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*****PLEASE NOTE......200 books wild released on March 12 in Leatherhead,Church Road,were in fact donated to the Pitstop Drop-in Centre(Charity) in Guildford Road.Collected from me on 15 March.Due to my ancient laptop I find I am unable to add new crossing zones.My apologies.*****

As of March 2010 my Wild Releasing activity will be strictly curtailed as I have been diagnosed with both osteo-arthritis of the spine and osteoporosis.I cannot leave the house much - cannot walk without my 'wheels!- and even have difficulty reading because it is so uncomfortable sitting and holding a book.I will not go into details re.constant pain,anger and frustration.BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER!!!!
It also means that my beloved Drum Circle is now defunct.Massive Expletives Deleted!!!!!!!!!!

Do not even bother sending 'begging' PMs for books as I will not even reply!
MY definitions....
PC - see notes below (Only books on this shelf reflect my true interests!)I prefer to call it my Personal Collection,as nothing is permanent.
AVL - available for ME to wild release,not generally up for grabs!(These books are heavily labelled,stamped and otherwise marked as 'Bookcrossing' books)
TBR - by me before I decide it's fate!
RES - I have specific plans for it


dagon may explode without warning


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Say hello to my little pixie friend - Wisteria - who will show you what the weather is like at the moment down my way! (Sometimes,for no apparent reason,she takes a little walk.If she has,no doubt she will be back soon.)
As she was feeling lonely,her little friend Jared from the Isle of Man ,has come to visit!
In honour of a friend (an ex-pupil) from Ontario,who has just been to visit me,I am adding a Canadian pixie named after his wife.So say Hi to Marlene from Ontario!
(She has quite an extensive wardrobe,compared to Wisteria!)

I live alone,and have a grown up son,who's into fast motor-bikes and off-road jeeps.He sometimes takes me green-laneing with him. I'm an Ex-school librarian among other things,have had many jobs from furrier to Military Bandswoman,and Ice-lolly packer to Civil Servant.Amical separation from my husband of 38 years (just a ruse to get out of buying me a big fat ruby for our 40th anniversary,is my guess!)
I have a sister,3 years my junior,just as nutty as me, who lives on the Isle of Man and keeps goats and who is a teacher of children with special needs(mainly deaf and a little slow at learning and the blind.)She taught herself Braille and Sign Language.Beastie was recently widowed and now has just the goats,chickens,guinea fowl,cats,and lurchers for company!
Into RPGs and LARP,especially Call of Cthulhu (great fun in the middle of a wood ,in the middle of the night!)and was ,until a knee injury stopped it,a member of Regia Anglorum,the Dark Ages Re-enactment Society. I'm a cat-loving,book-loving ,aging hippy weirdo according to people who know me,but what do They know?(the truth possibly).I'm referred to sometimes as the 'old Wise-Woman' due to my odd ways with herbs and potions and such ,but I'm quite harmless really! In fact, some times they just call me a silly old bat!
I'll read anything except Mills & Boon ,so-called chick-lit,and Booker type modern fiction. Just love Gothic type horror,Gruesome horror,vampyre and supernatural fiction,some s-f and selective fantasy,adore Terry Pratchett,and especially H.P.Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos. I particuarly like the detection novels of Tony Hillerman,and some other detective fiction,especially 'country house' and 'locked room' type murder mystery ,the John Dickson Carr and Carter Dickson type.Have just got into Kathy Reichs as well.(I think I could have phrased that better!)Also all sorts of non-fiction including myth,folklore,occult,spirituality,legends etc.history,biography and everything else.
Among my other hobbies/interests are..drumming/chanting;cross-stitch;drumming/chanting;painting my 'little people'(25mm.metal figures);drumming/chanting;American Indian crafts/history/religion.I also adore old,bad,black and white creature-feature films,and cult horror movies - favorite,of course is 'The Wicker Man'.And MGM type musicals.And foreign films esp.Kurasawa.Did I mention drumming/chanting?I run a monthly Sacred Hoop drumming circle,where we do healing,meditation,the occasional craft-work.....and drumming and chanting!!!!(Sadly I've had to give up this Group for various reasons-financial,lack of suitable venue,no transport and a debilitating back condition,and I miss it SO MUCH)
And of course,sleeping,when my insomnia lets me!!I tend to go from one extreme to another....Given the chance,I could sleep for England.
My favorite foods are asparagus,blackberrries,and seafood of any kind esp.shellfish. So,naturally,my doctor says I'm not to eat any of these for medical reasons!! I'll drink anything except red or white wine(but I love rose)NB - just discovered an extraordinary Hungarian red'Bor Forras which is unbelievable!!....special likes are Champagne,Guinness,(seperately or mixed!),Tequila,and Kahlua. And hot chocolate with thick cream on top,with cinnamon.......
My favorite animals and birds are cats,rats and bats,wolves,crows and magpies.I also like peacocks and the lonesome sound they make.I would love to howl like a wolf,but can only manage a dog-fox bark,which is OK as a fox is one of my power animals.I don't like ants,especially the flying kind,or daddy-long-legs(crane flies.) Spiders are nice!
I also love good old-fashioned rock,heavy metal,blues,country,folk....oh,anything that grabs me!And tattoos.

