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From Ledbury, Herefordshire United Kingdom
Age 38
Joined Monday, August 22, 2005
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books registered 3 3,199
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controlled releases 19 822
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Welcome to my Bookshelf.


I've always been a big reader and my earliest memories are of the books I was reading! I work as an admin assistant, so love to 'get away' from the mundane into the world of fiction. I also love horse-riding, and have a called Smokey, who I love to compete with in showjumping, cross-country, dressage and showing. I also love movies, science-fiction TV, writing to penpals (if you're interested, please PM, although I only do snail mail!), cross-stitch, walking and chocolate in all it's varieties!

Check out some of my other obsessions below :)

A quick guide to how I run my bookshelf:
TBR - as it sounds. These are books that I haven't read yet. If you want to do a trade for one of these, then let me know and I will move it to the top of the pile. However, I can't guarentee that I won't decide to keep it after reading it, but you will be first choice if I decide to release.
AVL - these are books that I have no plans for and am willing to swap.
RES - these are books that I do have plans for, so I won't be swapping them unless the status changes.
PC - these are books that I plan to keep, at least for the foreseeable future. Some books will be with me forever, some I want to read at least one more time before they're released.
TRAV - anything no longer in my posession and yet to find a new home.
WISHLIST - this is not a begging list, but a way for me to record books I would like to read in the future.

If you do want to trade with me, then please PM. I will always swap for anything on my wishlist, but if you haven't got anything, then this is what I am in to.

Fiction = Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Gothic Romance, Animal, Historical, Thriller.

Non-fiction = Countryside and Nature, Animals, Ancient History, Science, Myths and Legends, Biographies.

But as long as it isn't already on my bookshelf, I'll give it a go.

So why not have a browse and lets get those books out there!

In 2018 I have read 108 books as of 4th December
In 2017 I read 129 books
In 2016 I read 102 books
In 2015 I read 122 books
In 2014 I read 106 books
In 2013 I read 108 books
In 2012 I read 96 books
In 2011 I read 129 books
In 2010 I read 109 books
In 2009 I read 130 books
In 2008 I read 105 books
In 2007 I read 77 books
In 2006 I read 139 books

I have a HUGE amount of books on my TBR shelf - here's how I'm doing at reducing them this year.
01 JAN 2015: TBR = 1248
01 JAN 2016: TBR = 1200
01 JAN 2017: TBR = 1168
01 JAN 2018: TBR = 1167
01 FEB 2018: TBR = 1159
01 MAR 2018: TBR = 1165 (thanks to some very generous birthday RABCK's)
02 APR 2018: TBR = 1158
01 MAY 2018 TBR = 1154
07 JUN 2018 TBR = 1155
01 JUL 2018 TBR = 1147
01 AUG 2018 TBR = 1136
01 SEPT 2018 TBR = 1129
01 OCT 2018 TBR = 1129
01 NOV 2018 TBR = 1128
01 DEC 2018 TBR = 1115

I love to send surprise RABCKS:-
Join and you might find something landing through your letter box!!

Books Registered
1st = The Christmas Books by Charles Dickens = 23rd August 2016
100th = Firestarter by Stephen King = 29th January 2006
500th = The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester = 26th February 2010
1000th = The Kingdom of Jerusalem by Steven Runciman = 2nd July 2010
2000th = Unemployment Handbook by Guy Dauncey = 23rd June 2013
3000th = Cat and Mouse by James Paterson = 12th October 2016
Wild Releases
1500th = The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury = 14th July 2017
Controlled Releases
700th = Fallen Angels by Bernard Cornwell & Susannah Kells = 12th July 2017
800th = Whispering Back by Nicole Golding and Adam Goodfellow = 3rd November 2018

- Books of course!! - check out my BC wishlist
- Chocolate in all it's varieties - I especially like to try different flavours of drinking chocolate
- I'm not a huge tea drinker!
- Toffees, Caramels or Chewy, fruit or mint sweets
- New postards (ie. not written on the back) of things, animals or landscapes (but not tourist or town cards).
- Bookcrossing labels for the front covers of books or Bookcrossing release bags
- Horsey magazines from your country
- Geocaching Trackables - why not start a journey back to your home town, by sending one to me, which I'll leave in one of my caches.
- Anything to do with dragons, unicorns, pegasus or any other mythical creature.

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