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From Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Age 36
Joined Sunday, December 22, 2002
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4 weeks all time
books registered 0 1,504
released in the wild 0 782
controlled releases 0 43
releases caught 0 83
controlled releases caught 0 7
books found 0 128
tell-a-friend referrals 0 372
new member referrals 0 34
forum posts 0 893
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I have over 50 catches on books I've released since joining the site. These are true catches - either from the wild, or from Official Crossing Zones, not from Meetups. Yay! I have no idea what the ratio is, because before the "Controlled Release" function came onto the site, I was using release notes for some trades and bookboxes. One day when I'm bored I'll go through and try to count releases. :)

I have been Bookcrossing for a looooong time. I tend to disappear for months and then come back with a vengeance, so if you're looking for me, a simple private message will bring me back. I did get hacked a while back and think I've caught up with everyone I owed, but if you find that I had a bookray or bookring book of yours, or even one you lent me that hasn't moved, please send me a PM and I'll send it out or move it up in the TBR pile!

I read mostly fiction, anywhere from teen to women's, but not science. Not really into romance, unless you group ChickLit into that category. I've slowed down greatly on trading, because I have way too many books right now and they will definately last me a long time. If you can bear to part with a book of yours for a while, and see one of mine that I have marked available, feel free to ask for a trade. I'm open to suggestions.

What kind of bookcrosser are you
Your Result: Obsessive releaser

You release, release, release. Discretion is not your middlename anymore. Buying grocery's, going to the dentist, a sunny day in the park, on holiday; every step you take, you take a book to go with you to be released.

Thematic dropper
ring in bundles
Love to meet
Talk of the toy
Playfull RBACKer
lucky lurker
strange looking bystander
What kind of bookcrosser are you
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