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From Westgate on Sea, Kent United Kingdom
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Last updated 10th Jan 2020

This account is slowly being cleared and books passed on please disregard wish lists as they are out of date I'm more up to date on Goodreads these days

Due to recent postage price increases in the UK my shipping of books outside the UK will be extremely limited, if you are already listed on my profile to receive a book promised already this will be honoured obviously but funds will be saved each month for bookrings and UK bookboxes first and then anything above this will be subject to affordability.
Sending books to the UK if regularly dealt with people could be saved up and sent in bulk via courier as silly to pay £2.80 per book when I can send a 5kg box for £6-£7 via collect plus courier services within UK
Please don't let this stop you asking though as occasionally I'm in a good enough mood to break even my own rules 😉

(Books others are waiting for me to read or books to send for wishlist game tags/rabck's)

The Breakdown by B A Paris (Kindle Netgalley Review)
Hidden by Shalini Boland (Kindle own choice)

I have been inactive for a while due to a few years raising small children but I am back both here and on Goodreads and doing an overhaul to refresh pages to show books that have moved on and new books I have gained. I can no longer access cliff wishlist system as on old email so have created a new one on here that I will keep up to date.

I am registered with if you want to look up my address and surprise me with any books from my wishlist on Goodreads because there is nothing quite like getting a surprise book in the post.
I seem to have lost access to as foxy737 as attached to old email but set up bookcrossing shelf for children under name of KandHMackins ( and rejoined under that profile so can look up our details there (correct August 2013).

So what am I doing since being back??? Well.....

(Sadly I can only attend locally these days due to family commitments)

Next Meet Up I'm attending


Brian, His granddad and the cup of ages ..
Running order for this bookring is
Minesayn (in USA) shipping preference Canada/USA
AlterEgoZoe (in USA) shipping preference USA
TinaJean (in USA) ship anywhere
hnance27 (in USA) ship USA <-------Chased up and Currently here (though unjournalled)

Stalled if anyone can save this feel free 😃

Azuki (in USA) shipping preference Canada/USA
Josierivers (in USA) ship anywhere
Goldenwattle (in Australia) ship ???
Alexiapapa (in Greece) ship Greece/Europe
Margih (in Finland) ship Finland / Europe
Appelsiini (in Finland) shipping preference Europe
Silvia-pco (in Portugal) ship Europe

One Hundred Names ......
Running order for this one
Going to UK address for delivery to Miss Sunshine
Then to France and Icila
Then to Beitaljawzaa in Switzerland
Then Jonniboi in the UK
Then Charlotte1924 in the UK <-----currently here

The Fever Tree
Running order for this one
Icila - France (ship anywhere)
sedna5213 - Currently in France (ship anywhere)
Miss Sunshine - Egypt (ship anywhere)
DubaiReader- Dubai (ship anywhere)
Penelopewanders - Switzerland (ship Europe)
rodespringbal - Belgium (ship Europe)
RonOren -UK (ship Europe/anywhere)
Alexispapa - Greece (ship Europe)
Chremajora - Germany (ship Europe) <----on way here

Then please wild release

Gone Girl by Gillian
Running order for this one....
Blue_berry - UK (ship EU)
Bookworm-lady - Spain (ship anywhere)
Chremajora - Germany (ship order preference Germany,EU,Anywhere)
ReetPetite - UK (ship anywhere)
Edwardstreet - New Zealand (ship anywhere)
PJLBewdy - Australia (ship anywhere)
Billbooks - Australia (ship anywhere)
Raluk68 - Romania (ship EU)
Annimanni - Finland (ship EU) <---currently here
vedranaster - Croatia (ship EU) (towards end please)
Icila - France (ship anywhere)

Then please wild release


Since I am taking part in a few wishlist games and sweepstakes at the moment here are some ideas of things you could send me
Books from my wishlist
Bookmarks from around the world
Scenic postcards / pamphlets to show children other countries we can't visit in person
Disney character items
Items for children (girl aged 8, boy aged 6yrs)
Fridge magnets (nothing rude please I have young children to think of)

