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From Ellesmere Port, Cheshire United Kingdom
Age 56
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Married mother of two orginally from Bristol, Uk but now living in Cheshire. Huge bookworm, always open to swaps and the like. If you can't get hold of me Sterile has permission to act on my behalf, give out my addy, etc.

My laptop screen having been cracked for a while has now totally self destructed. Unfortunatly lack of cash flow means I won't be buying another for a few months. Hubby will lend me his ocassionally but it means I will be here less often. I have a couple of boxes here which I plan to send out next week. If I am on a list for any rings or boxes, please skip me for now. As always Sterile has permission if you can't reach me.

Take a good look at the bear above and if you see one the same BUY IT.
This is Fuzzi. He belongs to DS2 who loves him to bits, literally. He's been washed so many times he's starting to get a bit delicate so we're frantically searching for a spare. He's 8 inches tall in his sitting position and has Fuzzi written on his bottom left paw in brown thread. He has a pale blue ribbon round his neck. I'll refund cost, postage and send as many books as wanted as a thank you.
I'm still looking for a new Fuzzi, the old one is in serrious disrepair now so if you can help please do.

If you have any Dr Who or Star Trek books you would be willing to trade with me please pm me. At the moment I have more than are listed on my shelf.

My wish list thanks to Cliff1976

Books read in 2005 = 321
Books read in 2006 = 237
Books read in 2007 = 307
Books read in 2008 - 123 Audio - 6
Books read in 2009 - 236 Audio - 12
Books read in 2010 - 126
Books read in 2011 - 221
Books read in 2012 - 202
Books read in 2013
1)Look who it is - Alan Carr
2)The escape of Alexi - Vadim Petrov
3)Secret desires - Stormy Glenn
4)Forbidden desires - Stormy glenn
5) Heart and Soul - Stormy Glenn
6) Virgin River - Robin Carr
7)Over a torrent sea - ChristopherH Bennet
8)Hidden desires - Stormy Glenn
9)Stolen desires - Stormy Glenn
10)Unspoken desires - Stormy Glenn
11)Hunters desires - Stormy Glenn
12)The sex virus - Darrell Bain
13)Dangerous desires - Stormy Glenn
14)Running Hot - Stephani Hecht
15)Shelter Mountain - Robin Carr
16)Whispering Rock - Robin Carr
17)Virgin River Christmas - Robin Carr
18)Second Chance Pass - Robin Carr
19)Temptation Ridge - Robin Carr
20)That Holiday Feeling - Robin Carr
21)Angels Pass - Robin Carr
22)Forbidden Falls - Robin Carr
23)Moonlight Road - Robin Carr
24)Midnight Kiss - Robin Carr
25)Promise Canyon - Robin Carr
26)Wildman Creek - Robin Carr
27)Harvest Moon - Robin Carr
28)Bring me home for Christmas - Robin Carr
29)Man down- Stephani Hecht
30)Hidden Summit - Robin Carr
31)Redwood Bend - Robin Carr
32)Sunrise Point Robyn Carr
33)Redwood Bend - Robyn Carr
34)Carnival of monsters -Terrance Dicks
35)Lights and Sirens - Stephani Hecht
36)My kind of xmas - Robyn Carr
37)Priority one - Stephani Hecht
38)Angel Warriors - Stephani Hecht
39)Captive Angel - Stephani Hecht
40)Hells Angels - Stephani Hecht
