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From Calgary, Alberta Canada
Age 46
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I'm a cisgender (she/her), heteroromatic, asexual, childfree white woman. I live in Calgary, Canada, and can often be found hiking or snowshoeing in the nearby Rocky Mountains.

I work in health care, which is immensely satisfying because it means I get to use science to help people. My job is so interesting that I would do it for free (but please don't tell them I said that)!

In addition to reading, I enjoy taking ridiculously long walks (most often with an audiobook or a friend), making and eating good food, travelling (especially by long-distance rail), cycling, playing pinball (badly), snorkelling, crocheting, canning fruit, and playing board games. I'm currently between pets, but I love animals of all sorts. I thrive on learning; these days I'm learning to ice skate, shoot hoops and speak Spanish- albeit not simultaneously!

I'm an introvert- definitely not shy nor anxious, but I quickly get bored in small-talk situations, and I like to have time by myself every day. I have a terrific partner, but I don't live with him. I love living alone in the inner city. My little home is exactly the way I want it- minimalist, tidy, quiet- but whenever I'm in the mood to go out, the people, energy and fun of the city are all right at my doorstep.

One of the greatest gifts of growing older is that if we've been listening to our feelings, we will have learned what we actually value, which is often different from what society tells us we're *supposed* to want. As long as we're brave enough to ignore what others think, we can embrace what we love, and discard much of the rest. Doing this has brought me to the happiest time in my life so far. No life is perfect, but thanks to years of little adjustments, mine is pretty close to being perfect for me. There are many possible ways to live well, and I believe I've found one of mine.

I'm a pretty indiscriminate reader, because I often surprise myself by liking a book more than I expect to, or by looking forward to one with eager anticipation, only to find it disappointing. So, I'll start reading almost anything- but I'll also give up on it pretty quickly if it doesn't hold my attention. Life's too short to read bad books!

My preferred genre is short stories, but I also enjoy literary fiction, humour, essays, some types of nonfiction (especially travelogues, science, behavioural economics, and food writing) and even some poetry.

My favourite writers include:
Douglas Adams
Dave Barry
Bill Bryson
Willa Cather
Timothy Caulfield
Ted Chiang
Michael Cunningham
Annie Dillard
Jean-Henri Fabre
Atul Gawande
Thomas Hardy
Katherine Heiny
James Herriott
John Irving
Jerome K. Jerome
Adam Kay
Stephen King
Ann Leary
Jhumpa Lahiri
Anne Lamott
Ring Lardner
Stephen Leacock
Sinclair Lewis
W. Somerset Maugham
Peter Mayle
Stuart McLean
Sue Miller
Alice Munro
Sigrid Nunez
Mary Oliver
Dorothy Parker
Ann Patchett
Daniel H. Pink
Annie Proulx
Paul Rudnick
Richard Russo
Richard Selzer
Lionel Shriver
Jane Smiley
Wallace Stegner
John Steinbeck
Elizabeth Strout
Lewis Thomas
Henry David Thoreau
Mark Twain
Anne Tyler
Tobias Wolff

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