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When I was young I liked to sit on the doorstep and read (fresh air and a book) Neighbours would say to my mum that there was something wrong with me as I always had my nose in a book. Well, some things never change and, I'm pleased to say that there's still "something wrong with me."
I am a Lancashire lass, from Manchester, a retired lab technician, BSc, mother of 4 sons and 1 daughter, grandmother of 10 and great-grandmother of 7.
My daughter is a bookcrosser, she is Theicemaiden and two of my grandchildren are bookcrossers, they are Scoobydooo and Horseryder. They are mainly inactive now though.
I enjoy walking in the countryside and I love nature and wildlife.
My favourite genre is crime/mystery/thriller.
For NSS I like to receive .. Unusual fridge magnets. BC release bags, pens, scented candles. I like elephants, bees, cats, guinea pigs and purple.
Sweetie choices...I am trying to lower my blood sugar levels so only dark chocolate please.
Check my wish list for books.
If you wish to surprise me with a RABCK then my friend Jalna has my address.

Long Way Home. Eva Dolan
John Peel. Michael Heatly

READ IN 2023
1.Bone by Bone. Carol O'Connell
2.The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Rebecca Skloot
3.A Family Torn Apart. Cathy Glass
4.Unorthodox. Deborah Feldman
5.Dead at First Sight. Peter James
6.Scotland's Stories. Scottish Book Trust
7.Stray. A.N. Wilson
8.The Donor. Clare Mackintosh
9.Wish You Were Dead. Peter James
10.Max Einstein. James Patterson
11.And it's Goodnight from Him. Ronnie Corbett
12.The Lying Room. Nicci French
13.Magpie Murders. Anthony Horowitz
14.Magus of Stonewylde. Kit Berry
15.The Players Curse. Brian Thompson
16.Odd Hours. Dean Koontz
17.Storms of Silence. Joe Simpson
18. Secrets of a Family Album. Isla Dewar
19.Girl Unerupted. Susanna Kaysen
20.Maureen Fry and the Angel of the North. Rachel Joyce
21.Water Ways. Jasper Winn
22.The Lost Daughter. Diane Chamberlain
23.The Defence. Steve Cavanagh
24.First Man in. Ant Middleton
25. Cool. Michael Morpurgo
26.Holding. Graham Norton
27.The Mad Women's Ball. Victoria Mas
28.Savage Island. Bryony Pearce
29.The Plea. Steve Cavanagh
30.A Friend Like Henry. Nuala Gardner
31.Woman of God. James Patterson
32.Flatland E.A.Abbott
33.Deadly Cross. James Patterson
34.Dead Fathers Club. Matt Haig
35.Them. Fay Sampson
36. Rabbit Hole. Mark Billingham
37.The Girl Who Reads on the Metro. C Feret-Fleury
38. The Laughing Hangman. Edward Marston
39.The Radleys. Matt Haig
40.The Birthday. Carol Wyer
41.Ghostly Tales......of Old Edinburgh
42.Blackwater. Conn Iggulden
43.Tennison. Lynda la Plante
44.The Other Side of the Dale. Gervase Phinn
45.Original Sin. P D James
46.Worms to Catch. Guy Martin
47.Remember, remember. Judy Parkinson
48.Self Portrait in Green. Marie Ndiaye
49.England's Witchcraft Trials. Willow Winsham
50.The Taking. Dean Koontz
51. Death Notice. Todd Ritter
52.Strip Jack. Ian Rankin
53.An English Ghost Story. Kim Newman
54.Moondance of Stonewylde. Kit Berry
55.The House Across the Street. Lesley Pearse
56.Liar. K L Slater
57.The Girls who Disappeared. Claire Douglas
58.All the Pretty Girls. J.T. Ellison
59.Paris for One. Jojo Moyes
60.The Serpent Pool. Martin Edwards
61.A Dark Anatomy. Robin Blake
62.Operation Mincemeat. Ben MacIntyre
63.The Traveller. John Twelve Hawks
64.Buried Lies. Kristina Ohlsson
65.The Beckoning Silence. Joe Simpson
66.Murder in Chinatown. Victoria Thompson
67.Hamish and the Worldstoppers, Danny Wallace
68.The Hanging Wood. Martin Edwards
69.Cloud Atlas. David Mitchell
70.the Moses Legacy. Adam Palmer
71.The Christmas Train. David Baldacci
72.The Nine Lives of Christmas. Florence McNicoll
73.The Stranger House. Reginald Hill
74. The Frozen Shroud. Martin Edwards
75.Behind the Sequins. Shirley Ballas
76.Fifty Fifty. James Patterson
77.Around India in 80 Trains. Monisha Rajesh
78. 19th Christmas. James Patterson
79.Presumed Guilty. Tess Gerritson
80.Sands of Time. Barbara Erskine
81.The Nakano Thrift Shop. Hiromi Kawakami
82.Worst Case. James Patterson
83.One. Sarah Crossan
84.Curious Curate. MC Beaton
85.The Bat. Jo Nesbo
86.Cuckold Point. Patrick Easter
87.Roar. Cecelia Ahern
88. A Pen Dipped in Poison. JM Hall
89.Around the World in 80 Trains. Monisha Rajesh
90.The Judge's List. John Grisham
91.The Crooked Shore. Martin Edwards
92.The Outrun. Amy Liptrot
93.The Wrong Knickers. Bryony Gordon
94.Where the Crawdads Sing. Delia Owens
95.The Dinner Guest. BP Walker
96.The Memory Keeper of Kyiv. Erin Litteken
97.Moonflower Murders. Anthony Horowitz
98.I am Nujood. Nujood Ali
99.The Colours of all the Cattle. A McCall Smith
100.Just Ignore Him. Alan Davies
101.Hunted. Roberta Kray
102.The Little Book if Humanism
103.Flowers in the Attic. V Andrews

