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From Seattle, Washington USA
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Jan 2021 ~New Year, New Address

Same city, different 'hood. Please disregard any previous addresses up to this point! That said, we do divide our weeks up b/t the city and the Peninsula, so sometimes packages from me may have an address label from a hard-to-pronounce town ;)

My digital bookshelf here is pretty indicative of my tastes as I only register books I intend to read, and only release books that I've completed or attempted to complete. Favorite genres include dystopian/ alt-reality/ apocalyptic/ sci-fi ≠ fantasy, human movement or diasporic stories, travel memoirs, books about librarians/books, NFs in the vein of author Mary Roach, The Sixth Extinction, etc.
Least favorite: self-help, romance, westerns, politics (except when it pertains to ethnic or women's issues)

Books that defined my ages:
20s~Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho
30s~Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
40s(so far)~Less by Andrew Sean Greer

Most memorable book:
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón...the only book where I delayed finishing as long as I could; I wept at the end because my reading ended.

Although I'm but a wee little bookcrossing babe, since signing up I've

  • doubled my reading intake
  • been graced by the kindness of strangers
  • received lovingly curated packages from around the world
  • discovered the good eggs behind the beautiful sides to the internet

May 2020

I've had to recover quite the HTML skills to get me thus far in my profile. *le sigh*

Pictured above are 2 of my most favorite characters to represent my lament for not having enough time or lives to read all of the books! However, that is where the representation ends (am pretty far removed from old white male).

When not reading, I can be found traveling (except recently) and/or stuffing my face. Anthony Bourdain was my spirit animal (in that I believe vodka prevents upset stomachs, have zero diet restrictions & allergies, and will eat anything presented to me--especially as a guest of honor). On that related note, I'd be delighted to have a tried-and-true recipe if you happen to be sending something my way.
Also, if you would like a book on my TBR list, feel free to message me & I'll be happy to move it up the list and send to you once completed.

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