I also run the OBCZ at 'The Star' Public House in West Street,Dorking.(This is listed in the 'Go Hunting'pages as being in Station Road.It's actually on the corner)This is a fantastic,Rainbow friendly,TV-free place......drop in if you're in the area!!

I think that's enough.

PLEASE NOTE.......I am not in the least interested in trading books,I prefer to wild release.However,if you can persuade me that it is in my best interests,I may consider it,if you have something I desperately want,on your shelf! Financial constraints preclude me from sending books to other countries,in any case....unless I think it would be to my advantage!! I absolutely will not even answer 'give-me' PMs, so don't even think about it. :0)

Feb.2004. Have decided to list my complete library.All of these will be status-marked PERSONAL (note....NOT Permanent) COLLECTION and will definitely NOT be for release,unless I get a better copy,or there is an earth-shattering reason to part with them,as they mostly are signed copies or otherwise very sentimentally close to me, or used frequently for reference, so please DON'T ask for for them,as you will not even get a reply!!!(See also note below)I do,however,have an annual cull to make space for more books and the 'victims' then go on the AVL list.


BOOKS READ IN 2014......
The Tinner's Corpse- B.Knight; Fear in the Forest - B.Knight; Broken Angels - R.Montanari; DVD Delirium vol.1 - N.Thompson; The Sleeping Doll - J.Deaver; Girl Missing - T.Gerritsen; The Surgeon - T.Gerritson; The Sinner - T.Gerritson;The Apprentice - T.Gerritson; Body Double - T.Gerritson; Vanish -T.Gerritson; Places of Folklore & Legend in Britain; Element Ency.of Native Americans; The Limit -M.Camell; The Crossing Places - E.Griffiths; The Janus Stone - E.Griffiths; The House at Seas End - E.Griffiths; A Roomfull of Bones - E.Griffiths; Dying Fall - E.Griffiths; Frozen Out - Q.Bates; Cold Comfort - Q.Bates; People of the Nightland - W & K. O'Neal; People of the Weeping Eye - W & K.O'Neal; People of the Thunder - W & K.O'Neal; People of the Long House - W & K.O'Neal; The Mists Of Avalon - M.Bradley(re-read) Blood on the Line - E.Marston; The Stationmaster's Farewell - E.Marston; Chilled to the Bone - Q.Bates; The Witch Hunter - B.Knight; Figure of hate - B.Knight; The Elixir of Death - B.Knight; The Outcast Dea - E.Griffiths; Jellymongers - Bumpas & Parr; The Alchemy of Murder - C.McCleary; The Werewolf Pack - (ed.)M.Valentine; Poisonous Plants - R.Bevan-Jones; Merlin's Furlong - G.Mitchell; The Devil at Saxon Wall - G.Mitchell; Spotted Hemlock - G.Mitchell; 1222 - A.Holt;


(...from "Tom O'Bedlam's Night Out" by Darrell Schweitzer.)


PLEASE NOTE....Books that I have registered have the words 'A' and 'The' omitted,or added at the end of the title,and Authors have final surname first.
ALSO...(no image)means the book is listed by Amazon,but no image is available.Otherwise,if there is no picture,the book is not listed.
I have now found a source of incredibly cheap books! Charity shops will accept donations for bags of books they are just going to throw out for the bin men!Such books are listed as 'Rescued' and are not going to be read,only released.
My grown-up son has kindly 'donated' most of his old children's and teenage books,and these are listed as such.Thanks,Matt!


These books generally will not be released.
I have to have the occasional 'weeding' session to make room for new books,so some PCs will be moved to AVL.
All my PC books now have BC labels (ready for release)but no other markings.

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