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My Bookrings:

Krylovin faabeleita --- returned home
Sooloilua --- RELEASED
Die Racheengel --- RELEASED
Sitä suolaisempi soppa --- RELEASED
Olivia Joules ja ylivilkas mielikuvitus --- RELEASED
Talk to the Hand --- RELEASED
Pärstäkerroin --- OPEN


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Challenges I'm participating in

TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste, osa 2 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 2 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 3 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 4 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 5 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 6 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 7 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 8 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 9 -- COMPLETED
TBR-vuoren louhintahaaste 2009, osa 10 -- COMPLETED

Maita ja maanosia -- COMPLETED
Maita ja maanosia - osa 2 -- COMPLETED
Maita ja maanosia - osa 3 -- COMPLETED

Aakkoshaaste -- COMPLETED

Louhintahaaste 2012 -- COMPLETED
Louhintahaaste 2012, osa 2 -- COMPLETED
Louhintahaaste 2012, osa 3 -- COMPLETED

Kirjan vuosi 2015 -- COMPLETED

Helmet-lukuhaaste 2016 -- COMPLETED

Helmet 2017 -- COMPLETED

Suomalainen lukuhaaste -- COMPLETED

Helmet-lukuhaaste 2018 -- COMPLETED

Helmet-lukuhaaste 2019 -- COMPLETED

Helmet 2020

Maailman ympäri kirja kerrallaan 2019 -- COMPLETED

Ota riski - rakastu suomenruotsalaiseen -- COMPLETED

Louhintahaaste 2018 -- COMPLETED

Bookrings/rays I have joined:

