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Tous les livres enregistrés sont disponibles au prêt, alors, n'hésitez pas à me contacter...

Sur la photo, c'est Piwi et Piwibelle en train de regarder le Père-Noël!
Extraordinaire!Il a trouvé notre humble demeure!

"Chaque livre, chaque volume que tu vois, a une âme.L'âme de celui qui l'a écrit, et l'âme de ceux qui l'ont lu, ont vécu et rêvé avec lui. Chaque fois qu'un livre change de mains, que quelqu'un promène son regard sur ses pages, son esprit grandit et devient plus fort."
Extrait du "Cimetière des livres oubliés", dans "L'ombre du vent" de Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

---> Ces petites phrases d'en haut à droite:
I am, therefore i read
Where the ink hits the road
Books: love them and leave them
Tag! you're writ!
The Truth is out there, let the Fiction join it
Open a new chapter in someone's life
The liberation of literature
Your books will thank you
Reinventing moveable type
Books are forever
Commit random acts of literacy
It is better to give than to reshelve
The secret life of books revealed!
Infecting the world one book at a time
Book a trip
Shorten your book's shelf life
The karma of literature
To read is to learn
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single release
Books: sending you a text message
Books are alive
Be kind to a book today
Books are a matter of taste - release a feast today
A virtual bookshelf is so much easier to dust
Brother, can you spare a book?
Books: love them and leave them
Feeding the world its brain food
Books go around, books come around
Good read-ance
One man's bookshelf is another man's library
Live to share - share to live
Love a book? let it go!
Many books. one world.
You can always buy more
Reading into the future
Read and release
So many books, so little time
Your books will thank you
Make the whole world a library
Books change people... people change the world
Peace on earth; good books to all
These books are made for walkin'...
More like giving, less like keeping
Help spread the words
Page somebody... share a book
Keep them by letting them go
Support free range books
One man's bookshelf is another man's library
The liberation of literature
Don't be shelf-ish with your books
Reading gone wild
We make letting go easy
Here a book, there a book, everywhere a book book
Shared books are happy books
You'll release everything someday
Freed any good books lately?
Please release me, let me go...
Wrong book? - find the right reader!
Commit random acts of literacy
Shelved books = wasted ammunition
Traveling books make people friends
Books just wanna be free
It's good for the circulation
Books are a matter of taste - release a feast today
Let your books gather friends, not dust
Generosity is addictive
A book in the hand is worth two on the shelf
Live to share - share to live
Good for the soul purpose
Take me to your reader
Because books have feelings too
A book is a terrible thing to waste
A reader revolution
Shorten your book's shelf life

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