41)Angels Blood - Stephani Hecht
42)Rogue Angel - Stephani Hecht
43)Have a harpy holiday - Stephani Hecht
44)Angels quest - Stephani Hecht
45)Heart of an angel -Stephani Hecht
46)An angels hope - Stephani Hecht
47)Angelic rapture- Stephani Hecht
48)The Time Keeper- Mitch Albom
49)The Romanov Conspiracy - Glen Meade
50)The Choice - John Peel
51)Angelic desires - Stephani Hecht
52)Area 51 - Robert Doherty
53)Area 51 The Reply - Robert Doherty
54)Children of the dust - Louise Lawrenc e
55)Area 51 The Mission - Robert Doherty
56)Red lights and silver bells - Stephani Hecht
57)Lust and Fae - Stephani Hecht
58)Area 51 The Sphinx - Robert Doherty
59)Chameleon Wolf - Stormy Glenn
60)Mating games- Stormy Glenn
61)Blood lust - Stormy Glenn
62)Area 51-The Grail - Robert Doherty
63)Area 51-Excalliber - Robert Doherty
64)Area 51-The Truth - Robert Doherty
65)Charlie Branson
66)Crimes by moonlight - Various
67)High Flow - Stephani Hecht
68)Three alarm fire - Stephani Hecht
69)Shades of the past - Stephani Hecht
70)Fire burn and cauldron bubble - H P Mallary
71)Toil and trouble - H P Mallary
72)Lights and sirens - Stephani Hecht
73)By the light of the moon - Gabrielle Evans
74)In my heroes shadow - Stephani Hecht
75)life over limb - Stephani Hecht
76)The disappearing girls - Darrell Bain
77)Sweet treats - Stormy Glenn
78)Status dramaticas - Stephani Hecht
79)Tagged and bagged - Stephani Hecht
80)Blamestorming - Stephani Hecht
81)Code blue - Stephani Hecht
82)Oz reimagined - Various
83)Blood signs - Amber Kell
84)Devil did grin - Gabrielle Evans
85)Bones buried deep- Max Allan Collins
86)Dance with the devil - Gabrielle Evans
87)Devils playground - Gabrielle Evans
88)Devil makes three - Gabrielle Evans
89)Emails from an asshole - John Lindsay
90)Sweet Oblivion - Stormy Glenn
91)The cave monsters - Terrance Dicks
92)A squeak and a roar - Joyee Flynn
93)Just take my heart - Mary Higgins Clark
94)His dirty little secret - Stormy Glenn
95)His gentle touch - Stormy Glenn
96)My name is memory - Ann Brashares
97)The wallflower - Dana Marie Bell
98)Sweet dreams - Stormy Glenn
99)Cat of a different colour - Dana Marie Bell
100)Steel beauty - Dana Marie Bell
101)The Ornament - Dana Marie Bell
102)Little red - Dana Marie Bell
103)Only in my dreams - Dana Marie Bell
104)Bear neccessities - Dana Marie Bell
105)Cynful - Dana Marie Bell
106)Honour bound- Stormy Glenn
107)Heart song- Stormy Glenn
108)Just a vampire- Stormy Glenn
109)Alpha Born - Stormy Glenn
110)An alphas pride- Stormy Glenn
111)The book of tomorrow - Cecelia Ahern
112)Sunshines kiss- Stormy Glenn
113)A promise kept- Stormy Glenn
114)A promise given- Stormy Glenn
115)Fire demon- Stormy Glenn
116)Air demon- Stormy Glenn
117)Maris men- Stormy Glenn
118)Stefan -Joyee Flynn
119)Julias knight- Stormy Glenn
120)Three of a kind- Stormy Glenn
121)Screw Santa _ Joyee Flynn
122)Rebellion - Bill McCay
123)Here kitty kitty - Joyee Flynn
124)My little kitty - Joyee Flynn
125)Witchway to murder - Shirley Damsgard
126)Fang and Fur- Stormy Glenn
127)Charmed to death - Shirley Damsgard
128)The trouble with witches - Shirley Damsgard