READ IN 2022
1. A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess. Amanda Owen
2.Eat the Buddha. Barbara Demick
3.Lie With Me. Sabine Durrant
4.The Lovesong of Miss Queenie Hennessy. Rachel Joyce
5.A Bookshop in Paris. Ellen Feldman
6.Legends & Folklore of Cornwall. Louise Maskill
A Dark Anatomy. Robin Blake
7.How to go plastic free. Caroline Jones
8.Great British Ghosts. Aiden Chambers
9.The Fourth Sacrifice. Peter May
10.The Killing Room. Peter May
11.Snakehead. Peter May
12.The Appeal. Janice Hallett
13.The Real Mrs Brown. Brian Beacom
14.The Help. Kathryn Stockett
15.Revenge. L&G Danvers
16.The Maul and the Pear Tree. PD James & TA Critchley
17.In a Cottage in a Wood. Cass Green
18.That Night. Gillian McAllister
19.The Runner. Peter May
20.Escaping Daddy. Maria Landon
21.Chinese Whispers. Peter May
22.One Story, One Song. Richard Wagamese
23.A Dark and Twisted Tide. Sharon Bolton
24.The Hidden Life of Trees. Peter Wohlleben
25.The Empty Chair. Jeffery Deaver.
26.Mistletoe and Murder. Carola Dunn
27.Bees Knees and Barmy Armies. Harry Oliver
28.The Jigsaw Man. Paul Britton
29.A Treachery of Spies. Manda Scott
30.My Father's Keeper. Julie Gregory
31.The Rooster Bar. John Grisham
32.The Other Daughter. Lisa Gardner
33.Cold Blood. Lynda La Plante
34.Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess. Amanda Owen
35.Do They Know it's Christmas Yet? James Crookes
36.Unsolved Enigmas. Pilger & Moynihan
37.Celebration. Scottish Book Trust
38.I Follow You. Peter James
39.I'm a Stranger Here Myself. Deric Longden
40.Only a Mother Could Love Him. Ben Polis
41.Dirty Little Secret. Jo Spain
42.The Boy with the Latchkey. Cathy Sharp
43.Step by Step. Simon Reeve
44.The Perfect Egg. Aldo Buzzi
45.The Skeleton Room. Kate Ellis
46.The Book Club. C.J. Cooper
47.Anne Frank. Willy Lindwer
48.All my Fault. Audrey Delaney
49.The Couple Next Door. Shari Lapena
50.The Boy in the Dress. David Walliams
51.The Rotten Romans. Terry Deary
52.The Outsider. Stephen King
53.The Book of Human Skin. Michelle Lovric
54.Amnesia. Beverly Barton
55.The Witch's Kiss. K&E Corr
56.Split Second. Alex Cava
57.Wake Up Mummy. Anna Lowe
58.Everywhere that Mary went. Lisa Scottoline
59.The Slender Man. Dexter Morgenstern
60.When the Devil holds the Candle. Karin Fossum
61.Gatecrasher. Sophie Kinsella
62.Vengeance Road. Rick Mofina
63.You Speak in Constellations.Young Poets
64.The Word is Murder. Anthony Horowitz
65.Eat, Drink,Run. Bryony Gordon
66.Living with Evil. Cynthia Owen
67.Hidden Figures. Margot Lee Shetterly
68.Rivers of London. Ben Aaronovitch
69.Chickenfeed. Minette Walters
70.Two-way split. Allan Guthrie
71.Man's Search for Meaning. Viktor E. Frankl
72.Weekend Book of Ghosts. R. Whittington-Egan
73.Asking for Trouble. Ann Granger
74.The Dead Room
Chris Mooney
75.Universally Challenged. Wendy Roby
76.Magic. Tami Hoag
77.Twilight. Peter James
78.I Used to Know That. Caroline Taggart
79.The Dead of Winter. Chris Priestley
80.The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus. Fry & Evans
81.The Snowdonia Killings. Simon McCleave
82.The hundred year old man...Jonas Jonasson
83.The Serial Killers. C Wilson & D Seaman
84.You'll never see me again. Lesley Pearse
85. The Glorious Life of the Oak. J Lewis-Stempel
86.Exit Strategy. Kelley Armstrong
87.Judge Walden. Peter Murphy
88. Poison Boy. Fletcher Moss
89.The Beast Within. Serena Valentino
89.Criss Cross. James Patterson
90.Inside enemy. Alan Judd
91.Pierrepoint. Steve Fielding
92. Judas Horse. Lynda la Plante
93.Made to be Broken. Kelley Armstrong
94.Wild Justice. Kelley Armstrong
95.City of Bones. Michael Connelly
96.The Devil's Advocate. Steve Cavanagh
97.People of Abandoned Character. Clare Whitfield
98.Poor Unfortunate Soul. Serena Valentino
99.The Search. Nora Roberts
100.Little Bridge Farm. Peter Clover
101.Echo Park. Michael Connelly
102.Backlash. Lynda la Plante
103.Lock, Stock & Barrel. past Times
104.Snow Foal. Susanna Bailey
105.Nine Dragons. Michael Connelly
106.Blind Fury. Lynda la Plante
107. You are a Champion. Marcus Rashford
108.The Drop. Michael Connelly
109.The Castaways. Lucy Clarke
110.Open Grave. A. M. Peacock
111.Ghost Town. James Swallow
112.Nothing to Lose. Lee Child
113.The House on Cold Hill. Peter James
114.Before I Die. Jenny Downham
115.A Wanted Man. Lee Child
116.Kittens in Trouble. Lucy Daniels
117.The Bridge. Iain Banks
118.Disney: a Twisted Tale. Elizabeth Lim
119.Stupid White men. Michael Moore
120.Black Bart's Treasure. Phil Carradice
121.Insidious Intent. Val McDermid
122.Make Me. Lee Child
123.Buried. Lynda la Plante
124.Daylight Saving. Edward Hogan
125.Perfectly Pure and Good. Frances Fyfield
126.The Magician's Nephew. CS Lewis
127. Child of Tibet. Soname Yangchen
128.The Simon Cowell Book of Nasty Comments
129.Undone. Michael Kimball
130.Past Tense. Lee Child
131.Creativity. John Cleese
132. The Night Book. Richard Madeley
133.Killers of the Flower Moon. David Grann
134.Touching the Void. Joe Simpson
135.The 57 Bus. Dashka Slater
136.Pompeii. Robert Harris
137.The Doll who Ate his Mother. Ramsey Campbell
138.Murder at Goodwill. Robin Merrill
139.Tales From the Haunted Mansion. Disney
140.The Considine Curse. Gareth P Jones
141.Midwinter Sacrifice. Mons Kallentoft
142.Taken. Michelle Pearson

READ IN 2021
1. Still Waters. Nigel McCrery
2.Reasons to Stay Alive. Matt Haig
3.Death is not Enough. Karen Rose
4.American Assassin. Vince Flynn
5.A Market for Murder. Rebecca Tope
6.A Thousand Splendid Suns. Khaled Hosseini
7.Gossip from the Forest. Sara Maitland
8.I'm Watching You. Karen Rose
9.How to Survive Christmas. Jilly Cooper
10.The Travelling Cat Chronicles. Hiro Arikawa
11.The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding. Agatha Christie
13.The Lemon Tree Hotel. Rosanna Ley
14.The Night of the Miraj. Zoë Ferraris
15.The Scarlet Letter. N. Hawthorne
16.How to Stop Time. Matt Haig
17.Walking the Nile. Levison Wood
18.The Third Twin. Ken Follett
19.War Doctor. David Nott
20.The Hen of the Baskervilles. Donna Andrews
21.The Apartment. Greg Baxter
22.Kennedy's Ghost. Gordon Stevens
23.A Gathering Light. Jennifer Donnelly
24.Mercy Killing. Lisa Cutts
25.The Deviants. C J Skuse
26.The Familiars. Stacey Halls
27.Fellside. M. R. Carey
28.Dead until Dark. Charlaine Harris
29.The Daylight Gate. J. Winterson
30.The Swimmer. Joakim Zander
31.The Gangs of Manchester. Andrew Davies
32.The Bone Sparrow. Zana Fraillon
33.The Dangerous Kind. Deborah O'connor
34.Keeping my Sisters' Secrets. Beezy Marsh
36.Blowing It. Judy Astley
37.A Daughter's Disgrace. Kitty Neale
38.Christmas for the District Nurses. Annie Groves
39.The Amnesia Clinic. James Scudamore
40.Crimson China. Betsy Tobin
41. Under a Pole Star. Stef Penny
42.Lost and Found. Tom Winter
43. The Well. Catherine Chanter
44.Voodoo River. Robert Crais
45. I Heard the Owl call my Name. Margaret Craven.
46.The Secret Scripture. Sebastian Barry
47.The Memory of Midnight. Pamela Hartshorne
48.The Chalk Man. CJ Tudor
49. Perception of Death. Louise Anderson
50. Fifty fifty. Steve Cavanagh
51.The Bone Collector. Jeffery Deaver
52.The Zig Zag Girl. Elly Griffiths
53.Desert Pursuit. Chris Ryan
54. The Monogram Murders. Sophie Hannah
55.Hostage. Chris Ryan
56. The Prison Doctor. Dr A Brown
57. The Dolphin. Sergio Bambaren
58.Sidney Sheldon's The Tides of Memory. Tilly Bagshawe
59.The People in the Playground. Iona Opie
60.The Devil and the River. R.J.Ellory
61.Precipice. Colin Forbes
62.Monday Mourning. Kathy Reichs
63.Heirs of the Body. Carola Dunn
64. Rather be the Devil. Ian Rankin
65.Nemesis. Jo Nesbo
66.Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier. Terry Darlington
67.The Moth Catcher. Ann Cleeves
68.The Girl in the Painted Caravan. Eva Petulengro
69.Gone. James Patterson
70.The Horse Boy. Rupert Isaacson
71.Say You're Sorry. Karen Rose
72.Say no More. Karen Rose
73.Crossing Paths. Debbie Robson
74.The most Beautiful Walk in the World. John Baxter
75.Wilderness Tips. Margaret Atwood
76.Bones to Ashes - Kathy Reichs
77.The Debs of Bletchley Park - Michael Smith
78.The Book of Dust. Philip Pullman
79.Cold Comfort. Quentin Bates
80.Skinwalkers.Tony Hillerman
81.Bad Luck and Trouble. Lee Child
82.The Killing Place. Tess Gerritson
83.Sanctum. Denise Mina
84.Gone Tomorrow. Lee Child
85.House Rules. Jodi Picoult
86.Death on a Branch Line. Andrew Martin
87.The Ruby's Curse. Alex Kingston
88.61 Hours. Lee Child
89.Waiting for Anya/Warhorse. Michael Morpurgo
90.Fallen Gods. Quintin Jardine
91.The Other Side of You. Amanda Craig
92.Pocahontas. Mari Hanes
93.Looking for Captain Poldark. Rowan Coleman
94.The Green Behind the Glass. Adele Geras
95.The Arsenic Labyrinth. Martin Edwards
96.Naomi's Room. Jonathan Aycliffe
97.Sky Burial. Xinran
98.Worth Dying for. Lee Child
99.The Lost Girl. Tania Carver
100.Trust No One. Teresa Cooper
101.The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Rachel Joyce
102.Hoot. Carl Hiaasen
103.Friend of the Devil. Peter Robinson
104.The Doomspell. Cliff McNish
105.Amber's Donkey.J&T Austwick
106.The Owl Always Hunts at Night. Samuel Bjork
107.Nala's World. Dean Nicholson
108.Cross Kill. James Patterson
109.The Midnight Line.Lee Child
110.The Thursday Murder Club. Richard Osman
111.Pennine Walkies. Mark Wallington
112.The Five. Hallie Rubenhold
113.Memoirs of a Serial Hiller. Alan Butterworth
114.Bad Boy. Peter Robinson
115. The Book of Dust. V2. Phillip Pullman
116.The Long Ride Home Rupert Isaacson
117.England. Kate Clanchy
118.Stone Cold. Robert Swindells
119.Haunted Cornwall. Paul Newman
120.Kindred. Octavia Butler
121.Prodigal Summer. Barbara Kingsolver
122. The Invisible Library. Genevieve Cogman
123.The Night Gate. Peter May
124.Punishment. Anne Holt
125.Yellow Birds. Kevin Powers

