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The website above is only dedicated to my passion in reading - it is my eLibrary! On the other hand, this link: My world is getting smaller everyday is my homepage which will somehow tells you about myself - my hobbies, my thoughts and my life! You can even explore the sublinks (linkrolls) dedicated to my interest in life.

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AS SOON I FINISHED READING the second bookseller of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Angel's Game, I decided to buy his English translated first Spanish novel, The Prince of Mist which is available at Tesco (UK) for half price ( hardcover, 6.49 pounds).

Just for a matter of two consecutive nights, I discovered why this Zafon's earlier writing was loved by "those who are young and those who are not so young." With 202 pages, the story begun when Max Carver's family decided to move from the city to the countryside along the beach. As soon as they occupied the wooden house, Max (13 yrs old boy) started to experience strange things - including the discovery of a walled garden, diving in a sunken ship called Orpheus, including the newly found friendship with Roland. Revealing the secrecy behind the life of Roland and his grandfather, Mr. Kay (the lighthouse keeper) leads to unexpected life-and-death encounters of the Prince of Mist, Mr. Cain.

The style of Zafon's storytelling reminded me of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. Unlike the two current novels (The Angel's Game and The Shadow of the Wind,) The Prince of Mist does not contain much of Zafon's poetic lines, but it does capture our imagination - a tale of adventure, magic and mystery which also embodied in the children books written by Lewis. Indeed a recommended summer read! The Spanish version was released in 1993 and translated to English in 2010 by Lucia Graves.

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The Giants Causeway - UNESCO Heritage Site

The Giant's Causeway is formed by a volcanic eruption, creating a pattern of more than 40,000 hexagonal shape rocks, uniformly-laden along the coast. There is also a legend about this formation which astonishes everyone and which builds up everyone's curiousity to find out more about it. While walking towards the main attraction, you could find interesting rock features such as: the camel, the granny, wishing chair, chimney tops, giant's boot and the organ (music).

My first visit to this heritage site was in 2006 during a chilly and windy day. After three years, I decided to see it again and the feeling was magical as if these rocks are inviting me to touch their smooth black surfaces under the heat of the sun! Visiting the site during spring and summer time is something not to be missed while in Northern Ireland - the birthplace of Titanic!


Welcome to my eWorld. A simple person with a simple plan in life...

I was able to visit Thailand (Pathumtani area, Ayutthaya, Rangsit, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Chang, Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Koh Samet and some areas in the countryside), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Hong Kong, Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo), New Zealand (Auckland and nearby coastline areas), England (Newcastle, London, Leeds, Kettering, Luton, Birmingham, York, Blackpool, Manchester), Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow), Republic of Ireland (Dublin, Dundalk, Drogheda, Donegall, Sligo, Co. Mayo), Belfast and other boroughs in Northern Ireland, France (Paris), Italy (Rome, Florence), Canada (Toronto, Missisuaga, Quebec, Ottawa); Finland (Helsinki), Sweden (Stockholm), Spain (Madrid, Asturias region), Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Toowomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast), USA (Atlanta, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, New Jersey, San Diego, Los Angeles, North Carolina, San Bernardino, Berkeley, Chicago, other parts of California like Menniffe. Not to forget, I already visited 60% of the 7,107 islands in my home country, The Philippines.

Future destinations in 2009/2010 include: New York, Dubai, Switzerland, Bahamas Island, Florida, Las Vegas, Africa (Ghana), Isle of Man (UK), China (Beijing) and the southern part of the Republic of Ireland. There might be changes on these itineraries in the later part of the year but watch out for my reviews on these places in the near future. Travelling is my way of living and it is part of my job and study opportunities abroad. Dont forget, Im determined to visit the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Autralia in the near future. Be my special guest by visiting this link: My Diary

Finally, I am a registered Philippine Civil Engineer, Urban Planner, Environmental Planner, Parttime Lecturer/Tutor, love to swim and free diving, sing and dance, plays badminton, collects beermats (400+ pieces) and posters, write reviews in online consumer sites, has passion in painting, sketching and photography. To date, I have collected more than 300 pocket books from interesting authors like Harlan Coben, James Patterson. Jeffrey Archer, Dan Brown, Stephen King, etc., including travel books and mags in the past 3 years!

CLICK T R I V A G O or click the logo below for more visual images of my travels ..." alt="" width="232" height="78"/>

"Yesterday is a good place to visit, while Today is a better place to stay, but Tomorrow is the best place to go"

UPDATES: I got my new travel gadget companion, white Amazon Kindle3G last summer and so far, it is very addictive to read books using it. You can download and read ebooks using the free Kindle reading application software for PC/Mac thru Amazon website. Check it out!

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