 Banned books :Censorship Histories of World Literature Read and Mailed
The Crazy Makers Read and Mailed
Shiver Read and Mailed
Overheard in the Book Store Read and Mailed
Bill Bryson's African Diary Read and Mailed
Merry Christmas from the Family Read and Mailed
There are no shortcuts Read and Mailed
Knit Lit Read and mailed
Freakonomics Read and mailed
1001 Things you must do before you get married Read and Mailed
Stealing Jesus Read and Mailed

Not yet arrived:

The Walls Came Tumbling Down: *DEAD*
Lovestruck *DEAD*
Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Guide
Boy and Going Solo
When God Beomes a Drug

Bookrings I've started:
Luck of the Draw *R.I.P.*
Help, I'm Laughing and I can't Get up
Kraljestvo Miru
The Essential Guide To Geocaching

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