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The follows are Highly Recommended

* Runemarks * Snow Flower and the Secret Fan * Things I Want My Daughters to Know * Memory Box * * InterWorld * Eleven Minutes * Absent in the Spring * The Graveyard Book * The Rights of the Reader * Un Lun Dun * Alone on a Wide Wide Sea * Letters to Sam * Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death * Evening Class * The Seven Professors of the Far North * The Giver * Where's Roo? * King Rat * The Skeleton in the Closet * The Chocolate Money Mystery * Light on Snow * The Da Vinci Code * Anne of Green Gables* The BFG* Celestine Prophecy


Books I read from 2009 yearly on
2023 Reading Challenge: Read 111 English & 5 German & 33 Hungarian books
2022 Reading Challenge: Read at least 77 English books & with more than 5 * 9999 pages

~~~ ~~~ 2022. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

An Unexpected Mail Order Bride (Shady Forks Brides Book 1/4) Kindle Edition by Blythe Carver; 236 pages
A Family Affair by Mary Campisi; A Small Town Family Saga (Truth In Lies Book 1/21) Kindle Edition; 270 pages
Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse (A Cape Bay Cafe Mystery Book 1/10) by Harper Lin; 286 pages
Macaron Murder by Harper Lin; Patisserie Mystery 1/9; 154 pages
Merry Me (A Holiday Romance Novel Book 1/6) by Amanda Siegrist; 228p
Santa Lucia by Michelle Damiani 1/4 386p

Hiding From Death Darcy Sweet Cozy Mystery (e-book, 6/32) by K J Emrick 93pages
The Stolen Valentine (5/32) Darcy Sweet Cozy Mystery by K J Emrick 82 pages
The Ghost of Christmas a Novella about Darcy Sweet Cozy Mystery series by K J Emrick 4/32 e-book; 78 pages

17. ENG-17: An Unforgivable Secret (Amish Secrets - Book 1/7) by J.E.B. Spredemann, e-book; 208 pages // 1485p
16. ENG-16: Violet's Mail Order Husband: A Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Story (Montana Brides 1/3 e-book) by Kate Whitsby; 132 pages // 1277p
15. ENG-15: From the Ashes (2013) by K J Emrick - Darcy Sweet Mystery 3/32; e-book -- 98pages // 1145p
14. ENG-14: Mists of the Past by K J Emrick - Darcy Sweet Mystery 2/32; e-book -- 86 pages // 1047p
13. ENG-13: Raspberry Truffle Murder (A Maple Hills Cozy Mystery Book 1/12; e-book) by Wendy Meadows - 120 pages // 961p
12. ENG-12: Tea for Three (A Mulberry Lane Novel Book 1/3; e-book) by Melissa Crosby - 200 pages // 841p
11. ENG-11: Mail Order Bride - Ruby Springs Brides - Books 1/4 ; story of Catherine&Dylan) by Karla Gracey- in e-book form, 32 pages // 641p
10. ENG-10: Mail Order Bride - Silver River Brides - Books 1/4 ; story of Amelia&Byron) by Karla Gracey- in e-book form, 32 pages // 609p
9. ENG-09: Mail Order Bride - Sun River Brides - Books 1/9 ; story of Carlton&Myra) by Karla Gracey- in e-book form, 32 pages // 577p
8. ENG-08: Mail Order Bride - Faith Creek Brides - Books 1/10 ; story of .... ) by Karla Gracey- in e-book form, 32 pages // 545p
7. ENG-07: Mail Order Mayhem (Brides of Beckham Book 1/39; story of Maud) by Kirsten Osbourne- in e-book form (only Kindle), 73 pages // 513p
6. ENG-06: Mail Order Bride - A Bride for Mackenzie by Karla Gracey (short story; book 2 of 9: Sun River Brides) - in e-book form, 37 pages // 440p
5. ENG-05: Crimson Snow by Meghan O'Flynn (short story) - e-book (only Kindle), 41 pages // 403p
4. ENG-04: Death Comes To Town by K J Emrick (A Darcy Sweet Cozy Mystery 1/32) - e-book (only Kindle), 178 pages // 362p
3. ENG-03: The Secret Garden - different versions, in audiobooks (un)abridged forms, + cartoon - circa 32 pages // 184p
2. ENG-02: Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse (A Charlotte Denver Cozy Mystery Book 1/9) by Sherri Bryan (e-book) - 120 pages // 152p
1. ENG-01: Cinderella fairy tale, audiobook, different cartoons - circa 32 pages // 32p

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 2018/2021. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
... Harry Potter (1-7), Gyűrűk úra (1-3), & (trio film) Hobbit and Agatha Raisin film maraton
19. HUN-05: Harry potter #3 (azkabani fogoly) audiobook and film in hu (in 11 hours reading)
18. HUN-04: Harry potter #6 (félvér herceg) audiobook in 2 parts ('10 & 11 hours reading)
17. HUN-03: Lőrincz L. László: Vijjogók
16. HUN-02: Lőrincz L. László: Kicsik audiobook
15. HUN-01: Harry potter audiobook #1 & #2 via Kern András reading, circa '10 hours long each one
14. ENG-14: The Hobbit by J RR Tolkien - audiobook/ film
13. ENG-13: Hamish Macbeth and Death of a Gossip (#1/33) by M.C. Beaton
12. ENG-12: Agatha Raisin film maraton in hu language --> 10-12 films
11. ENG-11: Agatha Raisin and love lies and liquor (#17) by M.C. Beaton
10. ENG-10: Agatha Raisin and love from hell (#11) by M.C. Beaton
9. ENG-09: Agatha Raisin and fairies of fryfam (#10) by M.C. Beaton
8. ENG-08: Agatha Raisin and witch of wyckhadden (#9) by M.C. Beaton
7. ENG-07: Agatha Raisin and wizard of evesham (#8) by M.C. Beaton
6. ENG-06: Agatha Raisin and wellspring of death (#7) by M.C. Beaton
5. ENG-05: Agatha Raisin and murderous marriage (#5) - audiobook (via Youtube) '6hours 30 min // film in HUN, & dramatised audioplay '55 min M.C. Beaton
4. ENG-04: Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House (#14) by M.C. Beaton -- audiobook (via Youtube) 6hours 30 min
3. ENG-03: Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener (#3) by M.C. Beaton -- // film in HUN, & dramatised audioplay '55 min
2. ENG-02: Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley (#4/32) by M.C. Beaton -- // film in HUN, & dramatised audioplay '55 min
1. ENG-01: Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet (#2/32)-- audiobook (via Youtube) '6hours 30 min // film in HUN, & dramatised audioplay '55 min

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 2014/2017. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
2. ENG-02: The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine
1. ENG-01: Boomability by Sharon Creech

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 2013. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
19. ENG-012: Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom
18. ENG-11:Bodymind by Ken Dychtwald
17. ENG-11:The Christmas Box by Evans Richard Paul
16. ENG-10: The Emotionally Unavailable Man/Woman by Patti Henry
15. HUN-6:A gyengédség hatalma by Tovi Browning
14. ENG-9: The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester
13. ENG-8: Tales from Moominvalley by Tove Jansson
12. ENG-7: Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop by Rupert Kingfisher
11. ENG-6: Unlocking the Spell by E.D.Baker
10. ENG-5: The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D.Baker
9. ENG-4: The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo
8. ENG-3: Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen
7. HUN-5: A pénz pszichológiája by Ruediger Dahlke
6. HUN-4: Pénz nélkül gazdagon by Alexander von Schönburg
5. HUN-3: Intimitás by Osho
4. ENG-2: How to change habits by Scott Young
3. ENG-1: Yoga of Perfect Sight by R.S. Agarwal Dr.
2. HUN-2: Csináld! by James R. Sherman
1. HUN-1: Erő by Rhonda Byrne (The Power)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 2012. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
16. ENG-14: Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles
15. HUN-2: Tökéletes testek - A női alak dicsérete
14. ENG-13: Space between Us
13. ENG-12: How to Find the Work You Love by Laurence G Boldt
12. ENG-11: Selfish path to Romance by Ellen Kenner
11. ENG-10: Too Close Too Soon by Jim Talley
10. ENG-9: Waiting and Dating by Myles Munroe
9. ENG-8: The House That Groaned by Karrie Fransman
8. ENG-7: You Can Never Get Enough Of What You Don't Need
7. ENG-6: Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell
6. ENG-5: Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman
5. ENG-4: Please Look After Mom by Kyung-sook Shin
4. HUN-1: Randikalauz by Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend
3. ENG-3: The Fabric of Friendship by Joy Carol
2. ENG-2: You're All My Favourites, Guess How Much I Love You All Year Round, It's Lovely When You Smile by Sam McBratney
1. ENG-1: Follow that Bus by Pat Hutchins

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 2011. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
48. HUN-12: Amikor minden megváltozik by Neale Donald Walsch
47. ENG-34: Norby the Mixed-up Robot by Janet Asimov
46. ENG-33: The Essence of Womanhood by Susie Heath
45. ENG-32: Her Blood is Gold by Lara Owen
44. ENG-31: The Flight of the Silver Turtle by John Fardell
43. ENG-30: The Night Before Christmas and The Diary of a Killer Cat
42. ENG-29: Mr. Snow, Tickle, Uppity, Bounce, Strong and the Flood and Little Miss Birthday, Bad, Curious, Dotty has a dotty day out - all are written by Roger Hargreaves
41. HUN-11: Végig is csinálod? by Steven Levinson & Pete Greider
40. HUN-10:A kis vadóc by Susanne Hühn
39. HUN-09: Céltudatos Nők kézikönyve by Debra Shigley
38. ENG-28: Page by Paige - by Laura Lee Gulledge * Wonderful!
37. ENG-27: Mr. Silly
36. ENG-26: Head over Heels by Jill Mansell
35. ENG-25: The Bay at Midnight by Diane Chamberlain
34. ENG-24: Summer Island by Kristin Hannah -- it is a pearl!!!
33. ENG-23: The Mother Goose book
32. ENG-22: Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Late
31. HUN-08: Tessék engem megmenteni! by Paul Maar
30. HUN-07: Hajnalhozók a Plejádok tanításai by Barbara Marcinia
29. ENG-21: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
28. ENG-20: Cool! by Michael Morpurgo
27. HUN-06: Hallgass a testedre! by Lisa Bourbeau
26. ENG-19: Interworld by Neil Gaiman
25. ENG-18: Willie Was Different (Dragonfly Books) by Norman Rockwell
24. GER-02: Abenteuer im Schnee - A1 Buch (32p)
23. GER-01: Mini Lesemaus - Das Wetter (14p)
22. HUN-05: Árnyékok tánca by Peter Orban
21. ENG-17: The Wish Giver by Bill Brittain
20. ENG-16: Waiting for Anya by M. Morpurgo
19. ENG-15: Moominsummer Madness by T.Jansson
18. HUN-04: Az öröm művészete by Csikszentmihályi Mihály
17. HUN-03: Jó üzlet by Csikszentmihályi Mihály
16. ENG-14: The Wyndham Case by Jill Paton Walsh (Abridged, Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 1 h)
15. ENG-13: September Tide by Daphne du Maurier (Play) (Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 45 min)
14. ENG-12: Little Women and Good Wives by L. May Alcott (Abridged, Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 3 hs + 3 hs)
13. ENG-11: Alice in Wonderland (Abridged, Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 2 hs)
12. ENG-10: Mary Poppins by PL Travers (Abridged, Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 1 h)
11. ENG-09: Life's Little Instruction Book
10. ENG-08: The Last Battle by C.S.Lewis (Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 3 hs)
09. ENG-07: Skeleton in the Closet by M.C.Beaton
08. ENG-06: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S.Lewis (Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 3 hs)
07. ENG-05: Light on Snow by Anita Shreve
06. ENG-04: Hate That Cat by S. Creech
05. HUN-02: Hamis gyönyör by Sz. Vivien
04. HUN-01: Ízek, Imák, Szerelmek by Elizabeth Gilbert
03. ENG-03: Railway Children by E. Nesbit (Abridged, Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 1 h)
02. ENG-02: Prince Caspian by C.S.Lewis (Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 3 hs)
01. ENG-01: Magician's Nephew by C.S.Lewis (Dramatised Audio, BBC7 Radio, 3 hs)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 2010. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
87. ENG-75: Star Trek Graphic Novel
86. HUN-12: Határaink by Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend
85. ENG-74: My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
84. ENG-73: Teacher Trouble by A. McCall Smith
83. ENG-72: A Bench on Which to Rest by Elena Maccaferri
82. ENG-71: Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet by M.C.Beaton
81. ENG-70: The Doughnut Ring by A. McCall Smith
80. ENG-69: Smith of Wootton Major by J.R.R.Tolkien
79. ENG-68: Letters to Sam: A Grandfather's Lessons on Love, Loss, and the Gifts of Life by Daniel Gottlieb (176p)
78. ENG-67: Friend or Foe by M. Morpurgo
77. ENG-66: The Chocolate Money Mystery by A. McCall Smith
76. ENG-65: Victoria and the Lost Moonbeam by Angela Rippon (22p)
75. ENG-64: Agent Arthur on the Stormy Seas by Martin Oliver (48p)
74. ENG-63: The Worst Witch All at Sea by Jill Murphy (224p)
73. ENG-62: After the Quake by Haruki Murakami (132p)
72. ENG-61: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
71. ENG-60: The Sandalwood Girl by S. McCullagh (24p)
