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From Aurora, Colorado USA
Age 49
Joined Wednesday, August 25, 2004
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Working on my year end reorganization and purge of books.
According to Goodreads, I have added 122 books to Mt TBR this year, and I read 80 (not all of which were actually ON Mt TBR previously). I purged a few of my books from Mt TBR (some had been sitting on the shelf since 2004!!) Jan 2018 = 571, Jan 2019 = 653, Jan 2020 = 673

If I send you one (or more) of my books I consider it yours, to do with as you please (keep it, pass it on or release it...whatever seems right for that book :-)

Stuff I have involved myself in:

j4shaw's Wishlist game - 2020 edition

Post for help on Competency O

my advent book: I have not advent released for several years now...the books I set aside for said release is growing - here is to trying again in 2018 2019 2020


Halloween 2019 bookbox - has not been heard from since November, hoping it is still out there somewhere

I have several bookboxes and rings out there that have stalled - I am leaving the links to their journal books here just for posterity (and hopes that one day I will hear about said journal book and can have some closure):

Weather Bookbox - looks like it is stalled lje Dec 2011
Body Parts Bookbox - with Shwooz (who had a BAD November) November 2012
Click here for Coloring Book Ring journal entries possibly with Suefitz (lje feb 2007)
BONK with spaceystacey - looks like it is lost :( - no replies from PMs (lje July 2009)
the altered book ring with unwrittenLibra 2/11/2009 - looks lost, no updates no replies from PMs (lje Feb 2009)
resurrected ray for Mirror, Mirror and original ray for Mirror, Mirror - with OneMorePage lje June 26, 2012
ANIMALS! -- official MIA, I received a notice from the post office, with a piece of the box April 22, 2018
FOOOOOD and drink - this one got going again! Yay! (although the original box is still out there somewhere as well)

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