READ IN 2020
1.Fall Down Dead. Stephen Booth
2.The Memory of Blood. Christopher Fowler
3.Old Baggage. Lissa Evans
4.Flash and Bones. Kathy Reichs
5.A Slice of Bread and Jam. Tommy Rhattigan
6.Master of the Moor. Ruth Rendell
7.Bear V Shark. Chris Bachelder
8.Target Alex Cross. James Patterson
9.No More Plastic. Martin Dorey
10.Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
11.Dark Places. Gillian Flynn
12.Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener. M. C. Beaton
13.In a House of Lies. Ian Rankin
14.Dark Undertakings. Rebecca Tope
15.Horror Stories. Lewis Williams
16.The Lost Book of Salem. K.Howe
17.The Orphan. Christopher Ransom
18.The Penguin Lessons. T. Michell
19.The Santa Klaus Murder. M. D. Hay
20.A Crown of Lights. Phil Rickman
21.Lyra's Oxford. Philip Pullman
22.Once Upon a Time in the North. Philip Pullman
23. The Woman who went to Bed for a Year. Sue Townsend
24.The Crowning Glory. Fred Secombe
25.The Roanoke Girls. Amy Engel
26.Suffragette. Carol Drinkwater
27.Tales of Terror. Chris Priestley
28.Little Girl Gone Alexandra Burt
29.Pastures New. Fred Secombe
30.The Gathering. Ann Enright
31.Life and Laughter. Michael McIntyre
32.Smoke. Dan Vyleta
33.Time Lord Fairy Tales. Justin Richards
34.Unnatural Causes. Dr Richard Shepherd
35.Dancing Between the Beats. Lynn Nicholas
36.Jack the Ripper. Terry Lynch
37.Fire Engine Dead. Sheila Connolly
38.Tiny Sunbirds Far Away. C Watson
39.When the Devil Drives. C Brookmyre
40.Let's Play Dead. Sheila Connolly
41.Even Dogs in the Wild. Ian Rankin
42.The Selkie Mist. Judith Fullerton
43.An Act of Peace. Ann Widdecombe
44.The Lady and the Unicorn. Tracy Chevalier
45.Tutankhamun, The Last Secret Christian Jacq
46.Games with the Dead. James Nally
47.Witch Hunt. Syd Moore,
48. The Loving Husband. Christobel Kent
49.Blue Fairy Book. Andrew Lang
50.The Adventure through Everything and Nothing. Jonjo Nally
51.The Owl Service. Alan Garner
52.Cruel and Unusual. P. Cornwell
53. The Methods of Sergeant Cluff. Gil North
54.The Silent Patient. Alex Michaelides
55.The Family Upstairs. Lisa Jewel
56.Child of Darkness. Virginia Andrews
57.Interworld. Neil Gaiman
58,The Killer Next Door. Alex Marwood
59. Night Terrors. Dennis Palumbo
60.The Wicked Girls. Alex Marwood
61 Dishwasher. Pete Jordan
62 The Poison Garden. A. Marwood.
63.Spirit Sisters. Karina Machado
64.City of Veils. Zoë Ferraris
65. A Visit from the Goon Squad. Jennifer Egan
66.Drowned Lives. Stephen Booth
67. The Convent. Marie Hargreaves
68.The Gathering Dark. James Oswald
69.Extraordinary People. Peter May
70. My Psychic Life. Sally Morgan
71. Mrs Reinhardt Edna O'Brien
72.Skellig. David Almond
73.The Big Good Wolf. Arkas
75.The Critic. Peter May
76.Into the Water. Paula Hawkins
77.One Man and His Bike. Mike Carter
78.Martin Misunderstood. Karin Slaughter.
79. Blacklight Blue. Peter May
80.Sanctuary. Lisa Appignanesi.
81.The Ghosting of Anne Armstrong. M C Green
82.The Hellbound Heart. Clive Barker?
83. Blowback. Peter May
84.The Bad Room. Jade Kelly
85. Journey Through Love. John Hillaby
86.Cast Iron. Peter May.
87.Water Like a Stone. Deborah Crombie
88.Dear NHS. Adam Kay
89.Conclave. Robert Harris
90.The Day the Nazis Came. Stephen R. Matthews
91.The Moonlit Door. Deryn Lake
92.The Seagull. Ann Cleeves
93.Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders. Gyles Brandreth
94.The Ambleside Alibi. Rebecca Tope
95. Road to the Dales. Gervase Phinn
96.The First Lady. James Patterson
97.Lockdown. Peter May
98.The Black House. Peter May
99.The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse, Robert Rankin
100.The Lewis Man. Peter May
101.Twas the Nightshift before Christmas. Adam Kay
102.The Chess Men. Peter May
103.The Piano Teacher. Janice Y. K. Lee
104.Easter Island. Jennifer Vanderbes
105.Death at Bishop's Keep. Robin Paige
106.Blowing the Bloody Doors off. Michael Caine
107. The Midnight Library. Matt Haig
108. Kingdom of Strangers. Zoë Ferraris
109.Top Hard. Stephen Booth
110,Out of this World. JD Robb
111.The Westing Game. Ellen Raskin
112.Property. Valerie Martin
113.The Firemaker. Peter May
114.The Tiger Rising. Kate DiCamillo
115.The Patience of the Spider. Andrea Camilleri
116. No Mercy. Martina Cole
117.Educated. Tara Westover
118.The Butcher Bird. SD Sykes
119.The Dead Ex. Jane Corry
120.Alone with the Dead. James Nally
121.Dance with the Dead. James Nally
122. Falling Leaves. Adeline Yen Mah
123.The Doctor Will See You Now. Dr Amir Khan
124.113 Minutes. James Patterson
125.The Grandparent. Ladybird Danny White
127.The House of Unexpected Sisters. A McCall Smith
128. The Cat Who Came for Christmas. Cleveland Amory
129.Midnight. Jacqueline Wilson
130.A Keeper. Graham Norton
131.Bettyville. George Hodgman
132.The Midwich Cuckoos. John Wyndham
133.Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. TS Eliot
134.Ghost. Robert Harris
135.Caught. Harlan Coben
136.Fawkes. N Brandes
137. Fearless Fourteen. Janet Evanovich
138.The Last Family in England. Matt Haig
139.Best Ghost Stories. Charles Dickens