70. ENG-59: Little Miss Wise by Roger Hargreaves (32p)
69. ENG-58: Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr (32p)
68. HUN-11: Dilbert: Hogyan vágjunk fapofát ha a Főnök megszólal by Scott Adams
67. HUN-10: Nem a Pénz Boldogít by Bob Proctor
66. ENG-57: Pobby and Dingan by Ben Rice (92 p)
65. ENG-56: Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman
64. HUN-09: Életfilozófia by Katalin Horányi
63. ENG-55: The Wonderful Weekend Book by Elspeth Thompson (352p)
62. ENG-54: The Boy with the Cuckoo-clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu (176p)
61. HUN-08: Szállj le rólam! by Rosemary Stones (85p)
60. HUN-07: Merj nemet mondani! by Marie Haddou (235p)
59. HUN-06: A szülő is ember by Helen Bethune (155p)
58. ENG-53: The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley (1st book)
57. ENG-52: Help! It's Harriet! by Jean Ure (96p)
56. ENG-51: Hopper Hunts for Spring by Marcus Pfister
55. ENG-50: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
54. ENG-49: Barry, The Bravest St. Bernard by Lynn Hall (48p)
53. ENG-48: Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel (64p)
52. ENG-47: Agatha Raisin and Quiche of Death by M.C.Beaton(272p)
51. HUN-05: Az elveszett boldogság nyomában by Jean Liedloff
50. ENG-46: Koyasan by Darren Shan - fearfully wonderful
49. ENG-45: Random Act of Kindness by Danny Wallace

48. HUN-04: Rend és Rendetlenség by Polz Alaine
47. ENG-44: The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson
46. ENG-43: Maxie by M. Kantrowitz, E.A. McCully
45. ENG-42: Bombs on Aunt Dainty by Judith Kerr
44. ENG-41: Poirot Short Stories by Agatha Christie
43. ENG-40: Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar
42. ENG-39: Winnie-the-Pooh (audiobook)
41. ENG-38: Moominvalley in November by Tove Jansson
40. ENG-37: The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter (58p)
39. ENG-36: Young voices: Life with Diabetes (132p)
38. ENG-35: No Comebacks by Frederick Forsyth (332p)
37. ENG-34: Nonstop Nonsense by Margaret Mahy (128p)
36. ENG-33: The Memory Box by Margaret Forster (267p) - enthrilling
35. ENG-32: Little Miss Lucky, Tidy, Busy, Trouble, Fun, and Magic by Roger Hargreaves
34. ENG-31: Desert Flower by Dirie Waris (369p) - anger
33. ENG-30: Rat by Andrzej Zaniewski (157p) - brutal, merciless
32. ENG-29: "Tommy and the Lion" and "The Ugly Little girl" by Veronika Marék
31. ENG-28: Now We Are Six by A.A.Milne (112p)
30. ENG-27: Thinking of you by Jill Mansell (352p)
29. ENG-26: The Christmas Pudding AudioBook by Agatha Christie (Abriged, ~ 1 hour)
28. ENG-25: Williwaw! by Tom Bodett (192p)
27. ENG-24: The New Rector by Rebecca Shaw (272p) *** LOVED it!!! :))
26. ENG-23: The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey (125p)
25. ENG-22: The Giver by L. Lowry (192p)
24. ENG-21: Happines! by Eva Janikovszky (32p)
23. ENG-20: Dancing Bear by M. Morpurgo (61p)
22. ENG-19: The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers (324p)
21. ENG-18: Just Who Does This Child Take After? by Eva Janikovszky (48p)
20. ENG-17: Akimbo and the Elephants, akimbo and the Crocodiles by A. McCall Smith
19. ENG-16: Billy the Kid by M. Morpurgo (116p)
18. ENG-15: Dear Olly by M. Morpurgo
17. ENG-14: Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House by Geronimo Stilton (113p)
16. ENG-13: Arabel's Raven by Joan Aiken (79p)
15. ENG-12: Escape from Shangri-La by M. Morpurgo (207p)
14. ENG-11: The Bubblegum Tree by A. McCall Smith (128p)
13. ENG-10: Rhyme Stew by Roald Dahl (80p)
12. ENG-09: Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes (48p)
11. ENG-08: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr (191p)
10. ENG-07: The Witch of Porobello by P. Coelho (346p)
09. ENG-06: Un Lun Dun by China Mieville (521p)
08. ENG-05: Absent in the Spring by Mary Westmacott (aka Agatha Christie) (260p)
07. ENG-04: By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept by p. Coelho

06. HUN-03: Kiből lesz a JÓ NŐ? by Paulina Éva (235p)
05. HUN-02: Szeresd önmagad és mindegy, kivel élsz by Eva-Maria Zurhorst (241p)

04. ENG-03: Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho (245p)
03. ENG-02: The Bursting Balloons Mystery by A.McCall Smith (128p)
02. ENG-01: Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan (108p)

01. HUN-01: A teremtő képzelet csodái by Kurt Tepperwein (182p)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ 2009. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
47. ENG-41: Goblins in the Castle by Bruce Coville (162p)
45. ENG-40. Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Chatterbox, Little Miss Helpful by Roger Hargreaves (32p)
44. ENG-39: The Summer Book by T.Jansson (160p)
43. ENG-38: Comet in Moominland by T. Jansson
42. ENG-37: The Legend Of The Bluebonnet by T. DePaola (32p)
41. ENG-36: Evening Class by Maeve Binchy (520p) !!!!!! :) Pride!
40. ENG-35: Love That Dog by Sharon Creech (90p)
39. ENG-34: The Unravellers by Tracey Morley (114p)
38. ENG-33: The Water Mirror by Kai Meyer (250p)
37. ENG-32: Naughty Amalie Jane by Enid Blyton
36. ENG-31: Mr. Nosey by Roger Hargreaeves (32p)

35. HUN-05: Engedj el! Leválás, önállóság, szabadság by Marcel Rufo (188p)
34. ENG-30: Stardust - Believe in Magic (156p)
33. ENG-29: Tuesdays with Morrie by M.Albom (192p)
32. ENG-28: The Last Wolf by M. Morpurgo (88p)
31. ENG-27: Watch out for Witches! by Hilda Offen (128 pp)
30. ENG-26: The 7 Professors of the Far North by John Fardell (192p)
29. ENG-25: The Arctic fox by Mary Ellis (126p)
28. ENG-24: The Rights of the Reader by Daniel Pennac (174p)
27. ENG-23: The Barefoot Book of Princesses (63p)
26. ENG-22: Where is Mrs Parker? by Annette Weber (bilingual book) (126p)
25. ENG-21: Something's always happening to me by Eva Janikoszky (32p)
24. ENG-20: Seal on the Shore by Lucy Daniels
23. ENG-19: The Wreck of the Zanzibar by M. Morpurgo (101p)
22. ENG-18: Storm Catchers by Tim Bowler
21. ENG-17: While the Light Lasts by A. Christie
20. ENG-16: Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
19. ENG-15: Eleven Minutes by P. Coelho
18. ENG-14: The Devil and Myss Prim by Paulo Coelho
17. ENG-13: The Sleeping Sword by M. Morpurgo

16. HUN-04: Verena Kast: Engedd el őket és találj magadra
15. ENG-12: The Thief Lord by C. Funke
14. ENG-11: Holes by Louis Sachar
13. ENG-10: From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
12. ENG-09: Long Way Home by M. Morpurgo

11. HUN-03: Jesper Juul: A működő család
10. ENG-08: Finn Family Moomintroll by T. Jansson
09. ENG-07: Alone on a Wide Wide Sea by M. Morpurgo
08. ENG-06: Coraline by N. Gaiman
07. ENG-05: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by L. See

06. HUN-02: Elisabetta Gnone: A sötétség bűvölete (Fairy Oak 2)
05. HUN-01: Elisabetta Gnone: Az ikrek titka (Fairy Oak 1)

04. ENG-04: Out of the Ashes by M. Morpurgo
03. ENG-03: Graveyard book by N. Gaiman
02. ENG-02: Geronimo Stilton: Secret Agent
01. ENG-01: Stardust by N. Gaiman

Introduced by BC, Reading via/along Bookcrossing

Moomins 9/9
#1 The Moomins and the Great Flood * #2 Comet in Moominland * #3 Finn Family Moomintroll * #4 Moominpappa's Memoirs * #5 Moominsummer Madness * #6 Moominland Midwinter * #7 Tales from Moominvalley * #8 Moomin papa at sea * # 9 Moominvalley in November

Reading via Bookcrossing
Agatha Raisin 34/34 - Companion book
* #1 Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death * #2 Vicious Vet * #3 Potted Gardener * #4 Walkers of Dembley * #5 Murderous Marriage * #6 Terrible Tourist * #7 Wellspring of Death * #8 Wizard of Evesham * # 9 Witch of Wyckhadden *#10 Fairies of Fryfam *#11 Love from Hell *#12 Day the Flood came *#13 Case of the Curious Curate *#14 Haunted House *#15 Deadly dance *#16 Perfect Paragon *#17 Love lies and liquor *#18 Kissing Christmas Goodbye *#19 Spoonful of Poison *#20 There Goes the Bride *#21. The Busy Body *#22 As The Pig Turns *#23 Hiss and Hers *#24 Christmas Crumble *#25 Something Borrowed, Someone Dead *#26 The Blood of an Englishman *#27 Agatha's First Case *#28 Dishing the Dirt *#29 Pushing up Daisies *#30 The Witches' Tree *#31 The Dead Ringer *#32 Beating about the Bush *# 33 Hot to Trot *#34 Down the Hatch (2021) * #35 Devil's Delight (2022)

Reading via Bookcrossing
Maeve Binchy -- * The Maeve Binchy Writers' Club // * Maeve Binchy's Treasury
* A Few of the Girls * A Week in Winter * Chestnut Street * Circle of Friends * Dublin 4 * Echoes * Evening Class * Firefly Summer * Full House * Heart and Soul * Light A Penny Candle * London Transport * Minding Frankie * Nights of Rain and Stars * Quentins * Scarlet Feather * Silver Wedding * Star Sullivan * Tara Road * The Copper Beech *The Glass Lake * The Lilac Bus * The Return Journey * This Year It Will Be Different * Silver Wedding * Victoria Line, Central Line * Whitethorn Woods

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A colourful chaotic flat rationalism in spiritualism * self-knowledge playing and happiness widening my horizon with English, German languages learning in English for 20 years snail-mail - chatty letter about you joining to people via their daily life, thoughts, believes, problems, happiness, stories, memories * friendship creativity * cross-sticth, latch-hook, crochet, mandala coloring, blogging day-dreaming * wish-lists Birds, Flowers, Butterflies, Dolphins, Sunflowers, Angels, Sunset, Panorama, Solo Card Game, Jigsaw Puzzle, Internet Iyengar yoga, Taiji, NiA dance, Kirtan singing books from Kristin Hannah, M.C.Beaton, R. Hargreaves, R.Dahl, Q.Blake, M.Morpurgo, M.Binchy, J.K.Rowling, Geronimo Stilton, C.Funke, Asimov, M. Westmacott, Chris Riddell, Lisa See, B.Akunin, Moomins, Where's Wally * Dramatized Audiobooks reading about Magic, Mother-daughter, and Sisters/Brothers relationship, Family stories/sagas, Life lesson stories Flaming fires in fireplace * hot mulled wine * snowflakes blue sky * green fields * mountain a choosy booklover who always looking for something ... new

Rings and Rays


... Rings and Rays with me ..

Rays with me, in which I am the last reader
The Lord of The Rings - Audiobook arrived 15.07.2011; TBR
How to be Single ~ arrived 26.02.2011; TBR
Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet - arrived 17.09.2010; AVL (Spiral Ray)
The Shadow in the North ~ arrived 10.07.2009; TBR

RINGS and RAYS I am waiting for
~ at me ~Int'l Ray~ Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Int'l post; LastJE: Aug26.

My Rays which still open to join
1/35 Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

MY Succesfully Finished Rings and Rays

Runemarks (29 readers);
Snow Flower and Secret Fan (27 readers)
Things I Want My Daughters to Know (22 readers);
Coraline (20 readers);
Odd and the Frost Giants (19 readers);
Absent in the Spring (14 readers);
The Graveyard Book (13 Readers);
Rhyme Stew (13 readers);
Please Look After Mom (12 readers)
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (12 readers)
The Rights of the Reader (12 Readers);
The Diary of a Nobody (12 readers)
Fair Play (9 readers)
Escape from Shangri-La (8 readers)
Letters to Sam (8 readers)
Memory Box (7 readers)
Thinking of You(7 readers);
Finn Family Moomintroll (7 Readers);
Like the Flowing River (6 readers)
Veronika Decides to Die (6 readers)
The Wreck of the Zanzibar (2nd copy) (5 readers)
Firmin (3 readers)
Eragon (2 readers)

My Rings/Rays which seem to be Got stuck on sy's Shelf or to be Lost between two readers
~*~ What will happen with them, will they be JE-ed sometime again? ~*~
~~> Venus and the Sea People * was lost in travelling toward me :((( *** ~~> The Boy with the Cuckoo-clock Heart by M.Malzieu * travelling from sarabe1 to bellivas [9--->10/12]... 2011. Nov.21. *** ~~> The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson * travelling to Duskdreamer from Lydiasbooks (UK)[5-->6/8] - Last JE: 2011. April *** ~~> The Graveyard book by Neil Gaiman * travelling to Gwenindil from kiyoteefoxx (POR)[9-->10/16] - Last JE: 2010.December *** ~~> Memory Box by Margaret Forster * WITH wendyv (AUS) [1/8] * Last JE: 2010.July *** ~~> The Rights of the Reader by D. Pennac * travelling to elviraro from helena100 (ROM) [6-->7/11] * Last JE: 2010.June ISO *** ~~> The Graveyard book by Neil Gaiman * WITH nediamnori87 (UK)[13/18] * Last JE: 2010.May ISO *** ~~> The Wreck of the Zanzibar * WITH ladyofunicorns (USA)[2/9] * Last JE: 2009.October ISO *** ~~> The Devil and Miss Prym * WITH TerraceWest (CAN) * Last JE: 2009. August

Rabcks and Games

*Rabcks From Dear Bookcrossers*
--<--{@ Precious Parcels @}-->--

Thanks to all of you! :)

2010.May: My WINGS are extended with a month THANKS to Totje2 for it! :)

