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From Aurora, Colorado USA

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After the annual purge and re-organization (Jan 2018), GoodReads says I am down to 571 books on Mt. TBR - that is the lowest is has been in YEARS!

If I send you one (or more) of my books I consider it yours, to do with as you please (keep it, pass it on or release it...whatever seems right for that book :-)

Stuff I have involved myself in:

my advent book: I have not advent released for several years now...the books I set aside for said release is growing - here is to trying again in 2018


Location, Location, Location - headed out on Feb 6, 2018

ANIMALS! - - headed out on Feb 6, 2018

FOOOOOD and drink - headed out on Feb 6, 2018

I have several bookboxes and rings out there that have stalled - I am leaving the links to their journal books here just for posterity (and hopes that one day I will hear about said journal book and can have some closure):

Weather Bookbox - looks like it is stalled lje Dec 2011
Body Parts Bookbox - with Shwooz (who had a BAD November) November 2012
Click here for Coloring Book Ring journal entries possibly with Suefitz (lje feb 2007)
BONK with spaceystacey - looks like it is lost :( - no replies from PMs (lje July 2009)
the altered book ring with unwrittenLibra 2/11/2009 - looks lost, no updates no replies from PMs (lje Feb 2009)
resurrected ray for Mirror, Mirror and original ray for Mirror, Mirror - with OneMorePage lje June 26, 2012


I have an unofficial goal (ie. no time limit) to personally wild release a book in each of the 50 states (who knows, maybe we will have more states by the time I finish, if I ever do...sigh) This map will help me to keep track.

create your own personalized map of the USA


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