READ IN 2019
1.The Loney by A. M. Hurley
2.Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh
3.Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
4.Rebel by Various
5.Slow by Carl Honore
6.The Little Red Chairs by Edna O'Brien.
7.Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz
8.Gunpowder by Jack Kelly
9.The Violet Hour by R Montanari
10.Dead Man's Cove by Lauren St John
11.Room by Enma Donaghue
12.The Women's War by James Patterson
13.It's not about the Tapas by Polly Evans
14.Never Saw it Coming by Linwood Barclay
15.Ash and Bones by Mike Thomas
16.The Child by Fiona Barton
17.Buried in Cornwall by Janie Bolitho
18.Fear of the Collar, Patrick Touher
19. The People vs Alex Cross, James Patterson
20.French Kiss, James Patterson
21.Freelance Death, Andrew Taylor
22.Pain of Death by Adam Creed
23.The Dolphin. Sergio Bambaren
24.I Let You Go. Clare Mackintosh
25.The Novel of Habits and Happiness. A.McCall.Smith
26.Too Close to Home. Linwood Barclay
27.The Humans. Matt Haig
28.Fear the worst. Linwood Barclay
29.Come and get us. James Patterson
30.More Scary Kisses. Liz Grzy
31.My Grandmother sends her Regards and Apologies. Fredrik Backman
32.Malicious. James Patterson
33.The Little Pieces of You and Me. Vanessa Greene
34.Trains & Lovers. A McCall Smith
35.An Academic Question. B. Pym
36. Fatal Voyage. Kathy Reichs
37.The Dust of Ancients. Terri Nixon
38. The Best British Mysteries 2005
39.Blood Games. Faye Kellerman
40.Eagle Day. Robert Muchamore
41.Demon's Door.Demon's Door. Graham Masterton
42.Tunnels of Blood. Darren Shan
43.Tom's Midnight Garden. Philippa Pearce.
44.I've got my eyes on you. Mary Higgins Clark
45.A Man Called Ove. Fredrik Backman
46. Arthur & friends. Mikael Lindnord
47.The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. Tom Angleberger
48.Knife. R. J. Anderson
49.Darth Paper Strikes Back. Tom Angleberger
50.Gods Behaving Badly. Marie Phillips
51.Five Children on the Western Front. Kate Saunders
52. Dangerous Diamonds. Barbara Mitchelhill
53.Bonjour Tristesse. Francoise Sagan
54.The Godwulf Manuscript. Robert B Parker
55. Knightley & Son. Rohan Gavin
56.Fathomless Riches. The Revd Richard Coles
57.The London Eye Mystery. Siobhan Dowd
58.The Salt Path. Raynor Winn
59.The Dark Beneath. Alan Gibbons
60.Pippi in the South Seas. Astrid Lindgren
61. The Bees. Laline Paull
62.You Killed Me. Keith Gray
63.The Dry. Jane Harper
64. Seasons of Splendour. Madhur Jaffrey
65.The Butterfly Cabinet. Bernie McGill
66.Never Look Away. Linwood Barclay
67.A Snow Garden. Rachel Joyce
68.A Dreadful Murder. Minette Walters
69.All These Lonely People. Gervase Phinn
70.A Death in Tuscany. Michele Giuttari
71.Four Warned. Jeffrey Archer
72.The Wishing People. Nina Beachcroft
73.Varjak Paw. S. F. Said
74. A Cool Head. Ian Rankin
75. Ragtime in Simla. Barbara Cleverly
76.Marianne Dreams. Catherine Storr
77.A Highland Christmas. M. C. Beaton
78. The Blue Bedroom. Rosamunde Pilcher
79.The Demon Dentist. David Walliams
80.Lord of the Flies. William Golding
81.A Twist of the Knife. Peter James
82.Remembering Ronnie Barker. Richard Webber.
83.The Secret Passage. Nina Bawden
84.Beyond the Deepwoods. P Stewart
85.Nowhere to Hide. Alex Walters
86.The Darkest Secret. Alex Marwood
87.Ketchup Clouds. Annabel Pitcher
88. Our Endless Numbered Days. Claire Fuller
89. Nine Lives of Montezuma. Michael Morpurgo
90. A Florentine Death, Michele Giuttari
91.Freeze Frame. Peter May
92. The House with a Clock in its Walls. John Bellairs
93.The Burning Room. Michael Connelly
94.Dark Lord. Jamie Thompson
95.The Paper Men. William Golding
96.Summer Wine and Other Stories. Peter Sallis
97.The Killing Hour. Lisa Gardner
98.Little Foxes. Michael Morpurgo
99.The Kill Crew. Joseph D'Lacey
100.The Absolute True Diary of a Part-time Indian. Sherman Alexie
101. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Gail Honeyman
102.Killer Chef. James Patterson
103.Chinese Cinderella. Adeline Yen Mah
104.Acadie. Dave Hutchinson
105.Gifted. Nikita Lalwani
106.The Book Thief. Markus Zusak
107.Treasure Island. R.L.Stevenson
108.The Stained Glass Window. Penelope Lively
109.While the Others Sleep. Tom Becker
110.Close to Home. Cara Hunter
111.Greetings from Earth. Scott Bradfield
112.King Solomon's Mines. H. Rider Haggard
113.Noel Fitzpatrick Becoming the Supervet.
114.Dear Teacher. Jack Sheffield
115.Ann of Avonlee. L. M. Montgomery
116.Aprons&Silver Spoons.Mollie Moran
117. In Order to Live. Yeonmi Park
118.Manhunt. James Patterson
119.Round Ireland with a Fridge. Tony Hawks
120.The Little Book of Cheshire. Roger Stephens
121.The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen.
122.The Haunting. Alan Titchmarsh
123. The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Heather Morris
124.Native Americans of the Pacific Coast. Vinson Brown
125.Styx and Stones. Carola Dunn
126.The Whitby Witches. Robin Jarvis
127.How to Live with a Neurotic Cat. Stephen Baker
128.Lonely Hearts. John Harvey
129.The Witch Finder's Sister. Beth Underdown
130.Sharp Objects. Gillian Flynn
131.Norse Mythology. Neil Gaiman
132.A Christmas Scrapbook. Elizabeth Walter

