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Oh boy what a dilemma.

BookCrossing looks to be such a great idea, yet it took me a week to sign up here.
Simply because I'm having a hard time to decide whether I'll be mentally able to get rid of some of my books by just leaving them behind somewhere.

My biggest fear is that some of them might end up in a bin somewhere.
Especially since I'm from a small country which language isn't that widely spread around the world, although the Dutch themselves are.
So when my books crosses the border it will have to survive untill it reaches someone that can read Dutch, in the mean time it's life will be very much in danger.

But I very much like idealists, because they allways seem to try to make the world a better place.
I wish Ron all the best and that he will succeed with his project.

So I joined and eventually will release some of the books from my shelves.
I will label them probably bi-lingual, hoping BookCrossing becomes so familiar in the world that even those books with languages not understood will be able to travel along untill they find another save harbour just because the travelingbook's logo has been recognized.


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