~~~ 2022/23 ~~~

~~~ 2014/2017. ~~~
Spring-^- *Just because* -^- From spy-there
a big package full of little surprises Urchin of the Riding Stars & Yoga für Katzen Thanks so much!

~~~ 2013. ~~~
December-^- *Just because* -^- From grovalskii
Have a Little Faith - A wishlist book! Chocolate and a playful advent card! Thanks, thanks, thanks!
December-^- *Just because* -^- From lamelemon
Harry Potter și Piatra Filozofală - Romanian HarryPotter! What a surprise! Thank, you, thank you so much!!
May-^- *Just because* -^- From ApoloniaX and Götheborg Attendees **** AMAZING ****
There Goes the Bride - I am speechless .. this is stunning ... a BIG Box of treasures from the Sweedish meeting ... A box of LOVE ... it is ... I am deeply touched still, after some days I am shocked to get all these things "just beacuse"... Thank you so much!!!
May-^- *Just because* -^- From ApoloniaX
How to survive without a salary - Hahahaha... it fits in my life! You are thoughtful of me so much! ---<<---{@
April -^- *Just because* -^- From ApoloniaX
The Cave Of The Yellow Dog & The Enormous Crocodile (audio) - Thank you! You are awesome!
April -^- *I was the decoy* -^- From elstaplador
Down Under - Wow, I was the decoy.... Thank you!!!!
January -^- *Birthday Thread on Forum* -^- initiated by ApoloniaX
You all colored my day, and made me so happy!! Thank you!
January -^- *Birthday Rabck* -^- From Llyren
Here, There Be Dragons - A birthday present. You continuously take care of introducing new YA books to me :)))) Thank you!!!!
January -^- *Offer-Taken Rabck* -^- From kingfan30
The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips - hohoho... Arrived for my birthday, so it may be called a birthday rabck too :))) Thanks!
January -^- *Birthday Rabck* -^- From ApoloniaX
Agatha Raisin and Love, Lies and Liquor & Little Foxes came with a Birthday Card! Thank you so much!! :)))
January -^- *New Year's rabck* -^- From chamonix44
Snobbery with Violence Wow! I am so surprised, this is along awaited book! Thank you!!! :)))

~~~ 2012. ~~~
December -^- *Just because Rabck for Christmas* -^- From Tsjara
A Christmas present ..... ooooooooooooo :))) postcard, chocolate, bisquits, tea bags stickers and sticky notes, and caramellised pear Pickwick tea!!
October -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From Vekiki
Creative Crafts This is a lovely colorful book, thank you!! More ideas made me dreamy....
September -^- *Wishlist Rabck* -^- From Llyren
Harry Potter og De Vises Sten Danish #1 HP ...... Thankssssssss!!!
August -^- *Wishlist Rabck* -^- From Elskaliam
The Gift from the Sea You made me smile! Thank you!! :))))
August -^- *Wishlist Rabck* -^- From ApoloniaX
The Great Planet Earth Search came ladybug napkins, bookplates .......... You are awesome! Thank you!! :))))
July-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From Chremajora
The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly & The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark A claimed book and a bonus one! Thank you!! :))))
April -^- *Wishlist rabck* -^- From Cross-patch
Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadde & AR and the Love from Hell 2 Agatha Raisin books!! Hugs, xx :))))
April -^- *Wishlist rabck* -^- From lizzyblack
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Irish Gaelic version Wow! A new HP for my collection!!! Thank you!!!
February -^- *Rabck Draw + Surprise* -^- From Boekentrol
My Mother, My Self and Momo .. Thank you!!!
January -^- *For my Birthday* -^- From Vekiki
Mollie Makes magazine .... I longed for it for ages to peek into! Thanks you kindness!
January -^- *For my Birthday* -^- From ApoloniaX
wishlist book: My Friend Walter and a bookmark, a chocolate, a box of tea and unused many greeting cards!! O, you are lovely!! Thanks!
January -^- *For my Birthday* -^- From Boekentrol
wishlist books: Guess How Much I Love You and It's Lovely When You Smile with a cross stitch kit "Smile" and a lovely, friendly card!! Thank you, my dear friend!
January -^- *For my Birthday* -^- From Llyren
wishlist book: Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea a dear classic story! Thank you so much your kindness!

~~~ 2011. ~~~
December -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From Boekentrol
A Christmas Greeting Card with 2 wishlist books :)) A friendly Big Hug!
December -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From Tsjara
A Christmas Greeting Card with a Dora watch, so cute :))
December -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From pumpkinpussycat
A Christmas Greeting Card with green tea bags :)) Hugs!
November -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From Llyren
The Dark Hills Divide and Beyond the Valley of Thorns LOL! You take care for providing me new children books, Thank you!! :))
November -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From Vekiki
A notebook with a window to decorate with cross stitch! Thank you for thinking of me!!!
October -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From kingfan30
Twist of Gold A morpurgo book for a Morpurgo addict! :))
September -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From lellie
Eve Green Thank you! :))
September -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From joto-uk
Thank you! :)) Intelligent Exercise with Pilates and Yoga I like both of them :D
July-^- *Just because* -^- From Totje2
Thank you! :)) Quick-to-Stitch Cross Stitch Cards Now I only need Time :D
July-^- *Being a winner of a "Nominate-a-good-profile-game" :))* -^- From nattabee
I am so happy :))... Postcards, Bookmarks with Runaway, Selected Poems Dylan Thomas books and a bookcover!
Thank you (for doing this Game), and thank you for those who nominated me!! :))