READ IN 2018
1.Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth
2.How did all this Happen? By John Bishop
3.The Scandal by John Grisham
4.Manchester Moll by Emma Hornby
5.The Little One by Lynda la Plante
6.Doctor Who, the Whoniverse
7.Comfort for the Troops by Fiona Joseph.
8.Danger Society by Charlie Higson
9.Edge by Jeffery Devereux.
10.13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
11. Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo
12.The Book of Heroic Failures by Stephen Piled
13.Evidence by Jonathan Kellerman
14.Special Offa by Bob Bibby
15.From Baghdad with Love by L. C. Jay Kopelman
16. The Wombles Book by Elisabeth Beresford
17. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey
18.Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
19.Deception by Jonathan Kellerman
20.Pour Me by A A Gill
21.Rescue Me by Melissa Wareham
22.Prehistoric Cheshire by V&P Morgan
23. Farmhouse Aches Workhouse Pains by Gerald Green (Horton)
24.Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now by Andrew Collins
25.Motive by Jonathan Kellerman
26.Outside Broadcaster by Eric Robson
27.Ward 6 & other stories by Anton Chekhov
28.Precious and Grace by Alexander McCall Smith
29.Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka
30.Cold Justice by Katherine Howell
31.The Evening of Adam by A. T. Ellis
32.The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
33.Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot
34.The Hospital by Barbara O'Hare
35.His Bloody Project by G M Burnet
36.Diana by Andrew Morton
37.Tbe Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
38.Everything, everything by Nicola Yoon
39.Stacey by Stacey Solomon
40.Fragile Lives by Stephen Westaby
41.The Resurrectionist by James Bradley
42.Black & Blue by James Patterson
43.The Private Life of the Cat Who... By LJ Braun
44. The Snowman by Jo Nesbo
45.Arrival by Ted Chiang
46.Trouble on the Heath by Terry Jones
47.Quantum of Tweed by Conn Iggulden
48.The Christmas Mystery by James Patterson
49.Lights Out by James Patterson
50.Cross Kill by James Patterson
51.The Dying Photo by Alan Gibbons
52.Clouded Vision by Linwood Barclay
53.Break Point by James Patterson
54.Ten Little Herrings by L. C. Tyler
55.A Cow in my Parlour by Peggy Grayson
56.Mondays are Murder by Tanya Landman
57.The Happy Hoofer, Celia Imrie
58.Nigel by Monty Don
59.The Orphans of Ardwick by Emma Hornby
60.The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams
61.The Lie by C L Taylor
62.Bill Bryson Down Under
63.Katie V Peter by Emily Herber
64. George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt by Lucy & Stephen Hawking.
65.The Case of the Missing Books by Ian Sansom
66.Search for a Father by Amanda Lord
67.Before I go to sleep by SJ Watson.
68.London Calling by James Craig
69.The Lost Art of Gratitude by A McCall Smith
70.The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
71.The Paper Moon by Andrea Camilleri
72.The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell
73.The Night Circus by Erin Morgenster
74. 44 by Peter Sheridan
75. A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler
76. The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields
77.Grumpy Old Women by Judith Holder
78.Outside Broadcaster by Eric Robson.
79.Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth
80.Autumn Killing by Mons Kallentoft
81.Teacher Man by Frank McCourt
82.Anatomy of a Soldier by Harry Parker
83.The Late Monsieur Gallet by Georges Simenon
84.Histories by Sam Guglani
85.Wonder by R. J. Palacio
86.A Bloody Good Friday by Desmond Barry
87.Neither Here nor There by Bill Bryson
88.Orphan X by Greg Herwitz
89.Stuart by Alexander Masters
90.The Girl who Married a Lion by Alexander McCall Smith
91. The House Husband by James Patterson
92.Dead in the Dark by Stephen Booth
93.A Mother's War by Yvonne Collinson Heath
94.The Mistress by James Patterson
95.The Butcher of Smithfield by Susanna Gregory
96. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thomas
97.Ghosting by Jennie Erdal
98.The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton
99.Beethoven's 2nd by Robert Tine?
100.Silent Scream by Angela Marsons
101.The Case of the Haunted Horrors by Anthony Read
102.Bertie, May & Mrs Fish by Xandra Bingley
103.Bloodtide by Melvin Burgess
104.Parsnips Buttered by Joe Lycett
105.Born in the Forties by Tim Glynne-Jones
106.Susan Boyle, Dreams Can Come True by Alice Montgomery
107. Snatched by Nicholas Fisk
108.100 Customs & Traditions of Tibetan People by Sagong Wangdu
109.The Good, the Bad & the Furry by Tom Cox
110. Strangers on the 16.02 by Priya Basil
111.Kidnapped by James Patterson
112.The Shack by Wm Paul Young
113. The Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury
114. The Shepherd's Life by James Rebanks

READ IN 2017
1.Heads you die by Steve Cole
2.Miss Happiness and Miss Flower by Rumer Godden
3.The Ghost of Christmas Paws by Mandy Morton
4.Diary of a Teenage Superhero by Darrell Pitt
5.Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase
6.100 Places you will never visit.
7.Lady Killers by Jonathan Goodman
8.An Elephant in the Garden by Michael Morpurgo
9.The Night Manager
10.The Winter Witch by Paula Brackston
11.The Graft by Martina Cole
12.The Midwife's Sister by Christine Lee
13.The Jasmine Moon Murder by Laura Childs
14.A Vintage Casebook of Cheshire Crime
15.Vampirates, Demons of the Oceans by Justin Somper
16.The Woman who Walked in Sunshine by Alexander McCall Smith
17.Mysterious Happenings
18.Daddy's Gone a-hunting by Mary Higgins Clark
19.The Witch's Trinity by Erika Mailman
20.Under the Mercy Trees by Heather Newton
21.The Savage Garden by Mark Mills
22.Tide of Terror by Justin Somper
23.The Voices by F R Tallis
24.The Cat who Saved Christmas by Sheila Norton
25.The House in Belle Vue Gardens by Rachel Hore.
26.The Inn at Rose Harbour by Debbie Macomber
27.Blood Captain by Justin Sompler.
28.The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond
29.The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritson
30.The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway
31.Becky Bananas by Jean Ure
32.Black Heart by Justin Somper
33.The Stone Book Quartet by Alan Garner
34.A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin
35.Seeds from a Birch Tree by Clark Strand
36. Vampirates. Empire of the Night by Justin Somper
37.Private London by James Patterson
38.Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs
39.Judi Dench, and Furthermore.
40.David Jason, My Life
41.Julie Andrews. An intimate biography
42.The Black Box by Michael Connelly
43.Boy A by Jonathan Trigell
44.Promise Me by Harlan Coben
45.The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg
46.Darkest Fear by Harlan Coben
47.Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman
48.102 English Things to do by Alex Quick
49.Chrissy Rock, from Bedlam to Benidorm
50.Miracle Cure by Harlan Coben
51.No Second Chance by Harlan Coben
52.Blood Test Jonathan Kellerman
53.Victoria by Daisy Goodwin
54.Scared to Live by Stephen Booth
55.Lady Hester Stanhope by Joan Haslip
56.Drat by Richard J Anobile
57.A Night to Remember by Walter Lord
58.Dying to Sin by Stephen Booth
59.Katharine Hepburn
60.Kaspar by Michael Morpurgo
61.Street Child by Berlie Doherty
62.The Kill Call by Stephen Booth
63.Gold Seekers by Jane Johnson
64.One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Train its Human.
65.Lost River by Stephen Booth
66.One Hundred Ways to a Happy Cat
67.The Devil's Edge by Stephen Booth
68.Down Cemetery Road by Mick Herron
69.Dead and buried by Stephen Booth
70.Already Dead by Stephen Booth
71.The Corpse Bridge by Stephen Booth
72.Mack the Life by Lee Mack
73. The Laying on of Hands by Alan Bennett
74.Murder Road by Stephen Booth
75.Sick as a Parrot by Liz Evans
76.Secrets of Death by Stephen Booth
77.The Sound of Laughter by Peter Kay
78. Revenge by Yoko Ogawa
79.Silent Partner by Jonathan Kellerman
80.The Dark Room by Minette Walter.
81.Time Bomb by Jonathan Kellerman
82.Heidi by Johanna Spyri
83.Private Eyes by Jonathan Kellerman
84. The Adventures of Peter Rabbit
85.Tbe Peasant and the Fly by Osmond Molarsky
86.Devils Waltz by Jonathan Kellerman
87.Self Defence by Jonathan Kellerman
88.The Web by Jonathan Kellerman
89.Haunted Clwyd by the way Holland
90.Sign Language 1,2 and 3
91.Village Life in England 1860-1940
92.The Months of the Year by Paul Hughes.
93.The Clinic by Jonathan Kellerman
94. The Elephant Keeper by Christopher Nicholson
95.Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
96. Survival of the Fittest by Jonathan Kellerman
97.Doctor Death by Jonathan Kellerman
98.Five go Bump in the Night by Bruno Vincent
99.Five on Brexit Island by Bruno Vincent
100.Five get Gran on line by Bruno Vincent
101. Survivor by Sharon Osbourne
102.Five get on the Property Ladder
103.Me and My Cat by Cartmel Reilly
104.Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet
105.The Murder Book by Jonathan Kellerman
106. War Boy by Michael Foreman
107. Remembering Judith by Ruth Joseph
108.Brighton Rock by Graham Greene
109.Me and My Cat by Cartmel Reilly
110.Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliet
111.Therapy by Jonathan Kellerman
112.Five on Brexit Island
113.After Liff by John Lloyd & Jon Carter

