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You have come to the right place!

It's 12/28/15! Back after 8 months :)
Finally 4/8/15! After 5 years, I am able to log on back to BC! (Lots to register :)

Isn't this exciting?!!! A bigger network of book lovers!!!

I would very much like to know fellow voracious readers around the world.
So, I won't mind anyone adding me (e-clique) to his friends list :)
I want one from each country !!! What are you waiting for?
Add me and spread the word!!! Thanks and happy bookcrossing =)

e-clique (marie)

There are still lots of books I haven't registered here at BC. I'm registering them gradually everytime I get the chance. Hence, registration dates may be different from my reading dates :)

Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (Lester R. Brown)
Chemistry (Raymond Chang)

Sherlock Holmes Complete Novels Volume 2 (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) 4/28/10
Hot, Flat and Crowded (Thomas Friedman)4/26/10
Foundation (Isaac Asimov) 4/3/10

March 2010
Brida (Paulo Coelho) 3/29/10
What the Dog Saw (Malcolm Gladwell) 3/27/10
Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell) 3/21/10
Memoirs of a Communist (Jesus Lava) 3/19/10
The Lavas: A Filipino Family (Jose Dalisay) 3/14/10

February 2010
Will It Fly? (Thomas McKnight, 4th reading) 2/27/10
Galileo's Daughter (Dava Sobel) 2/26/10

January 2010
Sherlock Holmes Complete Novels Volume 1 (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)1/21/10
Wolves of the Crescent Moon (Yousef Al-Mohaimeed) 1/5/10

December 2009
Footprints for Women (OMF Literature)
The Dream Manifesto (Thomas Herold) 12/29/09
The Celestine Prophecy (James Redfield, 3rd reading) 12/23/09
The Screwtape Letters (C.S. Lewis) 12/16/09
The Way of the Bow (Paulo Coelho) 12/8/09
The Winner Stands Alone start (Paulo Coelho) 12/7/09

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