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I am really busy with real life right now so I am not checking BookCrossing as much as I usually do. I still get PMs, I am just not active on the forum for now.

This bookcrossing idea is the coolest!!! I love releasing books "in the wild". I'd like to have a better catch rate though - 48 wild releases/7 catches. I also love getting the chance to read some great books I never would have found otherwise.

I am a graphic designer who stays at home to be a mom to 2 wonderful kids who really cut into my reading time. I tend to enjoy books about women, baseball (or HOF player bios), Italy, dogs, art/artists and anything with an emotional story, especially when there is a twist in the end. I love reading Kurt Vonnegut, Barbara Kingsolver, John Irving (not lately though), and EM Forster. I have recently fallen in love with Ann Patchett's writing too. Since joining BC and reading 4 of Christopher Moore's books (as rings) I now have a bit of a crush on him. But, lately my guilty pleasure has been retellings of classic fairy tales. I can't get enough of them! Could it have anything to do with my having to constantly read the Disney versions to my daughter? :)

Thanks to cliff1976 you can view my smallish wish list. FYI: Whenever I get a RABCK I turn around and send one out. Also, although I love getting books via trades, RABCKs and CasualReader's Relay, they will generally go to the bottom of my TBR pile. Bookrings/rays and my monthly bookclub's book take precedence. After those I read what strikes me as interesting at the time. So, if you are waiting for me to read a book you sent please be patient. I promise, I will get to it.

A side note... I am collecting coins from other countries for the tooth fairy to give my kids. These coins will never be spent, I'm just using them as a tool to help teach my kids about the world. If anyone is sending me a book from somewhere other than the US and wanted to drop in a (very cheap/practically worthless/the equalivant of $.01) coin from their country I would be most appreciative. I am REALLY not asking for money here. I swear! :) Thank you so much, pashmack, for the coins from Iran!!! And thank you, wyldewomin for the lira, greek drachma, icelandic krona and british pound. My kids are going to have the best tooth fairy anywhere!!!

Now Reading

Fast Food Nation (I swear I AM reading it. I'm just VERY busy right now & it is a tough read. Luckily I am last on the list.)

Bookrings/rays I Have In My Possession

Fast Food Nation started by MazieNH (here since 12/26)
Atonement started by Cinnamon-Girl (here since 5/19/07)

Bookrings/rays I Have Started

amanda bright@home Bookring - Went out 6/2/04. Stalled with kayters since 8/04.
Replaced with...
amanda bright@home Bookring - New book went out 6/10/05. With out-and-about since 7/18/05.
The Magician's Assistant Bookray - Went out 7/6/04. Stalled with teacart since 11/28/04.
Replaced with...
The Magician's Assistant Bookring - New book went out 6/17/05. With Nightstar since 8/12/06.
Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman Bookray - Went out 7/19/04. Stalled with antsnax since 11/30/04.
Replaced with...
Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman Bookray - New book went out 6/24/05. With Auglaise since 3/5/07.
Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight Bookring - Went out 1/12/05. Traveling to little411 since 4/26/06 - may be lost.
The Kite Runner Bookring - Went out 5/18/05. With fflloorr since 1/1/07.
High Fidelity Bookray Went out 8/23/05. Stalled with WillowSnow since 3/1/06.
Reviving indygo88's Little Earthquakes Bookray Went out 6/19/06. With salemhouse since 7/3/06.
Reviving lauraloo29's Zel Bookray Went out 8/10/06. With ToXiCKiTTiKiSS since 8/15/06.
The Day the World Came to Town Bookray Went out 9/11/06. With samulli since 9/10/07.

The Da Vinci Code Bookring - Went out 11/26/03, came home 10/7/04. Went out 10/7/04 again to enidq to finish, expected to return home for my husband to read.
Ithaka Bookring - Went out 1/14/04, came home 9/17/04. Thanks for the successful ring!
The Solace of Leaving Early Bookring - Went out 1/14/05, came home 3/14/05. Thanks for the successful ring!
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Bookring - Went out 9/22/04. Came home 8/6/05. Thanks for the successful ring!
Any Human Heart Bookring - Went out 10/30/04. Came home 11/14/05. Thanks for the successful ring!
The Passion of Artemisia Bookring - Went out 10/29/03. Came home 11/22/05. Thanks for the successful ring!
The Birth of Venus Bookring - Went out 5/18/05. Came home 1/13/06. Thanks for the successful ring!
The Wisdom of Big Bird (and the Dark Genius of Oscar the Grouch) Bookray - Went out 6/1/05. Reached last stop 2/25/06. Thanks for the successful ray!
The Eyre Affair Bookring - Went out 9/8/05. Came home 5/19/06. Thanks for the successful ring!
The Pleasure of My Company Bookring - Went out 1/18/06. Came home 10/10/06. Thanks for the successful ring!

Bookrings/rays/boxes I Participated in and Passed Along

My Stats For 2007

TOTAL: 1 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
JANUARY: 1 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
Chicken Soup for the Soul of Hawaii (read)

My Stats For 2006

TOTAL: 31 read / 4 released / 6 RABCK
JANUARY: 4 read / 0 released / 1 RABCK
Something Rotten, Middlesex, Franny and Zooey. Mirror, Mirror (read) / The Well of Lost Plots (RABCK)
FEBRUARY: 2 read / 3 released / 1 RABCK
Disarmed, Modoc (read) / I Don't Know How She Does It, The Passion of Artemesia, Baby Faces (released) / The Birth of Venus (RABCK)
MARCH: 0 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
APRIL: 3 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
A Midwife's Tale, Coyote Blue, The Fifth Book of Peace (read)
MAY: 1 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
Inkheart (read)
JUNE: 6 read / 1 released / 1 RABCK
The Tao of Pooh, The Sex Lives of Canibals, The Mommy Wars, As Seen on TV, Island of the Sequined Love Nun, Little Children (read) / The New Father (released) / Little Earthquakes (RABCK)
JULY: 4 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
Running With Scissors, The Lust Lizzard of Melancholy Cove, Faithful, Zel (read)
AUGUST: 4 read / 0 released / 1 RABCK
A Man Without A Country, A Patchwork Planet, The Patron Saint of Liars, The Day The World Came To Town (read) / Zel (RABCK)
SEPTEMBER: 2 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Broken Music (read)
OCTOBER: 2 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
A Dirty Job, e (read)
NOVEMBER: 1 read / 0 released / 2 RABCK
Blowing My Cover (read) / A Dirty Job, Gilead (RABCK)
DECEMBER: 2 read / 0 released / 0 RABCK
Q and A, Dave Barry Turns 40 (read)

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