July-^- *Just because* -^- From saarahoo
Huu! :))Latin Harry Potter Lovely surprise! Thanks!! :))
July-^- *Just because* -^- From Chamonix44
The Diary of a Killer Cat Sending me a postcard with a book, you are so kind!
May-^- *Pay it forward Rabck* -^- From Prachitulshan
OOOO!!!!! Hindi Harry Potter Wow!!! Thank you so much!! :))
May-^- *Pay it forward Rabck* -^- From Bloedengel
An unexpected surprise!! Two Lipsticks and a Lover Thank you!! :))
April-^- *Just Because Rabck -^- From bookfrogster
A book from my long Wishlis! One Moment, One Morning Wow! Thank you!! ---<<--{@ :))
April-^- *Wishlist Rabck -^- From noname-blue
Wow!! A long wished book! Pebble in the Sky Thank you so much!! :))
April-^- *Just because -^- From ApoloniaX
A beautiful book with music tapes about Voices of Forgotten Worlds Wow! This is a so wonderful book :))
April-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From starflash
I am so curious at this book... Is There Anything You Want? Thank you!!
April-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From kobie03
Wow! Thank you so much! Veronika Decides To Die :D
March-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From PrincessRainbow
Prince Caspian Audio CDs, Yay! Thank you so much!!
March-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From Jonniboi
I was the European winner, Ahoi!! Midget another TimBowler book, Yay!! :D
February-^- *Sweet Revenge Rabck* -^- From ApoloniaX
FOUR wishlist books 1001 Little Wellbeing Miracles * A Friend of the Family * Wives of the East Wind * Tara Road and a Winnie-the-Pooh Book about Pooh's Clues on Friendship ~~ with chocolate, colorful bracelets, postcard, ganesha, fridge magnet, wallet,rooi tea, letter writing set ... this was a spoiling, luxury box full with treasuries ...LOL.. Thank You So Much!! :D
February-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From Marilina85
Birthday surprise from the distant Argentina!!Wow! I have a Wonderful Day! :D Arrived a wishlist book Special Relationship with chocolates, stickers, notebook, chatty letter Thank You so much!! :D
February-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From Plum-crazy
I was the Secret Winner!!! Yuppeee..:)) Beside a Bookplate, Stickers and Postcard came along the claimed book, the Take A Chance On Me by Jill Mansell !! Thank You so much!! :D
February-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From Annimanni
OOO The book with beautiful cover arrived.. Susannah's Garden *-<]:-) Thank You!!
February-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From Kobie03
Wow! Mandie and the Jumping Juniper came along wit a gift book The Return of Santa Paws :)) Thanks!!
February-^- *just because* -^- From JulesPaige
A sweet Valenite Postcard with moving notes :)) Thank you! :)
February -^- *HGG* -^- From Asianwaterfalls
A cute girlish Postcard with wishes for this year! Thank you! :)
January-^- *Birthday Gift* -^- From Totje2
A gift parcel from my penpal, The Dream Book * Dragon Rider with greetings card, sweets, many bookplates, and a bookmark .. splendid! Thank you!
January-^- *Birthday Gift* -^- From Chrysalis441
An unexpected gift parcel with Fablehaven
January-^- *Birthday Gift* -^- From Glitterbee
An unexpected :D magical gift parcel with books and chocolate * Little Miss Late & Little Miss Naughty & Little Miss Bossy & Mr. Christmas
January-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From HerbertLooby
A great offer for my LifeTimeChallenge :)) Mr. Busy
January-^- *Rabck Draw* -^- From star69
Thank you so much! Angel Numbers
January-^- *HGG* -^- From Bethieb
I got a Greetings Card from kind friend! ---<<--{@
January-^- *PaperBack Swap Game* -^- From Katrinat
wow! I got a book from the Pyramid Game .. Iron, Potassium, Nickel
January-^- *Just beacuse Rabck* -^- From TaxManager
3 wishlist books :)) The Copper Beech & Village Secrets & The Village Show :D
January-^- *Just Because Rabck* -^- From Fluffy-owl
Hurray!! I got a wishlist book Startling Moon
January-^- *HGG* -^- From Phoenix-Flights
Thank you for the bookplates, postcard, stickers, tea samples, moomin stamps, butterfly and Christmas tree print :D
January-^- *(Relay)+ Gift Books -^- From Chamonix44
A well-wrapped, taped package with 3 books :)) The Skeleton in the Closet * Death of a Perfect Wife * The Bay at Midnight a wishlist book :D
January-^- *HGG* -^- From Wombles
A cute Greetings Card with touching thoughts! Thanks! It is a great start for 2011 :))

~~~ 2010. ~~~
December -^- *HGG* -^- From slb453
A wishlist book Waiting for Anya :))
December -^- *HGG* -^- From Tsjara
H letter chocolate with a cute postcard :))
December -^- *HGG* -^- From ApoloniaX
Sturm im Mumintal * A Moomin book in German with many Moomin stickers, bookplates and bally stickers, a delicious chocolate, and a yummy Frucht bar
December -^- *HGG* -^- From Niora
A Winter Book * a wishlist book ho-ho-ho-hooo :))
December -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Tinina67
The Murder on a Bad Hair Day * sounds interesting! :)
December -^- *HGG* -^- From Lemon-Crisis
Summer Madness A wishlist book :))
December -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Sfogs
The Mother Goose Book * A lovely, colorful poem book, thank you! :)
December -^- *HGG* -^- From Safrolistics
A Christmas card that can be used as a bookmark. :)
November -^- *HGG* -^- From Kimmi
Grean tea bags with a chatty letter and an unused art postcard :))
November -^- *HGG* -^- From Vekiki
Audiobooks!! :D The time Traveler's Wife * The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio with 2 badges, a cute Christmas ornament ... Thank you!
November -^- *I am amongst winners of Challenge of Gratitude Game* -^- From Ossiefry
Got a chatty letter, beads for crafts, BC labels, stickers, moomin lollipop and the Wildwood Dancing book, which has a magical cover :)
November -^- *HGG* -^- From KateKintail
Christmas postcard, Bc supplies and invitian cards and a magnet to BC-DC convention with The Nanny diaries audiobook read by Julia Roberts Thank you!
November -^- *I am amongst winners of Challenge of Gratitude Game* -^- From Releanna
Huu :)) A zotter chocolate "Für Brave" :), a bookmark with The Night Before Christmas book ----<<--{@ Thank you so much!
November -^- *I am amongst winners of Challenge of Gratitude Game* -^- From Annimanni
There are a huuuge chocolate table with teabags and Sun City wishlist book, and a little book about The Key to Life :D Thank you so much!
November -^- *HGG* -^- From footymadgill
Wow!! An audiobook!! La's Orchestra Saves the World with some teabags and hot chocolate powder :))
November -^- *I am amongst winners of Challenge of Gratitude Game* -^- From lukutuoli
Tea bags in unusaul tastes, rosy letter writing set, Mr. Greedy & Mr. Mischief & Mr. Cool & Mr. Rush with a praising letter. Thank you! I am deeply touched. :)
November -^- *HGG* -^- From Chania
still comes Moomin!! Moomin lollipops, chewing gum, keychains and a toweeeel!! ---<<--{@
November -^- *HGG* -^- From miumaumou
Moomin!! Moomin keychain, Snorkmaiden, a moomin little bag with Fazer chocolates, Nordqvist tea bag, and a cute Finnish postcard :D
November -^- *HGG* -^- From Kasenka
Oléé!! Moomin! :)) I love them so much! A moomin exercise-book, stickers, labels, and postcards with Susu chocolate, a Puzzle book anda lovely chatty letter! :)
November -^- *HGG* -^- From MyssCyn
ooooooo!!! A new set of my address labels with my new profile picture :D and BC bookplate stickers. MyssCyn you are wonderful!! I LOVE them so much!!
November -^- *HGG* -^- From pinkoeria
A "little surprise" ?? No it is much more!! :) Came along a cute flowered, blue coloured letter writing set with several official BC stickers!!
November -^- *HGG* -^- From eponine38
A letter form the distant USA, with a cute magnet, bookmarks, tea bags, and letter writing papers! Thank you so much!! ---<<--{@
October -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From Vasha
Ho-ho-ho-hoooo! King Rat A wishlist book! Thank you, Vasha! ---<<--{@
October -^- *HGG* -^- From gwenwifar
Wow!! A bookmark, a Christmas Holiday Card and my name as a fridge magnet!! So cute! *<]:-D
October -^- *HGG* -^- From southernfryed
Thanks!! A cute little cross stitch design by DMC with a postcard surprised me :))
October -^- *HGG* -^- From wibba
A wishlist book :D The Cool!, it is really coooooool!! :)) Thanks you much!!
October -^- *HGG* -^- From ghir
A wishlist book :)) The Scarecrow and his Servant came with 3 kind of Hawaiian chocolates. Thank you so much ghir!! :)))
October -^- *HGG* -^- From dotdot
Yippeee!! Moomin postcard and figures!! Moomintroll, Snufkin, Snork Maiden, Hemulen. How wonderful to touch them! They are so real... :)) Thanks so much dotdot!! --<<--{@
October -^- *HGG* -^- From lukutuoli
Walnut chocolate from Frazer, BC stickers, T-Rex magnet aaaaaaand Moomin!! :D * Magnet, Postcard and Stickers * Wonderful! I can not have enough of them. These figures made me smile anytime! And there is here as well the naughty Mr. Noisy. Hohohooo!! :))
October -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From solskinn
Wow!! A huge parcel arrived full with 5 books!! Guten Abend, lieber Mond * Cat Among the Pigeons * Private Relations * A Cat by Any Other Name * The Spellman Files: A Novel * Thanks so much Solskinn!! I hardly can believe my luck!! :))
September -^- * SGG * -^- From Marsala
Wow, yuppeee :))) Some stories about Little Miss -es, namely Splendid & Star & Wise & Fickle AND some adventures of Mr. like Bump and as he loses his memory & Jelly & Daydream & Topsy-Turvy & Nonsense ... It is a very generous parcel :)) Thank you!!
September -^- * SGG * -^- From Millycat
Olalalaaaa .... Origami book with papers and 2 cross stitch leaflets!! Wonderful! Thank you so much :)))
September -^- * SGG * -^- From Alejanda and her Son
Mooomins!! Again arrived some in postcards, ruler, lollypop, a hanging greenish mushroom with beads decoration, which is now on my PC, and also arrived Sniff and Mymble in person :)) Thank you so much for them!
September -^- * SGG * -^- From slipperbunny
A bag of chocolate and Honey&Lemonn Teas are arrived with a lovely chatty letter :) Thanks so much!
August -^- * SGG * -^- From Niora
Moomins, mooomins, mooooomins on 8 postcards, on an exercise book with Fairtrade chocolate and teabags! hmmmmmm Being spoiled is a wonderful feeling! :-D
August -^- * SGG * -^- From jumpingin
ThankYou your kindness, the tea bags, letter-writing sets, the beautiful cross-stitch drawings, the chatty letter with your postcard!! Magical surprise :))
July -^- * SGG * -^- From GoldenHind
From the distant Australia a Bookmark Gift Pack and a boomerang magnet reached me :) ThankYou!
July -^- * Birthday Rabck Game * -^- From Releanna *110010*
The Chocolate Money Mystery and The Crimson Spell came along with many-many things. Thaaank youuuu :)))
July -^- * SGG Rabck * -^- From vekiki
The Magician's Elephant - Thank you Vekiki, it looks to be interesting read! :))
July -^- * Just Because Rabck * -^- From Mozette
3 children's books from the distant Australia: Owl at home, Marianne Dreams, and Maxie. Thanks Mozette your generousity! :)
June -^- * SGG * -^- From Soozreader
MOOOMINS many Moomins.. in lollipops, plasters, postcards and Reflective Patch, different flavoured green teas and a chocholate :))) Wow! I am really spoiled! Thank you so much! :))
June -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From Chrysallis441
German Stickers! My very first german stickers :)) Beside came a book Grimm Sisters :))) Thanks! :D
June -^- * SGG * -^- From pippis
Many kind of different tea bags, Finnish chocolates, and ...... MOOOMIN stickers! Thanks so much! :))
June -^- * SGG * -^- From ApoloniaX
The Careful Use of Compliments ApoloniaX you are fantastic! Samuel loves being here :))
June -^- * SGG * -^- From italianeowyn
Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale Yuppeee!! Full with drawings!! Awesome Edition :)) Thanks so much to thought for me ---<<--{@
May -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From grubsneerg
A Daughter's a Daughter and Other Novels 3 Mary Westmacott's novels!! Lovely!! ... Thanks grubsneerg!
May -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Kerriou
The Space Between Us This novel sounds interesting... Thanks Kerriou!
May -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From Totje2
My WINGS are extended!!! Wow! I hardly believed my eyes when I saw its expiring date! :)) Thanks Totje2!
April -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From MartinaViola
RSVP - Thanks to let me win :)
April -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From Potok-fan
Hate That Cat - Let's write a poem, I am capable of anything reagarding to BookCrossing!! :) Thanks, Potok-fan, ghir to make me laugh!
April -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From glenystasmania
Hunt with HooRoo at Play - :-D Laugh Aloud Again :-x, Thanks gleny to think of me :))
March -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Bagmaker
Twisted: Collected Stories book arrived with an orange-yellow-green (homemade) Bag - beautiful :) -, chocolate eggs, and a Ribbon bookmark :))
March -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Vekiki
Jo Verso's Cross Stitch Year book arrived with a pink ribbon bookmark, a ruler, different kind of notes, and mimoza soap :)) Thanks Vekiki !!
March -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Boefste
The Very Hungry Caterpillar . Thanks little Boefste!! I have been longed to read this book so much :-)
March -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From lizzyblack
My first Jodi Picoult book!! My Sister's Keeper Thanks lizzyblack :-)
March -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From glenystasmania
Another Roo :)) Where's Roo: Off to work arrived to my home, without BC I would have never met Roo :))
March -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From ApoloniaX
A beautiful Japanese Postcard arrived to me, thanks to draw my name out of the hat :))
March -^- *Just because Rabck* -^- From TaxManager, she takes care of me :))
I got from her 5(!!!) books in one parcel *<]:-o .. The Wanderer , Walk Two Moons , Absolutely Normal Chaos, Bloomability by Sharon Creech, and Village Matters by R. Shaw. I am deeply touched. Thanks, my friend. ---<<--@
February -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Em-bob
Came a 2010 mini diary, hot choco powder, twinnings teas, colorful pencils, 3D poscard, greeting card, paper butterflies, a bouquet. I am full with love :) --> ~~ on the occasion of ~~ Her Birthday Party for what with others I sent a greeting parcel :)
February -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From herchelle
An 2010 colorful beautiful calendar about Canada, with her comments on it :) lovely!!
February -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From pippis
Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!!! yummy-yummy-yummy :))
February -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From beautifulhooker
Empress Orchid and came along flowerish magnetic bookmarks --> ~~ on the occasion of ~~ I Was Nominated by a kind Bookcrosser on the Int'l Anonymous Generosity Surprise RABCK .. LOL :D
January -^- *Happy Birthday Hakkalina!!* -^- From Totje2
Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House , a Geronimo Stilton adventure, beside Hyacinth Bucket's Book of Etiquette * with a very practical Bookmark-ruler:D Thank you my Friend! Many kisses :x
January -^- *Surprise Rabck* *It was called "Consolation Prize" * -^- From ApoloniaX - on the occassion of her Rabck draw
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten, Queen Victoria and her Amusements audiobook, and Jo of the Chalet School audiobook *** Audios are raining... I enjoy it so much.. :) chocholate, magnet.. I am spoiled... :))
January -^- *Rabck offer* -^- From glenystasmania - on the occassion of her 52/52 challenge
Where's Roo * Amazing!! I love it!! :D "Find Roo in the pictures, where ther are many Roos " *ggg*
January -^- *Rabck offer* - Just because -^- From AgnesXNitt
Private Peaceful Audiobook * in cassettes form to develop my English Listening Skill
January -^- *Surprise Rabck* - New Year's Surprise -^- From nattabee
Strawberry Girl * beside the book arrived more bookmarks and a tulip magnet :) *ggg*
~~~ 2009. ~~~
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From motherof11
Scarlet Feather a Maeve Binchy's pearl from my wishlist! :D Thanks!!!
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From alassante
Ho-ho-ho-hooo !! What a Wonderful Surprise! Thanks! A Vaniglia Chocho, a funny wooden bookmark, and a very cute snowman from Italy!
December -^- *Christmas Card* - *HGG* -^- From solskinn
A beautiful Christams card arrived to me :D Thanks solskinn !!!
December -^- *Rabck to every European Country* -^- From nelka35
The Bravest St. Bernard --> "Hungary" :D. Thanks!
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From ghir
The Wish Giver, and I Was a Rat! and :) Sideways Stories From Wayside School were accomponied with a 2010 Hawaii Calendar and a yummy chocholate :)
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From Rita80
Die Baustelle , a puzzle book in German, about how to build a house!! Many kind of teas came with the book :)