READ IN 2016
1.A Drake at the Door
2.Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Dijie
3.The Timelord Letters
4.The Abduction by John Grisham
5.The Time Traveller's Almanac
6.Sherlock Holmes Elementary Puzzles
7.Pop goes the Weasel by James Patterson
8.The Unfinished Stories by Sharon King
9.Five go to Demons Rock by Enid Blyton
10.Caspar the Commuting Cat by Susan Finden
11.The Accused by John Grisham
12.Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo
13.Don't Blink by James Patterson
14.Unforgettable Walks to take before you Die
15.Five Have a Mystery to Solve by Enid Blyton
16.Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz
17.102 Free things to do
18.Roses are Red by James Patterson.
19.The Activist by John Grisham
20.Five are Together Again by Enid Blyton
21.School's Out by Jack Sheffield
22.The Cleverness of Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith
23. The Handsome Man's De Luxe café by Alexander McCall Smith
24.1984 by George Orwell
25.Red Sky at Night by Jane Struthers
26.Violets are Blue by James Patterson
27.A Cheshire Christmas
28. The Shadow in the North by Philip Pullman
29.Four Blind Mice by James Patterson
30.Dewey by Vicki Myron
31.The Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson
32.The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson
33.Icons of England by Bill Bryson
34.The Famous Five and the Missing Cheetah
35.Dr Who, Companions and Allies
36.London Bridges by James Patterson
37.Dr Who, Monsters and Villains
38.Dr Who, Starships and Space Stations
39.Song of the Meadowlark by John A Sanford
40.Mary Mary by James Patterson
41.Cross by James Patterson
42.Dr Who, Creatures and Demons
43.The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly
44.Russian Roulette by Anthony Horowitz
45.Cross Country by James Patterson
46.Kiddiwalks in the Chilterns by Abigail Hamilton-Thompson
47.My Animals and other Family by Clare Balding
48.Alex Cross's Trial by James Patterson
49.I, Alex Cross by James Patterson.
50.Cross Fire by James Patterson.
51.The Giant Book of Useless Information.
52.Side Jobs by Jim Butcher
53.Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson
54.Wife Living Dangerously by Debra Kent.
55.Marry Christmas Alex Cross by James Patterson
56.The Boy Who Kicked Pigs my Tom Baker
57.Bollocks to Alton Towers
58.Alex Cross Run by James Patterson
59.The Human Universe by Prof Brian Cox
60.Incredible Phenomena
61.Look Back in Hunger by Jo Brand
62.Cross my Heart by James Patterson
63.Sara Payne, a Mother's Story
64.Wainwright on the Pennine Way
65.Hope to Die by James Patterson
66.Victoria Baths by Prue Williams
67.Chaplin's Girl by Miranda Seymour
68.Cross Justice by James Patterson
69.Mysteries of the Inner Self
70.Quicker than the Eye by Ray Bradbury
71.Skin by Mo Hayder
72.The Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain
73.Killing the Lawyers by Reginald Hill
74.Cold Days by Jim Butcher
75.Mysterious Regions
76.My Life by David Jason
77.The Finno-Ugrian Vampire by Noemi Szecsi
78.The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
79.Les Dawson's Joke Book
80.King of the Cloud Forest by Michael Morpurgo
81.The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo
82.Tim, an Ordinary Boy by Colin & Wendy Parry
83.Icefall by Alex Staniforth
84. Young Precious Ramotswe series (3books) by Alexander McCall Smith
85.Mystery of the Invisible Dog by M V Carey
86.The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen
87.The Island of Dr Moreau by H G Wells
88.The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton
87.Tales of Long Ago by Enid Blyton
88.Still Water by John Harvey
89.Count Karlstein by Philip Pullman
90.'Allo, 'Allo. The Complete War Diaries of Rene Artois
91.Gallows View by Peter Robinson
92.The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell
93.The Orpheus Descent by Tom Harper
94.A Gift from Bob by James Bowen
95.Bus Pass Britain
96.The Midwife's Daughter by Patricia Ferguson
97.The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff
98.Unholy Fire by Whitley Strieber
99.The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen
100.A Passage to Africa by George Alagiah
101.The Pirate by Frederick Marryat
102.My Word is my Bond by Roger Moore
103.On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers.
104.Pirate Diary by Richard Platt
105.Horrible Histories, Pirates.
106.Wish List by Eoin Colfer
107.Shoot to Kill (Young Bond)
108.Johnny Depp Biography
109.Stardust Neil Gaiman
110.Black Dog by Stephen Booth
111.Blood on the Tongue by Stephen Booth
112.Blind to the Bones by Stephen Booth
113.The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
114.The Best Place to be Today
115.Me and Mickie James by Drew Gummerson
116.One Last Breath by Stephen Booth
117.The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Ancient World.
118.Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez
119.The Dead Place by Stephen Booth
120.Cats in the Belfry by Doreen Tovey

