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Welcome to my bookshelf! Since moving back to Canada, I've stopped forming bookrings and making trades, since postage is so high, but I'm always happy to swap books with people locally.

My bookring guidelines

Bookrings have a nasty habit of getting stalled or dead-ended, so I have a few simple rules to increase the liklihood of my rings' survival. Please read these rules before asking to join any of my rings, and make sure you are willing and able to abide by them:

  • If you want to join a bookring, PM me and tell me where you are, and what your shipping preferences are. I will PM you to let you know when you've been added to the ring.
  • For books sent within the US, please pay for a delivery confirmation number, and post it in your journal entry for the book. I can send you a media rate address label with a delivery confirmation barcode, then all you have to do is slap it on the package and pay an extra $.14. If this is a problem for you, please don't join.
  • If you don't think you'll be able to read and resend a book within ONE MONTH of receiving it, please do not join the ring. I like my rings to keep moving.
  • I do forum checks on everyone who asks to join my rings, to avoid known 'dead-enders', and I reserve the right to accept or deny anyone into my rings. Sorry it has to be this way, but I want my rings to survive.
  • Once you have joined a bookring, you can check the book's journal entry (linked on my profile page) to see where you are on the list, and to find out to whom you should send the book once you've read it. This list can change, so be sure to check it before sending the book on its way.


Completed Rings - a history

Stalled Rings

What I Read in 2006:

  1. "The Wizard of Oz" by Frank Baum
  2. "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson
  3. "The Geographer's Library" (put aside until later)
  4. "Woz" by Steve Wozniak (abandoned)
  5. "The Things That They Carried" by Tim O'Brien
  6. "Alive" (9/30/06)by Piers Paul Read
  7. "Elizabeth the Great" by Elizabeth Jenkins
  8. "Inscrutable Americans"
  9. "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd (September 8, 2006)
  10. "Leaving Microsoft to Save the World" by John Wood
  11. "Half Life" by Shelley Jackson
  12. "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore (May 18, 2006)
  13. "The Last Hero" by Terry Pratchett (May 15, 2006)
  14. "Marley and Me" by Dan Grogan
  15. "Carpe Jugulum" by Terry Pratchett
  16. "Maskerade" by Terry Pratchett
  17. "Lords and Ladies" by Terry Pratchett
  18. "Witches Abroad" by Terry Pratchett
  19. "The Fifth Horseman" by James Patterson
  20. "Weird Sisters" by Terry Pratchett
  21. "The Queen's Fool" by Philippa Gregory
  22. "Double Whammy" by Carl Hiassen
  23. "44 Scotland Yard" by A. M. Smith
  24. "The Last Continent" by Terry Pratchett (3/18/06)
  25. "Sourcery" by Terry Pratchett (3/16/06)
  26. "The Light Fantastic" by Terry Pratchett (3/14/06)
  27. "Equal Rites" by Terry Pratchett (3/12/06)
  28. "The Virgin's Lover" (bookring) (3/10/06)
  29. "The Forest Lover" by Susan Vreeland (2/24/06)
  30. "Friends, Lovers, Chocolate" by Alexander McCall Smith (2/14/06)
  31. "Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister" by Gregory Maguire (2/10/06)
  32. "The Girl from Botany Bay" (2/5/06)
  33. "A Long Way Down" by Nick Hornby (2/1/06)
  34. "Slammerkin" by Emma Donahoe( 1/26/06)
  35. "The Dante Club" by Matthew Pearl (1/24/06)
  36. "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman (1/22/06)
  37. "Life After God" by Douglas Coupland
  38. "Falling Angels" by Tracy Chevalier
  39. "About a Boy" by Nick Hornby (1/14/06)
  40. "Mary Mary" by James Patterson (1/13/06)
  41. "A History of the Middle Ages" (18-hour audiobook) by Crane Brinton (in progress)
  42. "The Great Mortality: An Intimate History of the Black Death, the Most Devastating Plague of all Time" by John Kelly (1/4/06)
  43. "How The Irish Saved Civilization" audiobook (1/1/06)
  44. "Your Call is Important to Us" BOOKRING (incomplete)
  45. "Polysyllabic Spree" BOOKRING by Nick Hornsby (1/07/06)

Other books I like:

  • "One for the Money" series by Janet Evanovich
  • The "Spenser" books by Robert B. Parker. I have all of them - if you need a specific title, PM me for a RABCK.
  • The Harry Potter books (I couldn't help myself)
  • Travel writers
  • Anything by Terry Pratchett, Jonathan Kellerman, Faye Kellerman, John Sandford, Kathy Reichs, Jeffery Deaver, Anything by Dean Koontz, Donald Westlake, David Wiltse, Connie Willis, or Jasper Fforde.
  • Anything and everything about Aspergers Syndrome

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