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Hi! I started book crossing, due to finding a book in my local park. I will be reading and passing this book on. I think this is a unique fun way too getting the love of reading books in treasure hunt style.

This is a bit about me I am 30 and work for Swiss Post. I am a bit of book worm and a animal lover.I enjoy stories about animals, chick flicks, and biographies mainly.

People may wonder why my name is my name on here so I thought I'd explain. It's a user name that has stuck on many things so I don't forget otherwise I use different passwords. When I was choosing my email address a while back now I wasn't allowed fiona1986 Fiona is my name and I am born in 1986. So I wanted a word started with F that with it and I like foxes. So that's how it came about this was many many moons ago when I was 15

I have got twos cat called Ebony and Hope. Ebony is 8 and Hope is 2 they are both indoor cats.

My favourite authors are:

Anchee Min-I have read all of this author has written to date.
Pen Farthing.- I have read all of this authors books to date.
Joanna Carl- Currently only read The Chocolate Cat Caper and The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle.
Tilly Bagshawe.
Debbie Macomber.
Ian Rankin.

Apart from those authors the other things I like are as follows. I have a display of postcards from around the world book crossers and they are all on notice board and the fridge. Chocolate also, well I'd never say no too that. Sadly not into dark chocolate and my favourite is fruit and nut. Any wishlist books too as I'd love to get them granted. My wishlist is up to date for any one who is looking at it. Also anything cat related or animal related as yes I am potty about animals.

I have gone to the Nottingham 2011 September Convention this was my first ever convention and I really loved it.

Alot of my books aren't registered yet on here as only register them if I am about to start reading them. But my books are all alphabetical so I can easily find them depending on mood at time.

The picture of me above was taken at the Donkey Sanctuary in Dorset in 2012.

In April 2013 for the first time I was given a chance of a distributing 20 World Book Night books. I chose a book that wasn't my taste at all but I thought it sounded good. It is called Last Night Another Soldier by Andy McNab. I really enjoyed it even though it was a graphic and true too what is happening in war torn Afghanistan. I going too keep one copy of this in my permanent collection and not register it on here. As a reminder too self that not all good books and authors are in your normal genre you read." WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="159" BORDER="0">
discover your dog breed @ quiz meme alt="BCUK Unconvention, Nottingham 2011, I'll be there!" title="" width="300" height="100" />

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Austria, Philippians, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Finland, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Iceland, Luxemburg, Hungary and New Zealand.

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