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03/11/2010- at uni (YAY!) and am preparing to release my first book at my new address.

28/07/10- wow it seams so long since I last posted. I passed my driving yesterday and now anxiously await the results of my Alevels. Have just finished hunnting unicorns and will be adding it for anyone who wants it.

28/09/09 - Dracula was fantastic and i will probably read it again. the minimilism has come to a standstill and im very nervous. I have my driving lesson tomorow.
16/8/09-I should really check this more. but my minimilism is going fine and ive finally started reading dracula. plus i have 10 booksjust waiting to be added to my bookcrossing bookshelf. I cant keep them however if anybody sends me a message before the 21/8/09 then they are up for grabs mainly pagan stuff.

21/04/2009- what to say this is the first time i've logged on since february. more coursework and more exams coming up soon. ive a deadline for thursdsay(arggh) and my last exam in 8 weeks. the 100 thing challenge is going ok. Im currently searching my wardrobe for things to get rid of. I need to find something for the staff night tomorow but im not sure what.
I'm not supposed to be reading anything but revision notes at the momnet but sneekily picked up a copy of edgar harold book one which I finished over easter. it was a facinating plotline but quite a few gramtical errors such as extra words.

04/02/2009- I'm now officially entered for the 2009 leads 10k race for life. (Great!!!) Im in no shape to run a mile let alone 6.5 miles. atleast I have 4 months to train. I think I might walk it.

27/01/2009- I finished my exams last week and I’ve got a driving lesson tomorrow. I’m currently collecting Info for my coursework and I’m a bit behind with my homework. It turns out that if I wanted to apply now I could still apply to university starting a course in September 2009. It’s quite strange I’ve gone almost overnight from wanting to pass my English so I can get on a teaching course starting 2010 to absolutely despising the subject. No longer caring if I pass it and I have discovered a Job that I think I could really enjoy. It involves several of my favourite things. I think I want to work in forestry. It involves climbing, working with and caring for trees, working with people and spending days in the forest and woodland. In terms of the challenge I’ve been quite bad this week. Although not intentionally. I bought a new coat whilst looking for new trainers to replace my current shoes with (since mine have holes in) but I got rid of my green half trench coat in exchange so that’s ok. But mum and dad got me a new pair of pyjamas and a new long sleeve striped jumper and I haven’t got rid of anything in exchange yet. Although I’m also being fairly good. I’ve downloaded Itunes on to my laptop and have started copying my CD’s on to my Ipod so once I’ve copied them then I can get rid of the physical copies. That’s my goal for now. Finish copying my CD’s on to my Ipod and if I get time label some more bookcrossing books/ copy photos on to my laptop.

19/01/2009-Reading David Bruno’s blog is interesting. However even doing everything I can think of to pair down stuff there’s still things I want that I may not particularly need that I can’t at this point bear to part with. For example my prom dress which I’ve worn 4 times instead of the standard one. It’s a beautiful dress and I want to keep it in case I get invited to that kind of posh party.(since these kind of dresses are quite expensive. Ill just have to try a different tactic.

17/01/2009-What i forgot to mention in my last update was that the reason im trying to get rid of so much stuff is that in march 2008 I decided to take the 100 thing challenge. undertaking the same task as Dave bruno. Ive been keeping a diary of what I have been up to but unlike his blog on stuck on stuff mine is extremely hit and miss. I havent yet got round to writing a list of all my stuff and I have exams at the moment. But I hope to get roundto doing it soon.

New Year , New start. Or at least that’s what people say. I’m still not down to 100 but I have got rid of a lot of stuff and I’ve even bagged up some of my unwanted Christmas presents. Harsh yet necessary.
I’m sure there must be still more stuff I can purge since I’m definitely over 100. Also I really need to look into my habits. I’m currently collecting the studio Ghibly animation films because I love their pure simple beauty. However I think I’m becoming better at consumerism. I can now walk into a store, browse and feel no pressing urge to buy things (usually). I’ve cut down the amount of time I spend on the internet. It is a waste of time and with the lead up to exams I have far better uses for it. However I really need to cut down on the amount of time I spend watching TV films to be precise.
My goal for this week is to consider where I want to go next and also revise lots for my psychology exam

