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Hi Everyone, I am a Christian author and have been in publishing for 46 years now. I am a Passion writer and only write poetry about God and Philosophy of life. I had managed to be anonymous with my career for over forty years until one day in 2003 I learned how to use the internet and found out others were claiming my contribution to society. I was totally shocked. If it weren't for this discovery I probably would have remained anonymous for the rest of my life then leaving my family my legacy. My story begins with onamastics, which we all know means word usage. My usage of the words author anonymous on my literature soon gained me popularity then dubbed author unknown, While these terms may have similar meaning in definiton they really do not mean the same thing. I had originally hoped to earn a Nobel in Literature someday. I learn to read and write well at the age of four. I was taught by my family many who were professional educators. I possessed extraordinary abilities for writing at the age of six. My Uncle was a cherished newspaper writer "A Nature Columnist" in Trenton, New Jersy known as "Scharry," He was a Rutgers University Scholar in the 1900's and the Founding Father of Library Week in 1922. I am now 50 years old. I yet to earn my Nobel in Literature, however I did commit one qualifying act to earn it so far. I just haven't been recognized for it yet. Many say that my poetry has inspired them throughout their lives. Some have earned wealthy incomes from utilizing my works. Yet none have ever paid me one single penny even though my copyrights have been available to them at the United States Copyright Office. This has been seen as more of a curse to me than an inspiration. I never realized that people could become so greedy over marketing. I truly find it all very sad actually. When I was a child my relatives instilled the values of Philanthropy in me. One reason it was the system in which the Nobel could be earned, but the other was strictly on the humanitarian efforts of individuality. How often do we come across as givers to others is an old tradition in my family. I think the world would be a more perfect place if some of us genuinely knew how to do that. So as for me, I am probably the youngest philanthropist you will ever know and now I am not so young anymore. I look forward to sharing my new book release of Footprints in the Sand; A Literary Classic. I hope to bring enlightenment to the world through my writings and I hope to reach as many individuals as possible who truly love to read. May is the Month Library Week is celebrated. Please be sure to support your local Libraries and Libraries around the world, education truly begins when one learns to read. May God Bless You Always.

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