Ilosia aikoja, Mielensäpahoittaja hosted by lukutuoli
Avioliittosimulaattori hosted by Anuliini1975
Mielensäpahoittaja ja ruskeakastike hosted by lukutuoli
Made in America hosted by Thalasse
Minun suomalainen vaimoni hosted by Thalasse
Miniä hosted by Liinuskainen
Hytti nro 6 hosted by annimanni
Epätavallinen lukija hosted by aava
Metsäjätti hosted by ruzena
Ruusunäyttely hosted by halonhakkaaja
Sydäneläin hosted by Tarna
The Zigzag Way hosted by AgdaAgulina
Tahitin tyttäret hosted by Pellu
Indignation hosted by ruzena
Sonaatti Miriamille hosted by Tarna
The Lost Continent hosted by OpheliaPhillips
Kitchen Confidential - Mestarikokin tunnustuksia hosted by Lasikello
Maaninkavaara hosted by lukutuoli
Letters from a Nut hosted by lottuli
Irlantilainen aamiainen hosted by liinuskainen
The Thirteenth Tale hosted by aava
Speaking with the Angel hosted by seethroughfaith
Wife for Hire hosted by DK1010
Notes from a Big Country hosted by Lilo37fee
I Hate Myself and Want to Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You've Ever Heard hosted by lmn60
The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid hosted by sobergirl
Unelma Afrikasta hosted by margih
Shopaholic & Baby hosted by ariesgirl29
House of Orphans hosted by seethroughfaith
Elokuvamuisti hosted by kiksu
Sensible Shoes and Big Knickers hosted by Chania
Long Way Round hosted by myntti
S is for Silence hosted by beekeeper40
Palele porvari! ja muita kirjoituksia hosted by niora
Hyacinth Bucket's Book of Etiquette for the Socially Less Fortunate hosted by sobergirl
Reseptikirja hosted by lukutuoli
Lean Mean Thirteen hosted by book-man-8
Sokkopeli hosted by lukutuoli
X-files (Pirkan kielletyt niksit) hosted by alejanda
Around the World in 80 Days hosted by sobergirl
Roasting in Hell's Kitchen hosted by sobergirl
Sucka mitt hjärta men brist dock ej hosted by sobergirl
Neiti Tärkeä ja Uraputki hosted by rakuna
Code Name: Nanny hosted by Amberkatze
English as Second F*cking Language hosted by wyldewomin
Mother Tongue hosted by Midlifecrisis
Toinen Toivon kirja hosted by cazfi
The New Yorker Literary Book of Cartoons hosted by lukutuoli
Paperitalo hosted by Tintti
The Wedding Girl hosted by Amberkatze
Myöhempien aikojen pyhiä hosted by lukutuoli
The Mermaid Chair hosted by lukutuoli
Nuoruus ja viisaus - Tienviittoja nuoruuden teille hosted by Louhi
Antikrista hosted by Elina
George W. Bush: Unohtumattomimmat. Suurmiehen kirkkaimmat ajatukset hosted by Sobergirl
George W. Bush ja hänen perheensä. Unohtumattomimmat bushismit II hosted by Sobergirl
In the Company of Cheerful Ladies hosted by loveamystery
Pikaruokakansa hosted by dotdot
Dates from Hell hosted by Amberkatze
The Undomestic Goddess hosted by LGinder
Aarnu, Evena, Vinjami hosted by CatharinaL
Ash Wednesday hosted by tintti & kaisa64
Smitten hosted by book-man-8
Full Scoop hosted by Amberkatze
The Tenko Club hosted by Helly77
Aikamatkustajan vaimo hosted by dotdot
Twelve Sharp hosted by book-man-8
Bill Bryson's African Diary hosted by labmomnm
A Walk in the Woods hosted by mlbish
Watching the English hosted by nice-cup-of-tea
Rakasta minut hosted by lukutuoli
Vroom with a View hosted by sobergirl
The Devil's Feather hosted by Amberkatze
Naurujen maa hosted by ruzena
The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios hosted by musicalpenguin
Brokeback Mountain hosted by MeGeerts
Anna ystävämme hosted by Makari
What's the number for 911 hosted by bookworm2525
Anna minun rakastaa enemmän hosted by ruzena
Manhunt hosted by Amberkatze
Spiderwick hosted by CatharinaL
Kolmastoista lapsi hosted by lunatum
Suden vuosi hosted by CandyDarling
The Sunday Philosophy Club: An Isabel Dalhousie Mystery hosted by leeann347
Glömp 7 hosted by cazfi
Pessi ja Illusia hosted by YuCCa3
The Rocky Road to Romance hosted by Amberkatze
Back to the Bedroom hosted by Amberkatze
A Friend of the Family hosted by Amberkatze
No Cure for Cancer hosted by Pookledo
The stars' tennis balls hosted by aava
Why Girls Are Weird hosted by bookczuk
Miss Piggy's Rules hosted by boreal
Holy Fools hosted by chirel
Light as a Feather hosted by katybean
The First Book of Hope hosted by cazfi
Sisustaja hosted by CatharinaL
The Edge hosted by Millam
Glömp 5 hosted by cazfi
Anatomi hosted by margih
The Nanny Diaries hosted by WintersQT4ever
Berättelse på tidens strand hosted by makari
Ten Big Ones hosted by LaurieS
Am Anfang war das Wort hosted by Kari-H
Holes hosted by Czersk
EXIT - irti natsismin kahleista hosted by tintti
The Lovely Bones hosted by tyvmdear
Fatal Tide hosted by sunshinedreem
Norsu nailoneissa hosted by myntti
Eats, Shites & Leaves hosted by MyopicMeringue
Disordered Minds hosted by meliluc
Missing Girls hosted by harmaja
Imitation in Death hosted by Luintaurien
Zen and the Art of Murder hosted by taniazed
American Girls about Town hosted by allbookedup
Pobby ja Dingan hosted by piiku
Eats, Shoots & Leaves hosted by jacinta2000
Yöllisen koiran merkillinen tapaus hosted by cairbre
Angels and Demons hosted by Tampere BC meetup
Can You Keep a Secret hosted by kiala
The five people you meet in heaven hosted by CandyDarling
Alastonkuvia hosted by margih
R is for Ricochet hosted by bekainindia
The Secret Life of Bees hosted by sobergirl
Thirty Nothing hosted by jennytsk
Denn am Sabbat sollst du ruhen hosted by Kari-H
Love is a Four Letter Word hosted by wilmar
Kuinka minusta tuli tyhmä hosted by mirz
Kurtin käytöshäiriö hosted by mirz
Tuulen varjo hosted by flipa
Indelible hosted by Helly77
Fast Women hosted by Bunnybee
Portrait in Death hosted by PrincessJCM

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