December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From kobie03
A Postcard in which is snowing, a metal, everlasting, hard-wearing Bookmark and Christmas Notebook, Lovely! :)
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From Chrysalis441
Harry Potter in French Whoo-hoo-hooo!! I am Dancing!! :)
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From Junequeensland
A beautiful Handmade Christmas Postcard and a Bookmark. Thanks so much!
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - *HGG* -^- From maju30
Hopper Hunts for Spring a cute blue children's book about a rabbit :)) Lovely!!
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* - 100 Releases Rabck -^- From svoight
Silver Wedding and Light A Penny Candle I was amazed to get 2 books, as part of svoight's 100 Release Rabcks
November -^- *Surprise Rabck* - HGG -^- From Releanna
Not Just a Witch and Dial a Ghost My very first Ibbotson book, yuheeee. Yummy chocolates, Advent and 2010 Cats calendars, Teddy bear ornaments also arrived :))
November -^- *Surprise Rabck* - HGG -^- From annenz and alkaline-kiwi
Losing You and a Maeve Binchy :) Dublin 4 Juhééé. 2 books, 2 names, but 1 letter :))
November -^- *Surprise Rabck* - HGG -^- From Leseschef
Quentins Another Maeve Binchy's pearl. :) It is a beautiful week!!!
November -^- HGG -^- From Tax-manager
Nights of Rain and Stars , Circle of Friends , Whitethorn Woods I got a little "shock". Books' Rain! :D A Wonderful Surprise!! 3 books are in one envelope! I am spoiled by Tax-manager :) Amazing!!
November -^- Draw Rabck & HGG -^- From Potok-fan
Love That Dog .. a novel in poet form, a refreshing read with envelopes and letter papers on the occassion of ghir's birthday :D
November -^- Draw Rabck -^- From Mikime
Gifts Another pearl popped into my postbox with a Roma postcard :)
November -^- HGG -^- From Ekke
The Lilac Bus Wow! I got a wishlist book directly from South-Africa!
November -^- HGG -^- From Wombles
Wow! I got a lovely, long, chatty letter from Australia! :)
November -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Madmadge
Birdfeeder Pocket Book A lovely, little colourful handbook with a christmas postcard! :)
November -^- HGG -^- From MyssCyn
What a surprise!! I got a new addy and BCID series with my profile picture, beautiful blue ones :D
November -^- HGG -^- From Silkki
What a suprise!! I got tea samples, Milka Mini chochos, and Christmas Hariboo packets. They are so nice! :)
October -^- *Thank you* post card -^- From JulesPaige
I was so suprised, I found it a very nice gesture. I got something human, hand written postcard, it bring people closer.. :)
October -^- HGG -^- From em64
The moooooooooomins have arrived with the Tales from Moominvalley story :)
October -^- HGG -^- From JPix
I got a Surprise Parcel from UK, Stig of the Dump , :) came along with some BC Bookplates and a rose postcard! Ohh, there was a HarryPotter stamp on the envelope... :)
October -^- HGG -^- From Loey
A wonderful, rich Gift Parcel from Australia suprised me.. Sunflower CrossStitchKit :), Koala Bookmarks, Writing Papers with Envelopes, Notepad, BC Supply things like Bookmarks, Stickers, Badge .. :D
October -^- HGG -^- From JuneQueensland
I got a Surprise Parcel from Austrailia :) in it were: an adorable chatty letter, dense lines, small letters, an Australian fridge magnet, a cotton butterfly handkerchief, 2 bookmarks which one of them is a HomeMade one :D
October -^- HGG -^- From faerie-glen
Undead and Unwed a wishlist book has arrived!!! :D
October -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Tarna
Moominpappa's Memoirs, came with a Moomins postcard, I love it!
October -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Danille23
The Little Prince , came with a postcard, just in time :)
September -^- *Draw Rabck* as part of the HGG -^- From pepita-di-Corfu
All American Girl , with this gift I helped pepita-di-Corfu to fill her world sending map up, beside the book came a choco (with real Greek letters) and a Lipton - Quiet Night - tea sample. :))
September -^- *Draw Rabck* - Consolation Prize -^- From Releanna
Got a LOVELY Unicorn postcard with a Wien bookmark (contains the name of Vienna in Hungarian also - Bécs). Beside these came a Round Mozart chocolade, yum-yum :))
September -^- HGG -^- From Savotar
Got a LOVELY Chatty letter about Savotar's life, I love it so much :D, to know her in personal way too, what a beautiful surprise!! Thanks. Beside the letter came some tea samples (black and rooibos) and a "Karl Fazer" thin dark chocolate, yum-yum :))
September -^-HGG -^- From sothisdhampir
The Giver , came with a letter from Texas :)
September -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From annenz
Help! It's Harriet! , a drawn Rabck Book came with a NewZealand postcard and a "night" bookmark :))
August -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Smurphie
Dear Olly , a drawn Rabck Book came a beautiful postcard about castles and a unique bookmark :))
August -^-* SGG (2009)-^- From Vekiki
War Horse it came along with a poscard, BC stickers, lovely thoughs, and a beautiful praise about my English skill :))
August -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From southerfryed
A gift parcel arrived :) - an Apron CrossStitchKit (!!!), many-many PostCards with Envelopes, a Flowered BookMark and a Special Corner Bookmark, and a wonderful letter :) AND got back my well-travelled envelope too, lovely!!! :)))
August -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From nancynova
The Kitchen God's Wife a drawn Rabck book with a *Surprise book*: A Bench on Which to Rest , some BC BookPlates :)
August -^- *Surprise Rabck* - Summer Gift Giving (2009) -^- From Xamantha
The Hundred Secret Senses a whishlist book came along with
a Postcard, a CatsBookmark, a CatsPostcard, a HandMadeBookString, and a Lovely Letter :)

July -^- *Surprise Rabck* - Summer Gift Giving (2009) -^- From TaxManager
Evening Class a very wished book from my wishlist :)
July -^- *Surprise Rabck* - Summer Gift Giving (2009) -^- From ApoloniaX
The Last Wolf came along with The Wreck of the Zanzibar , Winnie-the-Pooh (Audio)
-^- Got Little Bookcrossing Stickers, a postcard :-)

July -^- *Surprise Rabck* - Summer Gift Giving (2009) -^- From AsianWaterFalls Scanned Japanese Picture Book, Pikachu :)
July -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From thegoaliegirl
Remember Me? * Even it was a Draw Rabck, the fact of the winning was secret, thus I had a big Suprise :)
July -^- * Surprise Rabck* -^- From TaxManager
The Phantom Tollboth came along with The New Rector
-^- Got Little Bookcrossing Stickers, a postcard, and helping offer for translating words if I need :-)