129)Remus - Joyee Flynn
130)Micah - Joyee Flynn
131)Death of a gossip - M C Beaton
132)A Dillion Sandwich - Joyee Flynn
133)A Caleb footlong - Joyee Flynn
134)Issac Dragos - Joyee Flynn
135)The doctors patience- Stormy Glenn
136)Yesterdays Sun - Amanda Brooke
137)The Dare - John Boyne
138)Leap of Faith - Gabrielle Evans
139)Burning Flint -Lauren Dohner
140)Kissing Steel -Lauren Dohner
141)Melting Iron - Lauren Dohner
142)Touching Ice- Lauren Dohner
143)Stealing Coal- Lauren Dohner
144)Redeeming Zanis- Lauren Dohner
145)Taunting Krell- Lauren Dohner
146)On thin ice - Cherry Adair
147)Synthesis - James Swallow
148)Haunted - Heather Graham
149)Ghost Walk - Heather Graham
150)Vision - Heather Graham
151)The Seance - Heather Graham
152)The dead room - Heather Graham
153)The death dealer - Heather Graham
154)Barnabus Leopold - Joyee Flynn
155)Travis Rhodes - Joyee Flynn
156)Darcy Burke - Joyee Flynn
157)Maverick Danker - Joyee Flynn
158)Ferris Braden - Joyee Flynn
159)Virgil - Joyee Flynn
160)Victor - Joyee Flynn
161)Damian - Joyee Flynn
162)Tristan - Joyee Flynn
163)Carson - Joyee Flynn
164)Edric - Joyee Flynn
165)A marius Christmas - Joyee Flynn
166)Gabriel - Joyee Flynn
167)ABrio grinder - Joyee Flynn
168)Clove Sutherland - Joyee Flynn
169)Elan - Joyee Flynn
170_A Bevin hero - Joyee Flynn
171)The Godwulf Manuscript - Robert B Parker
173)Be couragous - Gabrielle Evans
174)Accepting the impossible - Gabrielle Evans
175)Eight second fall - Gabrielle Evans
176)Upon crimson waters - Gabrielle Evans
177)Firestorm - Gabrielle Evans
178)Lipstick and handguns - Gabrielle Evans
179)Striptease and search - Gabrielle Evans
180)Hells tempest - Gabrielle Evans
181)Somewhere in time - Barbara Bretton
182)Shades of black - Gabrielle Evans
183)Throttle -Joe Hill
184)His enemy lover - Marcy Jacks
185)In bed with the vamp assasin - Marcy Jacks
186)Scarlet and the three bears - Stacy O'Brien
187)Slave to his love - Marcy Jacks
188)Owens promise - Marcy Jacks
189)Held hostage by the vampire lord - Marcy Jacks
190)Relatively dead -Sheila Connelly
191)Julias relunctant lover - Marcy Jacks
192)Servant to his every need - Marcy Jacks
193)Prodigal son - Dean Koontz
194)The alpha takes a mate- CAra Adams
195)Soul deep-Lora Leigh
196)Kiss of heat - Lora Leigh
197)Eizabeths Wolf - Lora Leigh
198)Tempting the beast - Lora Leigh
199)The man within - Lora Leigh
200)The time machine
201)Captured with his pregnant mate - Marcy Jacks
202)The omega in control - Marcy Jacks
203)Innkeeping with murder - Tim Myers
204)Jacobs faith - Lora Leigh
205)Tanners scheme - Lora Leigh
206)Harmonys way - Lora Leigh
207)Stat - Stephani Hecht
208)Megans mark - Lora Leigh
209)The breed next door - Lora Leigh
210)Wolfes hope - Lora Leigh
211)Timelines - Various
212)Foretold -Various
213)Mammoth book of CSI - Nigel Cawthorne
214)Pride Mates -Jennifer Ashley
215)Shiftermade -Jennifer Ashley
216)Primal bond -Jennifer Ashley
217)Bodyguard -Jennifer Ashley
218)Fury - Lauren Dohner
219)Wratih - Lauren Dohner
220)Brawn - Lauren Dohner
221)Justice - Lauren Dohner
222)Valient - Lauren Dohner
223)Slade - Lauren Dohner
224)Tiger - Lauren Dohner
