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I got married: Neckole Sterling now... Thanks for the good times

I have moved... address is updated and mail is being forwarded

I love to read; I have since the day I learned. This is a great site for those of us willing to trade, loan, or just release. And I am getting the hang of it. Thanks to all of you for sharing. I will also be updating my bookshelf. I have registered most of them though ; )

You are welcome to ask for any of my books but I can't promise I will release them. I will consider it. My Permanent Collection is open to borrow; I will loan my TBR even before I read them; I get books, I buy books, I am given books. There is no end to my TBR. I love books. I love to have full bookshelves.

My books range from romance, to thriller, to horror, to my newest fascination with vampires, werewolves, the netherworld. Kim Harrison, Keri Arthur, Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Vincent, all of those wonderful writers. I have enjoyed reading what they have developed in strong women characters. However, my bookshelf in no way reflects what genre I am currently reading. Sorry for any confusion.

I have purchased many books for my kids, 10, 13, 16. They are a new generation of readers and it makes me very proud. I will be adding a page for them (3littlelizards) so they can learn to do the same, share their joy of reading. I only ask that you PM me if you see anything on their bookshelf as I check my email more often then they. Thanks!

Any recommendations are always welcome. Any RABCK, bookrings, bookrays, and bookboxes are greatly appreciated.


4 Blondes
Trading Up
Night Life
Everything Changes
PS I Love You
The Pilot's Wife
The Virgin Suicides
Hell House
The Maze
The Heroin Diaries
Blood Brother
High Noon
One Foot in the Grave
Embrace the Night
Pillars of the Earth
The Hollow
Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
The Mermaid Chair
My Sister's Keeper
Girlfriend of a Sex God
Knocked Out by My Nunga-nungas
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
The Darkest Night<------

I am trying to start a BookCrossing Zone in my area so if you are anywhere near there, give me a PM and let me know there is some support; I will add you on to my friends list. Anyone in the area looking to start a book club, BookCrossing let me know (in the area of course).

Thanks to my mystery winger . . . May 2008

RABCK I've hosted:

Scandalous by Karen Robards to ealasaidmae
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson to Jordanne
When the Wind Blows by James Patterson to Bookworm-lady
Zoya by Danielle Steel to thenoble1
Bookbox of children's books sent to smilin-Heart (for the Navy)
Bookbox of children's book sent to Hagathorn (for large Halloween release at Opera House)
Box of books going to afj for a Halloween release 2008
A Lotus Grows in the Mud to top-tappser
Down Came the Rain to loves2readalot
Hex Appeal to Chubsiewhubsie
A Dangerous Fortune to easterngirl71
The Pillars of the Earth to YellowBow
Daughter of the Forest and Son of the Shadows to Danika200
4 Blondes to JennyC1230
Everything Changes to MissTree (To get well)
The Bookclub Cookbook to cafekat (Happy Day RABCK)
Beaty: A Novel to 1lilbookworm
Trading Up to oi-reader (Happy Day RABCK)
12 Dragon Lance books to chevylady1
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to rebeccaljames
Robinson Crusoe to ciloma
Chi Energy to hagathorn

RABCK I've received:

Garden of Lies by Eileen Goudge from bluesneak
Sex, Lies, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman from cheli-garza
Boirina - won labels
Children's bookbox from jdonohue1967 (to release at station)
Trading Up by Candace Bushnell from Nolatari (for postage)
4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell from Valentina1209 (for postage)
Riptide by Catherine Coulter from genielady (from my wishlist)
Unmasked by Jody Gerbig from ipublishpress (an ACR)
The Mermaid Chair from denny08 (from my wishlist)
The Lady and The Unicorn from cafekat (Happy Day RABCK decoy)
My Sister's Keeper from RidingReader (from my wishlist)
Jennie from Bestfriends (from my wishlist)

Bookring I am currently hosting:

Key trilogy by Nora Roberts (completed and home safe)
Wicked by Gregory Macguire

Bookring I am currently in:

Random book and shotglass (hosted by beckasdream) received 7/2
The Killing Hour by Lisa Gardner (hosted by BookBug79) received 9/07 sent 9/07 to jessi626
Playing with the Moon by Eliza Graham (hosted by PurpleElephant) STALLED
The Tokaido Road by Lucia St. Clair Robson (hosted by Annadlx) received 7/16 sent 7/31 to Goddess-of-Fire
All About Me Journal (hosted by lovelovebooks) STALLED
I Am the Cheese by Robert Cormier (hosted by Pookledo)
The Host (hosted by Moops)
Hell House (hosted by collegelady) received and sent on its way
Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison (hosted by JennyC1230) received and sent on its way

Bookray I am currently in:

Honorable Cat by Paul Gallico (hosted by MaryZee) completed and sent on it's way
The Hunter's Prey-Erotic Tales of Texas Vampires by Diane Whiteside (hosted by Scoobs-buddy) STALLED
The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (hosted by lauraloo29) received and sent on its way
Stir-Fry by Emma Donoghue (hosted by Triggerfish) received and went on its way

BookBox I am currently in:

Holiday Mystery (hosted by Loriped) completed
Wrap It Up (hosted by elizardbreath) completed
You, Me, He, She, It (hosted by Tribefan) completed
Wrap It Up (hosted by me) completed
Loved It and Would Read it Again (hosted by stagecrafty) completed
Spring Cleaning (hosted by Princess-Peapod) completed
Vampires (hosted by princess-peapod) completed

Note: If I missed any rings, rays, boxes, RABCKs, any thank yous or your welcomes, please PM me as I have a very short memory and three kids that keep me too busy to remember to eat sometimes. Thank you all again for this wonderful extended family.


I have started my holiday gift giving a little early...I always find it hard at Christmas to really get involved in the gift giving thread due to my holiday spending. So, with all the holidays coming I figured I would give away a book a month until January 2009! Keep an eye out on the Wishlist forum and see how it goes. I will try to post on the first of the month happens. Please post in the forum once you have received your book so everyone knows what you got, thanks. Good Luck to everyone!

Winner September draw is: elis-fromSweden
Winner of October draw is: Gloworm22" target="_blank" >" style="height:375px; width:500px;" /> target="_blank">" width="100" height="16" border="0"> target="_blank">Host Your Images & Videos FREE

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