July -^- *Started as a Ray, but became a Draw Rabck* -^- From PurpleElephant
Naughty Amelia Jane
June -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From Sfogs
Seal on the Shore -^- Got Reader's Dream and Aloha Bookplates and a cute handmade Bookmark :))))
June -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Jonniboi
The Seven Professors of the Far North I have never heard of this book, so I am thrilled --> Was a great story indeed!!
May -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From Kobie03
The Lovely Bones * It came with Bookmarks, Booklabels, Stickers *It made me Smile all day :)
May -^- *Draw Rabck* -^- From Smurphie
Traditional Scottish Cookery -^- It came along with "my" HedgeHog Bookmark and a Postcard *Lovely!!*
April -^- *Started as a Ray, but became a Draw Rabck* -^- From Flambard
The Unravellers Magical cover --> magical story :))
April -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From Piiku
Light on Snow Wishlist Book! *Beautiful Day!! :)
April -^- *Surprise Rabck * From Moonpixie and Mallary
Long Way Home and The Bonesetter's Daughter -^- A chocolate came with the books :-))
April -^- *Surprise Rabck * From Brookler
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler > -^- An unexpected Rabck, Wishlist boooook!!
April -^- *Surprise Rabck * From LadyTrinity
Animal Farm -^- It accompanied a Ring book
March -^- *Surprise Rabck * From MyssCyn
A gift, Name-Stickers for my own Address, got it because she wanted me to have a suprise -^- I still have an lovingly amazement about her :-))
February -^- *Suprise Rabck * From Mallary and moonpixie
Living the Dream -^- I won on the second draw! :)
January -^- *Draw Rabck * From kobie03
Finn Family Moomintroll -^- Arriving to Moominland :)
January -^- *Draw Rabck * From lauraloo29
Voyager books: Mosaic & Equinox & Star Trek Voyager -^- I asked one of them and got every of them :)
January -^- *Surprise Rabck * From AgnesXNitt
Mister Monday -^-Wishlist boook!

January -^- *Draw Rabck * From amcamp1644
The Mysterious Benedict Society -^- I won again!!
January -^- *Asked and Got Rabck* From benschu
The Color of Magic: A Discworld Novel -^- Fascinating!

~~~ 2008. ~~~
December -^- *Draw Rabck * From airyaa
Good Switch,Bad Switch (SabrinaTheTeenageWitch) -^- My Very First Got Rabck!!! :)
December -^- *Surprise Rabck* -^- From Kayellbee
Broken Bridge -^- It accompanied a Ring book

* Rabcks, Swaps, Relays, Exchange, Sweepstakes Games *

Game Organizing by meee
2013. Febr. Int'l Children Books Sweeps *** 2011. Oct. Manga Sweeps
2012. Secret Santa *** 2010. Secret Santa

My wins on Sweepstakes
Wow! 2012. July - I am the Winner of "Children books Sweepstake" !! :))))
Yay!! 2011. March - I am the Winner of "Cartoons/Manga Sweepstake" !! :D

~~~~><~~~~ 2022. ~~~~><~~~~
Winter January/February

~~~~><~~~~ 2017. ~~~~><~~~~
Have a Little Faith

~~~~><~~~~ 2013. ~~~~><~~~~
[Sweep12/12] 5th Manga/Graphic Novel Sweeps by hippolein Naruto vol. 34 & Innocent W Vol. 3 to HI77
[Sweep 11/12] Sweet Sweep by Chania Mr. Greedy to chawoso
[Sweep 10/12] Int'l Acts of Kindness-sweep November by raluku68 The Christmas Box to HI77
[WL13/12] Wishlist Rabck to denglish: The Dark Hills Divide & Beyond the Valley of Thorns (+ Perfect Hamburger)
[WL12/12] Wishlist Rabck to collen26: Down Under
[WL10-11/12] Wishlist Rabck to Tsjara: The Wide-Awake Princess & Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles
HGG Rabck to Colombina: Guess How Much I Love You in the Winter with moomin things
HGG Rabck to teapot: How to Boil an Egg , Små djur och Stora, Wuzzlarna Doktor Bjäril , Pacho El Oso & The Pooh Cook Book
[Sweep 9/12] Sweepstake October by Soozreader Runaway
[WL 8-9/12] Wishlist Rabck to denglish: The Scarecrow and His Servant, The Thorn Ogres of Hagwood (& Bad Spell for the Worst Witch )
[WL7/12] Wishlist Rabck to GronnLivsstil: Escape from Shangri-La (& Just Who Does This Child Take After? )
[WL6/12] Wishlist Rabck to Tsjara : Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (& Lyddie )
[WL4-5/12] Wishlist Rabck to ComradeCamper: Two Lipsticks and a Lover & Love Over Scotland
[WL3/12] Wishlist Rabck to Janeka: Shopaholic & Baby
[WL1-2/12] Wishlist Rabck to spy there: Anne of Green Gables & Sturm im Mumintal

[Sweep 8/12] Int'l Acts of Kindness-sweep Sept. by Moriquen Traditional Scottish Cookery & Vince and Joy & Mr. Snow to Raluku
[Sweep 7/12] Int'l Acts of Kindness-sweep April by rodespringbal The Unrequited & Midget to Moriquen
[Sweep 6/12] The wrong gift and the wrong book Sweep by rodespringbal The Photo Puzzle Challenge to elstaplador
[Sweep 5/12] EU Sweepstake Children's book and some sweets by MEEE Guess How Much I Love You , Fructele care îmi plac , Little Miss Chatterbox , The Owl and the Pussy-cat , Első szótáram - Állatok & Boribon autózik to Ossiefry
[Sweep 4/12] The 'Authors From Unusual Countries' Int'l Sweeps by prachitulshan The Paul Street Boys, UFO in Her Eyes & A Cheese-Colored Camper to frutz
[Sweep 3/12] Acts of Kindness Sweepstake by pippis 101 Reasons Why It's Great to Be a Woman & The Fox Busters to elizardbreath
[Sweep 2/12] January International RABCK Sweepstake by lauraloo29 Through a Glass, Darkly & Awful End to MyBookCafe
[Sweep 1/12] January AUDIOBOOK Sweepstake by weiterferne The Nanny Diaries to Erishkigal

~~~~><~~~~ 2012. ~~~~><~~~~
2012 Rabck Challenge: 16 Rabcked On Books via Sweepstake Games => Result: 17 books!! :)
2nd Non-Fiction Rabck Time by me: to Daily Aromatherapy , to The Fabric of Friendship , to Craft to Heal , to ness08 Secrets and Mysteriess
Wishlist Rabck: to chamonix44 Akimbo and the Snakes , Akimbo and the Lions , + The Agatha Raisin Companion
Non-Fiction Rabck Time by me: to Chamonix44 Origami , to MyssCyn The Girls' Book , to Esme-Weatherwax Voices of Forgotten Worlds , to ness08 Quick-to-Stitch Cross Stitch Cards , to vedranaster Intelligent Exercise with Pilates and Yoga
Wishlist Rabck: to denglish The Magic Finger + Are You "Normal"?
Wishlist Rabck: to marilina85 Twist of Gold
Oct.Int'l. Rabck Sweepstake by Blue_berry [My Challenge: 18/16] =>+ two!!! Coping with Girls/Coping with Boys to lauraloo29
You've got Mail Winter 2012 by safrolistics [My Challenge: 17/16] =>+ one!!! Purple Ronnie Guide to the Opposite Sex to Lunatum
August- Intl RABCK Sweepstakes by kobie03 [My Challenge: 16/16] =>with this I fulfill my own challenge!! * yepppeee!!! Tricks of the Trade (HardyBoys) to schwester + knitting/crochet Mag
YOU'VE GOT MAIL SWEEPSTAKES by lauraloo29 [My Challenge: 15/16] => The Graveyard book to safrolistics
In'tl Upside-Down Sweepstake hosted by MEee :)) Forum Thread ** And the winners are: Red Herrings and White Elephants to Releanna ** Songs of the Humpback Whale to bookwormness ** Room to Piiku ** A Clockwork Orange to Llyren ** A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul to ApoloniaX ** Victoria and the Rogue & All American Girl to disneyfreaksam ** Gifts to snufkin81 ** Predictably Irrational to Vekiki ** The Return of Santa Paws to GronnLivsstil ** I, Coriander to Tsjara ** Mr. Tickle's Tickly Day & You're All My Favourites & Storm in the Village to chamonix44
2012 EU Sweepstake Children's book and perhaps some sweets by gunmarga [My Challenge: 14/16] => Pocket Doodling & Mr. Bump & Follow That Bus & Make Your Own Presents & Polars on the Path & Willy And Hugh & Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing & Mr.Uppity & Grosse dürfen alles to Oedde (the decoy) *@*@*@*@* And I WON!!!!! I got: Wuzzlarna Doktor Bjäril (Swedish) and Små djur och Stora (Swedish) from gunmarga *&* Fructele care îmi plac from Oedde *&*Kirpputorikoira Napo from ruzena *&* Uma Pata Amiga from Ossiefry *&* PACHO EL OSO andThe Magic Finger from Marilina85 ... books with chocolates :)) Thank you!!
Mystery/Thriller & Tea Sweepstake by gunmarga [My Challenge: 13/16] => Twisted: Collected Stories to Soozreader
11th International Tiara RABCK Sweeps by ReetPetite [My Challenge: 12/16] => The Little Prince & Susannah's Garden to booklady331
Intl Audiobook Sweepstake March-April by smurphie [My Challenge: 11/16] => The Prize Winner of Defiance & Private Peaceful to footymadgill
Wishlist Rabck: to kingfan30 The Suitcase Kid
Acts of Kindness Sweepstake April by ikkinlala [My Challenge: 10/16] => The Supersmart Superpuzzle Book & Angel Numbers to rodespringbal
Wishlist Rabck: to disneyfreaksam What Katy Did & What Katy did next & What Katy did at School
Wishlist Rabck: to Ythan Anne of Avonlea
April Showers 2X Sweeps by herchelle [My Challenge: 09/16] => Kelp & Absent in the Spring to Bookworm-lady
Wishlist Rabck: to han_cat Girl with a Pearl Earring
Wishlist Rabck: to Cross-Patch Shanghai Girls & Dreams of Joy
Int'l You've Got Mail Sweep by GoldenHind [My Challenge: 08/16] => A Cat by Any Other Name & The Space Between Us
Wishlist Rabck: to chamonix44 You Can Never Get Enough Of What You Don't Need
March-April int'l Sweepstake [My Challenge: 07/16] => One Moment, One Morning & Iron, Potassium, Nickel to Elskaliam
3rd Manga/Graphic Novel Sweeps => The House That Groaned to miumaumou
March Chick-lit & Choco Sweep [My Challenge: 06/16] => Ralph's Party to Foxyfiona1986
EU Bday Sweepstake by schwester [My Challenge: 05/16] => Wives of the East Wind & Selected Poems Dylan Thomas & Gobblefunk Dictionary to Boekentrol
EU Bday Sweepstake by Chremajora [My Challenge: 04/16] => Head Over Heels & More Amazing Dog Tales to schwester
Rabck: to lizzyblack Harry Potter és az azkabani fogoly
Int'l Sweepstake by marijketje [My Challenge: 03/16] => Tales from the Arabian Nights & Lord of the Flies to pam99
Rabck: to ApoloniaX Luka and the fire of life - Happy Birthday!
Rabck: to Esme-Weatherwax Palko the Piper and Looking-Glass Kate - Hungarian fairy tales for her son
OPEN Acts of Kindness Sweepstake by Snowflake22 [My Challenge: 02/16] => Cat Among the Pigeons to GoldenHind
Rabck: * to Vekiki - A magazine .. thanking for the sent Mollie Makes magazine :)
Int'l You've Got Mail Sweeps by innae [My Challenge: 01/16] => The Lilac Bus to ikkinlala with a magazine

