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From Balingup, Western Australia Australia
Joined Friday, September 12, 2003
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4 weeks all time
books registered 0 3,376
released in the wild 2 1,919
controlled releases 1 877
releases caught 0 294
controlled releases caught 7 695
books found 0 1,053
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Thanks for taking the time to visit my bookshelf.

  “The truly cultured are capable of owning thousands of unread books
without losing their composure or their desire for more.”
~ ~ Gabriel Zaid


I read a wide variety of books; even so, not all the books here on my shelf reflect my taste in reading. I often buy cheap books at garage sales etc with the specific aim of releasing them into the wild, and I'm also often given books by others to register for release. 

For other books in my personal collection that are not yet registered on BookCrossing see my library catalogue on LibraryThing

"To read is to live more and to live better."
~ ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafon


My BookCrossing Wish List 

This is not meant to be a 'gimme' list, but a collection of books I think look
interesting and would be happy to read one day if they happened along.
And it is a deliberately long list - to help you folks out there who play along
on the tag games, exchanges, sweeps and all those other fun things
. . . where a decent sized wishlist makes life so much easier.

My address buddy is jeniwren.
So please contact me if you'd like her address for a surprise RABCK
- and she would be happy to give you my address if you wish to surprise me . . . ;-)


Accurate Release Statistics : as at 8th August 2019.
1938 wild releases  -  all wild releases are true wild releases.
1126 early controlled releases made by journal entry only (when that was the only option).
877 later controlled releases through the system.
So my total release number is now 3941.

NB . . . sometimes my wild releases have been caught before I can do an 'official' release note - that's why 'my' wild release number is higher than the BC one on my profile.
Catch Rate:  331 catches from 1938 wild releases  -------> 17.1%

Countries my books have travelled to after leaving me:

I'm a member of the Kiva BookCrossing Team

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