01/01/2009-My new years resolutions (to be completed before 01/01/2010:
1) Keep Minimalising stuff untill I reach my goaland then stay there.
2) Label all my books with bookcrossing and any new books I get.
3)Don't Drink (not that i did before but now im 18 people expect me to)
4) keep practicing Yoga and improve my level of fitness

I didn’t really get much done at the weekend. After my biggish clear out downsizing to a new room. I’ve got rid of maybe half a bag more of stuff.
I still feel I own too much stuff but am not sure what ill get rid of next. There’s still a long was to go before I could reach 100. What if you count stationary? You could use up your list pretty quickly especially if you’re an art student. I’m not at the moment but was last year. I’ve just re- read the Zen Habits 100 things challenge page and guide to creating a minimalist home. Both suggest that a good place to start is by assessing what you already own.

I’ve moved into a smaller room which meant that a lot of my stuff had to go anyway. My new room is half the size of my old room. But Apart from a selection of maybe 50 books, 1 ½ bags of clothes and some brick-a-brack I haven’t really had to get rid of anything.
I’m hoping to get a chance to edit some more of my books and my wardrobe this weekend but I’ll have to see how much time I get.
The next job after that is my bathroom.

01/12/2008-at the moment im doing a massive sort through and purge of all my books it's sad that most of my book crossing books are travelling but eventulaly I hope to add more to my permanent collection as well.It's just taking a while at the moment Im moving rooms into the smaller bedroom Now my sister left So im getting rid of lots of her books as well.
so i started my spring cleaning. so far I have got rid of all the clothes I no longer want and have also joined up to two really cool websites freecycle where you give away your stuff to people who want it to save on having to sent it to the tip. And I have signed up to bookcrossing where you leave your unwanted book somewhere for somebody to find. And you can track it progress so your book goes on an adventure.
I have decided to sort the stuff I don’t really use in to bags with dates on I can retrieve stuff from the bags however everything left in the bag after the date get chucked out/goes to charity.
I don’t think that 100 things was ever a realistic amount which is why I said 300. I think if I can get rid of some more of my stuff though I might be able to get it down to 250 items.
It probably seams like a stupid challenge.
Getting rid of stuff its easy right but the not bringing any more stuff into the house is so hard. I’m going to try a different tactic though as soon as I can get two whole days free I’m going to take everything out of my room and only keep the stuff that I need. My top things.

But atleast it means i get to spread the joy of reading my favourite quotes at the moment are:

"I'd rather send my labelled books out on a journey
> than leave them languishing unloved on my
> bookshelves.
Unloved is one thing, but even worse, *unread*. ..! !: -(
Any author who really loves his or her books wants them to be read first and foremost. :-)
thats why im letting this book go."


"some books are undeservedably forgotten none are undeservedably remembered"

13-19 november 2008 I have wings I dont know how or why but im quite happy. wings yay. i picked the ying yang wings 13.25 -13/11/08
Im at college at the moment and quite enjoying it. I really like this website because i think books are friends and now they can go on an adveture aswell but they will always turn up safe.
I am tree mad even going to the extent of becoming a member of the student union so i can plant more daffodils(ok i know they are'nt trees but thier still cool)
what else to say:
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS I love them and will read anything i can lay my hands on. so let the hunt begin.
I will try my best to track and read as many as possible
although i keep releasing books none of them have turned up yet and ive only found one.

Oooh one of my books has turned up i wonder who found it[the mystery thickens].
anyone wanting one of my books send me a message as i will probably be willing to send it as a controled release or leave it somewhere for you to find if im in the area.
After reading a few other blogs I really like the ideas of setting myself challanges. so im going to set myself a short challenge. (well actually its a big/meduim challenge but oh well) im going to try to get my book registration up to 366 by christmas and then im going to do a collective release somewhere to be decided i can complete the 2008 Leap Into the Wild 366 Challenge

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Bannana yoshimoto 'asleep' set up by squeekychew i was number 30 on the list

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