~~~~><~~~~ 2011. ~~~~><~~~~
2011 Rabck Challenge: 16 Rabcked On Books via Rabck Draws => Result: 13 books
Rabck: * to bamaforever Shopaholic ties the knot * to gunmarga The Da Vinci Code
Rabck: My Challenge: 13/16 - to kirjakko War Horse ** Forum Draw
Rabck: My Challenge: 12/16 - to gunmarga Making Money** Forum Draw
Rabck: My Challenge: 11/16 - to kobie03 Is there anything you want ** Forum Draw
Rabck: My Challenge: 10/16 - to kayjay33 Anybody Out There ** Forum Draw
Christmas Rabck: * motherof11 The Colour of Magic * to harmaja The Diary of a Killer Cat * to alejanda Garfield the Incurable Romantic * to Llyren The Seven Professors of the Far North * to Tsjara Fablehaven * to Vekiki Letters from Father Christmas * to chamonix44 A Very Merry Christmas * to ApoloniaX The Night Before Christmas * to Releanna The Key to Life * to BoekenTrol Nobody's Perfect
Sweepstake: Manga/Cartoons by MEEE :)) => Shonen Jump and How to Go to Hell to the Winner: pippis :))
Swap with xlacrimax *Got: You Can Never Get Enough Of What You Don't Need ~ Sent: Wildwood Dancing
Rabck: to a friend of mine, will she register at BC? Cool!
Rabck: My Challenge: 9/16 - to AyeshaRaees Under the Bonnet ** Forum Draw
Rabck: My Challenge: 8/16 - to Tinina67 The Bay at Midnight ** Forum Draw
Rabck: to ronsar Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts (audio), to bamaforever The Dream Book, to mumtotwo Problem Periods
Rabck: Japanese books to hippolein The Teaching of Buddha , to Esme-Weatherwax World Cultures: Japan , to Annimanni 1020 Haiku, to necoconeco Jap. Manga #1, #2, #3, #4 * to salvami Lifework in Japanese * to Mysticalwarrior Japanese Manga #2
Rabck: Children Books Sale to Megi53 Sara Book 3 * to Alejanda Glitterwings Academy #1 and #2 * to salvami Willie was Different and Hopper Hunts for Spring * to Annimani Paddington at Large and Owl at Home * to Chamonix44 Goblins in the Castle and Little Miss Bossy * to abbyaguas A Dog So Small * to Mysticalwarrior Peter Rabbit with and Little Miss Late * to bamaforever Is a Caterpillar Ticklish? * to Ossiefry Nonstop Nonsense, with Little Miss Splendid and The Mother Goose Book * to Elli94 Enid Blyton's stories, The Fall of Fergal, The Elegant Elf, The Slimy Stuarts, The Island of Adventure , Roald Dahl Theaterstücke

Rabck: My Challenge: 7/16 - to hippolein The Mysterious Benedict Society ** Forum Draw
Rabck: My Challenge: 6/16 - to Nakipa Marley and Me ** Forum Draw
Rabck: 2011-SGG - marsala Pooh's Clues * to Nakipa Hungarian HP #2
Rabck: My Challenge: 5/16 - to AyeshaRaees Waiting for Anya ** Forum Draw
Rabck: 2011-SGG - to Firegirl Moonlight Chronicles * to hippolein The Borrowers

Relay: Releanna --> Me --> marsala *** Got: Ghosts Beneath Our Feet ~ Sent: Witches
Rabck: Pay it Forward: - to yorkshire-lass Cold Granite
Rabck: My Challenge: 4/16 - to Esme-Weatherwax The Lovely Bones ** Forum Draw
Exchange Game: Easter by nattabee **Sent to nmugirl Murder on a Bad Hair Day with some odds and ends ** Got from yorkshire-lass Summer Island and Death of a Gossip wishlist books with delicious chocolates, a tickling butterfly wind bell :))
Rabck: My NameDay Draw: to pippis Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House * to eponine38 The Wish Giver * to chamonix44 Calculator Annie * to Releanna Teacher Trouble
Rabck: WL Book Oystercatchers to Bookmaniac70 -- Thank you for mailing int'lly :))
Sweepstake: EU by Bloedengel => Light on Snow with Butterfly Lion to vedranaster
Exchange Game: Colour My Life by kasenka ** Sent to saskiasosmile a PURPLE parcel with Celestial Navigation ** Got from foxyfiona1986 a BLUE parcel with More Amazing Dog Tales
Sweepstake: Manga/Cartoons by GronnLivsstil => Asterix and the Big Fight to redfox5, the decoy :)) * I am the WINNER!! ... LOL I got: from slb453 How to Go to Hell * from GronnLivsstil Innocent W vol.3. and Far west vol.1. * from pippis Donald Duck * from kasenka Garfield and Metamorphozis * from redfox5 Naruto vol.34. * from herchelle Shonen Jump Thank You so much to all of you!!!
Rabck: My Challenge: 3/16 - To rifter: Star Trek: Countdown TPB ** Forum Draw
Rabck: Country Map fills up - to vedranaster Evening Class (WL book) + a little Shaun
"Secret Mission Birthday Sweepstake" in honour of ApoloniaX Selected jokes from past Chinese dynasties *chuckles*
Rabck: My Birthday - (Eu) To Bloedengel: Mr. Quiet * (Int'l) To pumpkinpussy Little Miss Busy * (Extra) to heartthumper Mrs.Armitage
Rabck: My Challenge: 2/16 - To chamonix44: Hate that Cat ** Poetry Forum Draw +++ a Bonus Book
Rabck: My Challenge: 1/16 - To Totje2: Big Fish ** Forum Draw

~~~~><~~~~ 2010. ~~~~><~~~~
2010 Rabck Challenge: 12 months - 12 Spoiling Surprise Parcels => Result: 10 Happy Bookcrossers

HGG - Merry Christmas! King Rat to Totje2
HGG small parcels: Pocketsize notebooks to istop4books ** Hedgehog to italianeowyn ** Penguin to Releanna ** Christmas ornaments to safrolistics ** Jo Verso's Cross Stitch Year to Magika
Relay: chamonix44 --> Me --> dutch-book *** Got: The Skeleton In The Closet ~ Sent: Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life
Relay: Into-the-Blue --> Me --> dutch-book *** Got: Unchained Melanie ~ Sent: My Sister's Keeper
Rabck: Challenge 10/12 To Tsjara: Camomile Lawn, The Magpie Bridge
Exchange: Secret Santa by ME Forum To Tsjara: Across the Nightingale Floor * The Sisters Grimm Book #1 From yorkshire-lass: Born To Run * Letters from Father Christmas Wishlist books swapping :))
Exchange: Secret Angels by Nattabee * Forum ** To ApoloniaX: Following the Wrong God Home From mafarrimond: Teacher Trouble, Ralph's Party
Rabck: HGG to safrolistics: an angel ornament for her Christmas Tree
Rabck: to spy-there: Charlie and Chocolate Factory (WL Book)
Rabck: HGG to StinaP and StarkkuP: Little Miss Wise , Harry's New Football, Mog the Forgetful Ca, The Sandalwood Girl, Hairy Maclary's Caterwaul Caper, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Chocolate Money Mystery, Victoria Plum :)
Rabck: HGG with books to lukutuoli Fitness for Cats ** to Sobergirl After the Quake* ** to ametisti HP 3 book ** to prachitulshan The Bravest St. Bernard
Rabck: Challenge 09/12 To lils74: A Wrinkle in Time, Pobby and Dingan
Rabck: Wishlist to alassante: Angela's Ashes
Rabck: HGG Fun books to Chamonix44: Where is Wally, Agent Arthur on the Stormy Sea, * Ruppert Fun
Rabck: HGG books to PrincessTara: The Worst Witch all at the Sea, Help! It is Harriet!, Bubblegum Tree
Rabck: A letter to Totje2 with The Children's Story
Sweepstake: Europe by footymadgill to safrolistics => Wonderful Weekend Book
Rabck: Draw to salvami: Ask and It Is Given ** to V8Cars: Nepal
Rabck: Challenge 8/12 to marilina85: Like Mother, Like Daughter, Die Baustelle
Sweepstake: You've Got Mail by Rhonder: => Little Miss Tidy to love2cook
Rabck: SGG small parcels beads to Sardonyx ** baby dress to dutch-book ** Lego bricks to Alejanda ** Cartoons drawing to sshahid ** bracelet to Bascula
Exchange: ApoloniaX' postcard ray JEs ~ Forum
*Got from Releanna Hexwood *Sent to Smurphie Anne of Green Gables Coloring Book A Bench on Which to Rest

Rabck: Challenge 7/12 to nattabee: The Last Sin Eater
Sweepstake: Europe by Kirjakko => Whitethorn Woods to footymadgill
Rabck: My 2nd Anniversary Rabck Draw Little Miss Lucky to slb453 ** Little Miss Trouble to wibba
Exchange: Christmas in July by Nattabee To ApoloniaX: Deep River From Kirjakko: The Best of Mikes
Rabck: SGG small parcels Penguins to Releanna * Tea things to Vekiki * Earring to lemon-crisis * Levendula soap to vaniglia-cocco * A Kis Herceg to italianeowyn * Kitten Crowd to GoldenHind * Little Miss Magic to simplyreflected * horse magazine to Niora
Relay: Into-the-Blue --> Me --> mafarrimond Got for Totje2: The Last of the Mohicans ~ Sent: Three Cups of Tea
Rabck: Just Because to a friend of mine La Mummia Senza Nome
Rabck: Challenge 6/12 to Totje2: The Bad Mother's Handbook, The Last of the Mohicans
Relay: Annimanni --> Me --> da-wildchildz Got: Confessions of an Air Hostess ~ Sent: Women Who Run with the Wolves
Sweepstake: Liberation Day by Totje2 => to yorkshire-lass The Galleons' Grave
Rabck: Challenge 5/12 to KJSkye: The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, No Comebacks, Winnie-the-Pooh (CD), Sideways Stories
Rabck: Just Because to a colleague's daughter: The Dancing Bear, Little Miss Fun
Exchange: Happy Easter! by Nattabee From ApoloniaX: The Witches, Hardboiled & Hard Luck ~ To Meg73: Little Miss Helpful, Rabbits on the Run, Don't look back
Rabck: Challenge 4/12 Balloons, Bubblegum Tree, Akimbo and Crocodiles, Akimbo and Elephants, Now We Are Six, When We Were Very Young, Bluebonnett to chamonix44
Sweepstake: Europe by motherof11 => Gone to the Dogs to Kirjakko
Rabck: Just Because to glenystasmania: Happiness!, The Ugly Little Girl
Relay: Annimanni --> Me --> ApoloniaX Got: Good in Bed ~ Sent: Between the Assassinations
Rabck: Challenge 3/12 Redwall Map, Winter Tale, A Penguin from Mars, Six Geese A-slaying to Releanna
Rabck: Wishlist to earthcaroleanne: Celestine Prophecy
Rabck: My Name Day to lukutuoli Mr. Chatterbox ** to iluza Mr. Muddle
Exchange: Young Adult Books by z3CarGaragez From Tsjara: Victoria and the Rogue ~ To katrinat: Williwaw!, Billy the Kid, The Giver
Rabck: Just Because to Boefste: Tommy and the Lion
Rabck: Wishlist to Lizzyblack: HP 1st book in Hungarian
Relay: starflash --> Me --> Into-the-Blue Got: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe ~ Sent: The Tenko Club
Exchange: Weird Surprise by ApoloniaX From Tsjara: The Book of the Dun Cow To mafarrimond: Captain Underpants , Arabel's Raven, Travelling Hornplayer
Exchange: Unknown Valentine's Smile by Bluemchenblatt From waderwoman: The BFG ~ To KarmelK: Be glad it's a girl, Regency Christmas Present
Sweepstake: Unknown Valentine's Smile by Bluemchenblatt => A Royal Escapade to KarmelK
Rabck: Challenge 2/12 to Vekiki: The Origin of Species, Un Lun Dun
Exchange: Valentine's Day by princess-peapod *From Wandering-B: Heart and Soul , Right Next Door ~ To her: Woman in White
Rabck: PB Book Swap to Bookworm-Lady: Under the Greenwood Tree
Relay: da-wildchildz--> Me --> Meg72 Got: Lirael ~ Sent: Conspiracy in Death
Rabck: Challenge 1/12 Night Crossing to Mallary
Sweepstake: Int’l Smile Day by Releanna & J4Shaw => The Color of Magic to Marsala
Relay: ApoloniaX --> Me --> GronnLivsstil * Got: Pippi Longstocking ~ Sent: The Bad Dog's Diary
Rabck: Wing for 1 month to motherof11, penelopewanders, alassante, Sfogs, Tsjara, Chrysalis441