225)Obsidian - Lauren Dohner
226)Candy Apple dead - Sammi Carter
227)Aidans charity - Lora Leigh
228)In a wolfs embrace - Lora Leigh
229)Dawns awakening - Lora Leigh
230)A jaguars kiss - Lora Leigh
231)Coyotes mate - Lora Leigh
232)Bengals heart - Lora Leigh
233)Lions heart - Lora Leigh
234)Styxs storm - Lora Leigh
235)Navarros promise - Lora Leigh
236)An incovieniant mate - Lora Leigh
237)Mercurys war - Lora Leigh
238)A christmas Kiss - Lora Leigh
239)Caution contents under pressure - Gabrielle Evans
240)Faith trust and stardust - Gabrielle Evans
241)Forgotten Sins - Gabrielle Evans
242)Back Roads - Gabrielle Evans
243)Invincable - Gabrielle Evans
244)Flawless - Gabrielle Evans
245)In an strangers eyes - Gabrielle Evans
246)Four letter words - Gabrielle Evans
247)Leap of faith - Gabrielle Evans
248)Whispers in the night - Gabrielle Evans
249)Softly spoken lies - Gabrielle Evans
250)Endless midnight - Gabrielle Evans
251)Let the rain come down - Gabrielle Evans
252)From this moment - Gabrielle Evans
253)Leap in the dark - Gabrielle Evans
254)Jaded - Gabrielle Evans
255)To protect and punish - Gabrielle Evans
256)accepting the impossible - Gabrielle Evans
257)Custom toys made to order - Gabrielle Evans
258)Naughty by design - Gabrielle Evans
259)Eight second fall - Gabrielle Evans
260)Calling Dr Wolf - Cara Adams
261)The hawk the wolf and the dom - Cara Adams
262)Never underestimate a wolf - Cara Adams
263)The patient is a shark - Cara Adams
264)Protected by wolves - Cara Adams
265)The wolves catch their attorney - Cara Adams
266)Taking care of Charlie - Amber Kell
267)Talans treasure - Amber Kell
268)From pack to pride - Amber Kell
269)Mate Dance - Amber Kell
270)Mate Healer - Amber Kell
271)Mate Hunt - Amber Kell
272)Mate Test - Amber Kell
273)More than pride - Amber Kell
274)Nothing to do with pride - Amber Kell
275)A pridefu lmate - Amber Kell
276)A prideless man - Amber Kell
277)Creature from the pit - David Fisher
278)Apocalypse - Variouos
279)Lawes Justice - Lora Leigh
280)Stygians honour - Lora Leigh
281)Cruel and unusal - Leland Gregory
282)Carnal Intentions - Stephani Hecht
283)A feral christmas- Stephani Hecht
284)Primal passions- Stephani Hecht
285)Ruthless pursuit- Stephani Hecht
286)Savage awakenings- Stephani Hecht
287)A wicked caress- Stephani Hecht
288)Bailey Morgan - Anitra Lynn McLeod
289)Hells Bells - Joyee Flynn
290)The All Girl Filling Station Last Reunion -Fannie Flagg
291)Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett
292)After - Various
293)A mans worth - Lynn Hagen
294)Silent secrets -Lynn Hagen
295)Stealing my heart - Stephani Hecht
296)A tempting distraction - Stephani HEcht
297)An Assasins touch - Stephani Hecht
298)Primal Kiss - Lora Leigh

Books Read 2014
1)Mister Monday - Garth Nix
2)Grim Tuesday - Garth Nix
3)Drowned Wednesday - Garth Nix
4)Sir Thursday - Garth Nix
5)Lady Friday - Garth Nix
6)Superior Saturday - Garth Nix
7)Lord Sunday - Garth Nix
8)seducing a relunctant mate - anitra Lynn Mcleod
9)Time Thieves- Dean Koontz
10)A wolfs forgotten life - A J Jarrett



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