Thank you to everyone who has been sending scenic postcards with books. Now we have a collection we have started sticking them into an A4 book so that the children (Katie & Harry) can keep looking at them, I plan to add a world map to the inside cover of the book so I can teach Katie where the postcards have come from. It's a wonderful way for the children to learn about other countries and cultures and I hope to continue this for a long time xxx



Currently overwhelmed with books and have been having a bit of a clear out of books that have been shelved for some time, and will slowly add new books that have come my way as part of my refreshing of bookshelf on here. I have a shelf on Goodreads that has a lot of newer books I still have to register please follow homepage link to my bookshelf to see more.
If you are on Goodreads yourself and want to add me as a friend there too feel free I am under full name there which is Sarah Mackins.

I am always happy to trade books off my available shelf provided I can afford to post them out!! Always worth looking at my TBR pile too I can always save a book to pass on once read.
Starting a shelf for children's books separately under children's profile please pm me if you want anything from there too (
Trying to keep track of books leaving shelves while having a clear out but possible some may have been missed apologies in advance if something turns out not to be there when asked for from available or TBR pile. Please bear with me while I refresh shelf online to try and match shelves in real life.

Interested in lots of different sorts of books depends on mood at time of reading.

When in a lighter reading mood I read all the usual chick-lit and romance novels favourite authors include Lily Graham, Holly Martin and Sarah Morgan .

I also enjoy children's / teen / YA books such as the Harry Potter series and authors such as Rick Riordan, Garth Nix, Philip Taylor etc.

I also enjoy a fast paced psychological thriller or crime / police procedural novel favourites include Shalini Boland, Helen Durrant and Peter Dudgeon

Alongside my own books I am slowly collecting children's books I enjoyed as a child to keep and read to my children as they grow up, these are on another shelf in children's name please PM me if you want anything from their shelf ;)

I have a selection of fiction books various themes including Romance,Fantasy,Mystery/Thrillers,even Children's and Teen's .... see bookshelf for full range. Though please note my shelf also contains many books donated by friends and family purely to bookcross and release so overall shelf isn't a clear cross-section of my liked books.

Thanks to everyone who has passed on books to me both for myself and other family members. The wedding one's were a great source of ideas and information for my wedding (25th December 2005), I don't know how I would have coped without them.

My first new member was my sister-in-law (bookcrossing name charlotte1924) check out her bookshelf too she reads lots of varied stuff some of which is quite unlike my bookshelf.
And I was suprised by a second referal who joined up unknown to me after mentioning bookcrossing in a penpal letter to the other side of the globe down under in Australia.
Since then I've had a couple of catches that resulted in new members too. My most recent new referred members are Lauras_books and MCave please give them a big welcome if you get the chance.

During time as a member of bookcrossing I have also read many other books in rings/rays/or bookboxes, thanks to all for letting me join them.

(Other people's activities I'm signed up for)

Favourite authors since joining bookcrossing include:

John Grisham
Rick Riordan
Garth Nix
Julia Quinn
Linda Laal Miller
Mary Balogh
Sarah Morgan
Debbie Macomber
additional favourites since getting a kindle include....
Lily Graham
Shalini Boland
Holly Martin
Helen Durrant
Peter Dudgeon

Though this list is growing as I read more varied books. It also means I have more than one copy of many of these authors books so as to keep a copy for re-reading as well as releasing a second copy for others to enjoy.

Favourite children's authors include:
Roald Dahl
David Walliams
Enid Blyton
Jill Murphy
Holly Webb
Daisy Meadows
Deborah Kelly

Open to recommendation of good children's authors for 5yr - 8yrs age range or good books to start reading in sections / chapters at bedtime age 5yrs upwards.

I am also a member on Goodreads go and check out my shelf there too as it has more of my recent books while I am updating here
There is also a wish list on my Goodreads profile too

Hope this gives you all an idea of me and my likes, will update books as soon as I can.

foxy737 (sarah)

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