~~~~><~~~~ 2009. ~~~~><~~~~
Sweepstake: Christmas EU by GronnLivsstil => Comet in Moominland to ApoloniaX
Exchange: The 12 Days Of Bookcrossing by Philosoraptor: *From nediamnori87 – 2nd line: An Emperor for the Legion by H. Turtledove ~ To Releanna – 6th line: Boo to a Goose
Rabck: Merry Christmas Totje2! The Christmas Stocking Joke Book
Nominate the kindest/most generous Bookcrosser Rabck 2009 by prachitulshan To Piiku: El Secreto de la cueva, Matilda, Little Miss Sunshine ~ To my Surprise I Got gift from Ruzena, (I was nominated by Releanna): Russian HP, Estonian HP, Finnish HP :D
Exchange: Secret Santa by Ythan *From annenz: Marley & Me ~ To bethieb: The Wife
Rabck: HGG * Birthday Card and Little Things to ghir; * Reusable bag, BC stuffs to Alejanda; * Chocos, tea, Horse stickers to Niora; * Monkey Boy, choco tea to hippolein
Swap with arabd Got: The Spanish "Harry Potter" (with CD) ~ Sent: Hungarian "The Little Prince"
Rabck: Wishlist* It is not about Tapas to TaxManager; * The Pearls of Lutra to Releanna; * The Pact to katacs
Exchange: Secret Angels by nattabee *From oraetlabora: Moominland in Midwinter ~ To ekke: The Case of the Missing Books
Sweepstake: Europe by Releanna => The Water Mirror to Chrysalis44
Rabck: HGG * Harry Potter #1 in Hungarian to gwenwifar
Sweepstake: Chocolate, Tea and Book by FireGirl => Magnus Powermouse to dakini6
Rabck: HGG small parcels * Cross Stitch Kit with a magazin to Moonblue; *Filterholding for teabags and tea to Ametisti; * Cross Stitch Kit with Chocolate to Lilacwhisper; * Blackberry Wine Tea, coins to Gzusgirl
Exchange: I love children's books by Releanna *From merrymari: The Legend Of The Bluebonnet ~ To JulesPaige: A Knight for a Flower, The Werepuppy
Sweepstake: Lippy's 'Let em Loose' by Lippycow => Odd and the Frost Giants, Space Race, The Last Wolf to klaradyn
Rabck: HGG * Cross Stitch Kit with Chocolate to Twynnie; * Sző, fon, nem takács, mi az?, Palkó the Piper, Johnny Gopher to gwenwifar
Sweepstake: You've Got Mail! by Gzusgirl => Endless Landscape to glitterbee
Rabck: Draw * Stardust, Believe in Magic to KJSkye; * Arctic Fox to ComradeCamper
Exchange: Autumn Surprises by nattabee *From shelj7k: Big Fish ~ To Xamantha: Anyegin, Pikovaja Dama, Watch Out for Witches
Exchange: Weird Surprise by ApoloniaX *From nattabee: A Wrinkle in Time To waderwoman: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar , Something's Always Happening to Me
Rabck: SGG * The Magic Snowbird and Other Stories to PurpleElephant; * 5 Pounds Donation for Bookring Directory to Lottiotta; * Horrid Henry's Haunted House to hippolein's son; * Love Hina (2.) to necoconeco; * Casting Off to hippolein & teddyke; * For One More Day to Rhonder; * Children at Green Meadow to junequeensland; * Coloring Book to Vekiki
Sweepstake: Europe by shelj7k => Marlfox to Releanna
Rabck: 1st Anniversary & SGG * Enchanted, Inc. to Soozreader; * Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas to Bettyspaghetty; * The Bridegroom to ikkinlala
Rabck: 1st Anniversary & SGG * Dream Date to jonniboi; * The Penguin Who Knew Too Much to Releanna; The Experiment to jneni; * Wedding Crasher to Alassante; * Encounters With Animals to chamonix44; * The Making of Minty Malone to annenz; * Sahara to southernfryed; * The Undomestic Goddess to ComradeCamper;
Sweepstake: Europe by Tsjara => The Truth About Dogs , Just Nuffin to shelj7k
Exchange by ApoloniaX: Inter-National Surprise From deludeddaydream: Trumpet To Vasha: Quarantine in the Grand Hotel
Sweepstake: Smile Day by DitteL => Uncle Silas to jneni
Exchange: Summer Surprise Fun by nattabee From Moriquen: Making Money To Releanna: Mossflower
Rabck: Happy Birthday! If I Were a Grown-Up to Totje2
Swap with Bookworm-lady Got: The Enormous Egg ~ Sent: Unfinished Portrait
Sweepstake: Europe by ApoloniaX => Dirt Music to Tsjara
Rabck: Just Because Enchanted Wood to Tsjara
Sweepstake: Book & Bookmark by solskinn => The Broken Bridge to wamstreet
Sweepstake: Smile Day by Kobie03 => Armageddon: The Musical to DitteL
Rabck: Wishlist * Adventure Series to moonpixie; * Naked in Death to
discoverylover; * P is for Peril to LadyTrinity; * The Flight of the Maidens to lillykai

Rabck:Just Because Be Glad it's a Girl! , Be Glad it's a Boy! to MyssCyn
Sweepstake: Smile Day by katrinat => The Door to Kobie03
Sweepstake: Smile Day by lucy-lemon => The 14-Carat Roadster to Katrinat
Exchange: Valentine Surprise by princess-peapod From teddyke: Anybody Out There To her: No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
Sweepstake: Unknown Valentine's Smile by Bluemchenblatt => Sam's Letters to Jennifer to Bjorg
Rabck: Wishlist Wind in the Willows to Butterfly-noir
Swap with dolphin1 *Got: Under The Bonnet ~ Sent: Through The Looking Glass

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Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary,India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, USA

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Challenges with books

~~ Lifetime Challenge with Michael Morpurgo ~~
in abc
Billy the Kid * Born To Run* Butterfly Lion * Cool! * Dear Olly * Escape from Shangri-La * Friend or Foe * Little Foxes * Long Way Home * My Friend Walter * Mr. Nobody's Eyes * Out of the Ashes * Private Peaceful * The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips * The Ghost of Grania O'Malley * The Last Wolf * The Sleeping Sword * The Wreck of the Zanzibar* Twist of Gold * Waiting for Anya * War Horse * Why the Whales Came Looking for: From Hereabout Hill, The Nine Lives of Montezuma, The War of Jenkins' Ear, The Marble Crusher, Kensuke's Kingdom, King of the Cloud Forests, Farm Boy, Shadow, An Elephant in the Garden, A Medal for Leroy, Listen to the Moon, Little Manfred, Miss Wirtles Revenge, Tom's Sausage Lion, The Sandman and the Turtles, Arthur, High King of Britain, Robin of Sherwood, Joan of Arc, Red Eyes at Night, Sparrow, Wartman, Who's a Big Bully Then?, Black Queen, Mr. Skip, I Believe in Unicorns, Beowulf, The Mozart Question, Kaspar the Titanic Cat, Running Wild, Outlaw, Listen to the Moon, An Eagle in the Snow, The Fox and the Ghost King, Lucky Button, Toto, Flamingo Boy, In the Mouth of the Wolf, The Snowman, The Day the World Stopped Turning, Boy Giant: Son of Gulliver, Not Bad for a Bad Lad

~~ Lifetime Challenge with Roger Hargreaves ~ Mr. Men and Little Miss (147 books) ~
I have read these stories about *Mr. Men* in abc
Bounce * Brave * Bump * Bump Loses His Memory * Busy * Chatterbox * Christmas * Cool * Daydream * Greedy * Jelly * Mischief * Muddle * Noisy * Nonsense * Nosey * Quiet * Rush * Silly * Strong and the Flood * Snow * Tickle * Topsy-Turvy * Uppity *

I have read these *Little Miss* stories in abc
* Bad * Birthday * Bossy * Busy * Chatterbox * Curious * Dotty Has a Dotty Day Out * Fickle * Fun * Helpful * Late * Lucky * Magic * Naughty * Tiny * Splendid * Splendid and the Princess * Star * Sunshine * Tidy * Trouble * Wise

~~Challenge with Harry Potter ~~

The 1. Book in Different Languages
After getting the swedish version, I decided to collect the all editions

Danish: Harry Potter og De Vises Sten *from Llyren
Dutch: Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen - (via Totje2)
English: Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone
Estonian: Harry Potter ja tarkade kivi * from ruzena
Finnish: Harry Potter ja viisasten kivi * from ruzena
French: Harry Potter a L'écola des Sorciers * from Chrysalis441
German: Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen
Hindi: हैरी पॉटर और पारस पत्थर * from prachitulshan
Hungarian: Harry Potter és a Bölcsek köve
Irish-Gaellic: Harry Potter agus an Órchloch * from lizzyblack
Italian: Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale * from italianeowyn
Japanese: Harii Pottaa to Kenja no Ishi
Latin: Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis * from saraahoo
Portuguese: Harry Potter e a Pedra Filosofal * from Nakipa
Romanian: Harry Potter și Piatra Filozofală * from lamelemon
Russian: Гарри Поттер и Философский Камень * from ruzena
Spanish: Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal + CD (!) * from arabd
Swedish: Harry Potter och de Vises Sten * from Totje2

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