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From Colne, Lancashire United Kingdom
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Last updated: 12th December 2010

Due to being the proud owner of a gigantic TBR mountain, I am not currently interested in participating in bookrings or bookrays, but thanks for thinking of me :)

Books read in December 2010

79.Cats' Miscellany -Lesley O' Mara (reserved)
78.Skinners -John Gordon (PC)
77.Angel Dogs -Allen & Linda Anderson (available)

Books read in November 2010
76.Dewey -Vicki Myron (available)
75.Under the Paw -Tom Cox (available)
74.Paw Tracks in the Moonlight -Denis O' Connor (available)

Books read in October 2010
73.The Witch's Dream -Florinda Donner-Grau (available)
72.The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner -Stephanie Meyer (N/A)
71.The Diva Paints the Town -Krista Davis (released)
70.Red Delicious Death -Sheila Connnolly (released)
69.Brisingr -Christopher Paolini (PC)

Books read in September 2010
68.Eldest -Christopher Paolini (PC)
67.Eragon -Christopher Paolini (PC)

Books read in August 2010
66.The Lovely Bones -Alice Sebold (released)
65.May Contain Nuts -John O' farrell (released)

Books read in July 2010
64.Dates From Hell -Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong, Lori Handeland (PC)
63.Favourite Cat Stories -Various Authors (released)
62.The Catacombs -Jesse Harris (PC)
61.The Tin Princess -Philip Pullman (released)
60.The Tiger in the Well -Philip Pullman (released)
59.The Silent Miaow: A Manual for Kittens, Strays & Homeless Cats -Paul Gallico (released)

Books read in June 2010
58.The Shadow in the North -Philip Pullman (released)
57.The Ruby in the Smoke -Philip Pullman (released)
56.The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare -Lilian Jackson Braun (PC)
55.The Cat Who Had 14 Tales -Lilian Jackson Braun (PC)
54.Sherlock Holmes; The Sign of Four -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (PC)
53.The diamond Girls -Jacqueline Wilson (released)
52.The Lottie Project -Jacqueline Wilson (released)
51.A Black Fox Running -Brian Carter (PC)
50.The Baldies Survival Guide -Tim Collins (available)
49.The Witch's Daughter -Nina Bawden (released)
48.Urban Tails -Sarah Neely (released)
47.Jonathan Livingston Seagull -Richard Bach (released)

Books read in May 2010
46.Witch Child -Celia Rees (released)
45.Hiss and Tell -Pam Johnson-Bennett (PC)
44.Lola Rose -Jacqueline wilson (released)
43.A Kestrel for a Knave -Barry Hines (released)
42.Lionboy: The Truth -Zizou Corder (released)
41.Lionboy: The Chase -Zizou Corder (released)
40.Lionboy -Zizou Corder (released)

Books read in April 2010
39.When Will There Be Good News? -Kate Atkinson (released)
38.Vampire Plagues; Mexico -Sebastian Rook (released)
37.Vampire Plagues; Paris -Sebastian Rook (released)
36.Vampire Plagues; London -Sebastian Rook (released)
35.The Neophyte -Guy N. Smith (PC)
34.The Pet -Charles L. Grant (available)

Books read in March 2010
33.Half Moon Investigations -Eoin Colfer (released)
32.Point Horror; Nightmare Hall, Monster -Diane Hoh (PC)
31.The Host -\stephanie Meyers (PC)
30.The Cat Who Went to Paris -Peter Gethers (released)
29.The Wizard's Promise -Cliff McNish (released)
28.The Scent of Magic -Cliff McNish (released)
27.Doomspell -Cliff McNish (released)
26.Death on a Broomstick -Gertrude mary wilson (PC)
25.Along Came Dylan -Stephen Foster (released)
24.The Merlin Conspiracy -Diana Wynn Jones (released)
23.Spinetinglers: Ghoulish Ghost Stories -(compiled by) Robert westall (released)
22.Girls Out Late -Jacqueline wilson (released)
21.Girls Under pressure -Jacqueline wilson (released)

Books read in February 2010
20.Girls in Love -Jacqueline wilson (released)
19.Tempting Evil -Keri Arthur (PC)
18.Kissing Sin -Keri Arthur (PC)
17.Full Moon Rising -Keri Arthur (PC)
16.Innocent's Story -Nicky singer (available)
15.Good Wives -Louisa May Alcott (PC)

Books read in January 2010
14.Born To Run -Michael Morpurgo (released)
13.The Dare Game -Jacqueline Wilson (released)
12.The Story of Tracy Beaker -Jacqueline Wilson (released)
11.Surviving with Wolves -Misha Defonseca (released)
10.The Bell Jar -Sylvia plath (released)
9.Peter pan in Scarlet -Geraldine McCaughrean (available)
8.The Worry Website -Jacqueline Wilson (released)
7.Psycho Kitty? -Pam Johnson-Bennett (PC)
6.Sleep-Overs -Jacqueline Wilson (released)
5.Lizzie Zipmouth -Jacqueline Wilson (released)
4.Candy Apple Dead -Sammi Carter (released)
3. A Tisket, a Tasket, a Fancy Stolen Casket -Fran Rizer (released)
2. Dancing With Werewolves -Carole Nelson Douglas (PC)
1. Bloodlist -P.N. Elrod (PC)

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