READ IN 2015
1.Max by James Patterson
2.Steve Irwin, Wildlife Warrior by Richard Shears
3.From Rags to Richie by Shane Richie
4.On the Street Where You Live by Mary Higgins Clarke
5.The Bluffer's Guide to Hiking by Simon Whaley
6.Kine by Alan Lloyd
7.Tell No One by Harlan Coben
8.Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain
9.Lancashire Murders by Alan Hayhurst
10.The Blind Man's Garden by Nadeem Aslam
11.The Gift by Cecelia Aherne
12.Hannah, The Complete Story by Hannah Hauxwell
13.The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey
14.Why don't you fly? Christopher J A Smith
15.Tutankhamun Prophecies by Maurice Cotterell
16.All is Discovered by Joanna Cannan
17.A Mother's Courage by Dilly Court
18.Death Cloud by Andrew Lane
19.The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie
20.Investigating Murder by Kirk Wilson
21.The Xmas Factor by Annie Saunders
22. Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl
23. Liverpool & The Wirral, A Miscellany
24.The Story of Where You Live, Readers Digest
25.Stay Close by Harlan Coben
26.The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection by Alexander McCall Smith
27.Atlas of the Supernatural by D&J Parker
28.Grass by Phil Sparrowhaw
29. Mysteries of the Afterlife
30.A Tiny Bit Marvellous by Dawn French
31.Not all Tarts are Apple by Pip Granger
32.Chaser by John W Pilley
33.Lightsome and the Little Golden lady
34.Call Me Charlie by Lord Brockett
35.Blinkie by Alfred Ker
36.3rd Degree by James Patterson.
37.The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon by Alexander McCall Smith
38.Already Dead by Stephen Booth
39.Theodore Boone by John Grisham
40.The Golden Cat by Gabriel King
41.To a Special Grandmother
42.Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford
43.Portent by James Herbert
44.4th July by James Patterson
45.Deep Waters by Barbara Nadel
46.Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley
47.Before the Year Dot by June Brown
48.Giants by David Larkin
49.5th Horseman by James Patterson
50.Flight to Dragon Isle by Lucinda Hare
51.Death of a Celebrity by M C Beaton
52.Lucas by Kevin Brooks
53.6th Target by James Patterson
54.Young Sherlock Holmes, Red Leech by Andrew Lane
55.Young Sherlock Holmes, Black Ice by Andrew Lane
56.The Chaos Code by Justin Richards
57.7th Heaven by James Patterson
58.Explaining the Unexplained
59.Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French
60. Five go to Billycock Hill by Enid Blyton
61.Ricky by Ricky Tomlinson
62.Cult and Occult
63.Paddington Helps Out and Paddington Abroad by Michael Bond.
64.Five get into a Fix by Enid Blyton.
65.8th Confession by James Patterson
66.The World According to Bob by James Bowen
67.Talking to Tigers by Nick Arnold
68.9th Judgement by James Patterson
69.10th Anniversary by James Patterson
70.Dowsha by Frediswid Sturges
71.11th Hour by James Patterson
72.Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz
73.12th of Never by James Patterson
74.My Booky Wook by Russell Brand
75.Fading into the Limelight by Peter Sallis
76.Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen.
77.Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
78.A Ghost a Day by Maureen Wood and Ron Kolek
79.Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz
80.A Gull on the Roof by Derek Tangye
81.The Wild Rover by Mike Parker
82.Kiss the Girls by James Patterson
83.Five on Finniston Farm by Enid Blyton
84.We Ain't Got No Drink Pa by Hilda Kemp
85.The Narrows by Michael Connelly
86.Cat in the Window by Derek Tangye
87.Jack and Jill by James Patterson
88.Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz
89.Cat and Mouse by James Patterson
90.The World's Last Mysteries.

READ IN 2014
1.Treasures by Various
2.Silent Sisters by Jenny Tomlin
3.Hunter's Moon by David Deveroux
4.On the Run, Gregg & Gina Hill
5.Teacher, Teacher, Jack Sheffield
6.Amped by Daniel H. Wilson
7.Stolen Innocence: by John Batt
8.Guilty Wives by James Patterson
9.Mummy Knew by Lisa James
10.Stephen Hawking, A life in Science by M White & J Gribbin
11. Stray by A N Wilson
12.The Two Pound Tram by William Newton
13.The Kingdom by the Sea. Robert Westall
14.Smoke Trail by June Oldham
15.I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai
16.Zoo Tails by Oliver Graham-Jones
17. War Horse by Michael Morpurgo
18.True Grit by Bear Grylls
19.The Bag of Bones by Vivian French
20.Viking Mythology by John Grant
21.Nothing to Fear by Karen Rose
22.The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley
23.Secret Seven Adventure Collection by Enid Blyton.
24.Stories of Wales by Elisabeth Sheppard-Jones
25.Heriot by Margaret Mahy
26.I am Dead by Gareth Wiles
27.My Manchester by Frank Pritchard
28.The Art of Mindful Walking by Adam Ford
29.101 Questions about Science by Brian J Ford.
30.Enough to Make a Cat Laugh by Deric Longden
31.The Belle Vue Story by Robert Nicholls
32.How to have an Almost Perfect Marriage by Mrs Stephen Fry.
33.Dr Who, The Essential Guide
34.Lottery by Patricia Wood
35.Doctor Who Monsters and Villains
36.A Very Gothic Christmas
37.Blood, Bones and Body Bits
38.Silent Scream by Karen Rose
39.Kid Swap by Michael Lawrence
40.Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup
41.A Shite History of Nearly Everything.
42.Sheeka by Pratima Mitchell
43.The Day my Bum went Psycho by Andy Griffiths
44.You Kant Make it up by Gary Hayden
45.The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party by Alexander McCall Smith
46.The Fault in our Stars by John Green
47.Atticus Claw Settles a Score by Jennifer Gray
48.Is it just me? by Miranda Hart
49.Higgs Discovery by Lisa Randall
50.Bailey, Boat Cat by Louise Kennedy
51.Encyclopaedia of Guilty Pleasures
52.The Black Book of Secrets by F E Higgins
53.Around the World in Eighty Days with Michael Palin
54.Double Cross by James Patterson
55.Big Chief Elizabeth by Giles Milton
56.Bridge Across my Sorrows by Christina Noble
57.Mary Mary by James Patterson
58.Growing out of Trouble by Monty Don
59.The Phone goes Dead by Anthony Horowitz
60.Twist Cottage by Anthony Horowtz
61.Crap Towns Returns
62.Treasury of Great Cat Stories
63.Someone Like Me by Tom Holt
64.Hell Island by Matthew Reilly
65.The Dying Wish by Courttia Newland
66.Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich
67.Bloody Valentine by James Patterson
68.Dying to be Thin by Nikki Graham
69.Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
70.Dr Who Character Encyclopaedia

READ IN 2013
1.Secrets of the Henna Girl by Sufiya Ahmed
2.We bought a Zoo by Benjamin Mee
3.The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
4.1st to Die by James Patterson
5.Snowdrops by Andrew Miller
6.How to Fossilise Your Hamster by New Scientist
7.Ice Road Truckers by Rupert Frost
8.The Ropenta Stones by Kristian Ryder
9.A Pocketful of Holes and Dreams
10.Talk to the Tail by Tom Cox
11.The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell
12.The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson
13.King of the Cloud Forest by Michael Morpurgo
14.Moon Cottage Cats by Marilyn Edwards
15.The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith
16.Last Man Down by Richard Picciotto
17.Diana - The Last Word by Simone Simmons
18.Fuzzy Thinking by Bart Kosko
19.Catch a Falling Star by Ken McCoy
20.The Devil's Labyrinth by John Saul
21.House of Reckoning by John Saul
22. One Dog at a Time by Pen Farthing
23.Exchange by Paul Magrs
24. The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo
25.The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
26.The Supernatural Short Stories of Charles Dickens
27.The Hunger Games, Catching Fire
28. Silent Thunder by Katie Payne
29.The Hunger Games, Mockingjay
30.The Nine Lives of Montezuma by Michael Morpurgo
31.The Ghosts of Sleath by James Herbert
32.Fame Game by Louise Fennell
33.Nobody True by James Herbert
34.Kidnapped by R. L. Stephenson
35.Step on a Crack by James Patterson
36.The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer
37.Treasure Island by R L Stevenson
38.The Call of the Wild by Jack London
39.Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
40.The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
41.Salmon Fishing in theYemen by Paul Torday
42.The Beauty in the Beast by Hugh Warwick
43.Turn Coat by Jim Butcher
44.The Heart of Glass by Vivian French
45.When the Bough Breaks by J Kellerman
46.My Land, My people by the Dalai Lama
47.The First Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander
48.More Horowitz Horror by Anthony Horowitz
49.Abandoned by Anya Peters
50.Changes: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
51.The Cat who came in from the Cold
52.Still Standing: The Savage Years by Paul O'Grady
53.The Haunting Hour. R L Stine
54.Gangsta Granny by David Walliams
55.Lucky Man by Michael J Fox
56.Unloved by Peter Roche
57.I Am God by Giorgio Faletti
58. The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh
59.Finding Violet Park by Jenny Valentine
60.Stone Cold by Robert Swindells
61.No one Listened by Isobel & Alex Swindells
62.The God Particle by Leon Lederman
63.I Kill by Giorgio Faletti
64.Cry Silent Tears by Joe Peters.
65.The Unrequited by Niall Williams

READ IN 2012
1.Jason Manford, Autobiography.
2. Dr Who Annual
3.Santaland Diaries, David Sedaris
4.The Devil Rides Out, Paul O'Grady Autobiography
5.A Teenager's Journey by Richard Peltzer
6.Secrets about Life Every Woman should Know by Barbara de Angelis
7.Mysteries of the Rain Forest, Reader's Digest
8.Discovering the Amazon, Reader's Digest
9.The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff
10.The Good, the Bad & the Bubbly by George Best
11.Lines on the Landscape by Nigel Pennick & Paul Devereux
12.James Dean, in his own words.
13.Just Me by Sheila Hancock
14.Just one Look by Harlan Coben
15.The Enchanted World, Time Life
16.Second Chance by James Patterson
17.Lion Boy, The Chase by Zizou Corder
18.Hawksmoor by Aileen Armitage
19.Lionboy, The Truth by Zizou Corder
20. Lightsome and the Little Golden Lady by C H Bennett
21.The Crime Busters by Angus Hall
22.The Tigris Expedition by Thor Heyerdahl
23.Walking in Britain by John Hillaby
24.Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett
25.Horowitz and Mrs Washington by Henry Denker
26.Bullet Train byJoseph Rance and Arei Kato
27.The Last Enemy by Richard Hillary
28.A boy from Bolton, My Story by Amir Khan
29.Land Shapes by various
30.The Satanist by Dennis Wheatley
31. Dancing with the Virgins by Stephen Booth
32.Encyclopaedia of Ghosts and Spirits by John and Anne Spencer
33.Small Favour by Jim Butcher
34.Tommy's World by Billy Hopkins
35.Waterland by Graham Swift
36.Rabbit Stew by Maggie Smith-Bendell
37.The Girl in the Painted Caravan by Eva Petulengro
38.The Woman in the Fifth by Douglas Kennedy
39.Women's Wicked Wit
40.The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheatley
41.The Big Bridge by Richard Martin Stern
42.Badge of Glory by Douglas Reeman
43.Blue above the Chimneys by Christine Marion Fraser
44.No Escape by Joseph Hayes
45.Storm Island by Ken Follett
46.Does she know she's there? by Nicola Schaefer
47.The Storrington Papers by Dorothy Eden
48.Flight to landfall by G M Glaskin
49.The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner
50.The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender
51.Rumpelstiltskin by Ed McBain
52.The Book of Royal Lists
53.50 Shades of Grey
54.Prescription for Murder : The True Story of Harold Shipman
55.Broken by Shy Keenan
56.Hood Rat by Gavin Knight
57.Full Hearts and Empty Bellies by Winifred Foley
58.Confessions of a Battered Woman by Emily Johnson
59.Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman
6o.Over Hill and Dale by Gervase Phinn
61.The English Monster by Lloyd Shepherd
62.Encyclopaedia of the Paranormal
63.Gypsy Boy on the Run by Mikey Walsh
64.A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen
65.Cheryl Cole - Through my Eyes
66.Fallen Stars by Julian Upton
68.The Atlas of Natural Wonders
70.With one Sky above Us by M Gidley
71.Mysteries of Witchcraft and the Occult by Robert Jackson
72.Now you see her by James Patterson
73.The Peak District by Lindsey Porter
74.The Devious Book for Cats by Fluffy and Bonkers

READ IN 2011
1.Tragedy, The Kenny Carter Story by Tony McDonald
2.Mock the Week by Dan Patterson
3.Faces of fear by John Saul
4.Going Places by Billy Hopkins
5.Lion Boy by Zizou Corder
6.Zen Soup by Laurence G Boldt
7.Schrodinger's Kittens by John Gribbin
8.Jaws 2 by Hank Searls
9. A Dangerous Magic by Frances Lynch
10.The Atlas of Mysterious Places by Jennifer Wesrwood
11.The Forest Dwellers by Stella Brewer
12. Talk Down by Brian Lecomber
13.Festivals Together
14.The Earth from the Air
15.Ramblings of an Actress by Sheila Hancock
16.The Reality of the Paranormal by Arthur Ellison
17.The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
18.The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama
19.The Seniors' Survival Guide by Geoff Tibballs
20.The Dalai Lama's Book of Wisdom
21.The Way of the Goddess by Ly Warren-Clarke
22.Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes
23.Know Yourself Through Colour by Marie Louise Lacy
24.Time: The Ultimate Energy by Murry Hope
25.A Brief History of Time: a Readers Companion by Stephen Hawking
26.The Plus Factor by Dr H E Stanton
27.Beautiful Painted Arrow by Joseph E Rael
28.The Secret Country by Janet & Colin Bord
29.The hidden power of vibrations by Harvey Day
30.Notes from Small Island by Bill Bryson.
31.Run for your Life by James Patterson
32.All the days were summer by Jack M Bickham
33.The Scientist, a Time Life Book
34.Winner Harris by Ian St. James
35.Sadie Shapiro, Matchmaker by Robert Kimmel Smith
36.Explaining the Unexplained by Hans J Eysenck & Carl Sargent
37.Addict by Stephen Smith
38.Wildlife Fact File Yearbook
39.Deathwatch by Colin Falconer
40.Hunter in the Dark by Monica Hughes
41.The Women in his Life by Barbara Taylor Bradford
42.The Ark's Anniversary by Gerald Durrell
43.One Foot Wrong by Sofia Laguna
44.The Emperor's New Mind by Roger Penrose
45.Survivor by Sharon Osbourne
46.Cats in the Belfry by Doreen Tovey
47.Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher
48.The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul
49.Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert
50.Playing the Moldovans at Tennis by Tony Hawks
51.Deliver Me from Evil: by Alloma Gilbert
52.The Right Hand of Evil by John Saul
53.Paul O'Grady by Neil Simpson
54.Whatever Next! by Billy Hopkins
55. Drift by Simon A Forward
56.Bloody Valentine by James Patterson
57.Black Market by James Patterson
58.Sold by Zana Muhsen
59.A Promise to Nadia by Zana Muhsen
60.Death Masks by Jim Butcher
61.Hold Tight by Harlan Coben
62.White Night by Jim Butcher
63.Dead Ringer by Mary Burton
64.Have you seen her by Karen Rose
65.Shadow over Babylon by David Mason
66.Craig Shergold, A mother's story by Marion Shergold
67.In Search of the End of Time by John Gribben
68.Final Arguement by Clifford Irving
69.Atlas of magical Britain by Janet and Colin Bord
70.Growth by Max Marlowe
71.My life in Orange by Tim Guest
72. in Bombay by Vikram Chandra
73.Torn Apart by James Patterson & Hal Friedman
74. At my Mother's Knee by Paul O'Grady
75.Summer People by Marge Piercy
76.Racing the Wind by Lucy Daniels
77.Freed for Life by Rita Nightingale
78.Look Who It Is! by Alan Carr
79.The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers by David Wells
80.Curious and Interesting Puzzles by David Wells.
81.Flesh and Blood by Jonathon Kellerman
82.Law of Attraction by Michael Losier
83.Black Dog by Stephen Booth
84.The Reluctant Fundamentalist
85.John Thaw, the Biography
86.Right to the Edge by Charley Boorman

READ IN 2010
1.Assess Your True Potential
2.Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris
3.The Presence by John Saul
4.The Secret Scripture by S. Barry
5.Images of Infinity
6.Feel Happy Now by Michael Neill
7.Francis Frith's Peak District
8.Dolphin Diaries by Lucy Daniels
9.The Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd, John Mitchinson
10.Dolphin in the Deep by Lucy Daniels
11.Zoence by Pater Dawkins
12.Runaway by Skye Sinclair
13.Freedom in Exile:by The Dalai Lama

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