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I am the "Group Owner" of the Yahoo Group: Raleigh-Durham BookCrossing Group."
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I maintain a FREE BOOK BOX @ NC State University. It is a white newspaper box underneath large oak tree between Scott Hall & Hill Library, just off Hillsborough Street. Please feel free to take a book or leave a book there. If it is a Bookcrossing book, please log on and journal your discovery.

Currently the Raleigh-Durham BookCrossing Group has no active Official BookCrossing Zone (OBCZ) in the area. We are eager to establish at least one. So if you have room for a small bookshelf in your public space and are willing to sponsor one, please contact me. There are four Little Free Libraries at Endeavor Charter School (9400 Forum Dr.), Harrington Grove, Leesville Rd., Glascock St., and 402 E Whitaker Mill Rd. There is also a Free Books Box at 500 Boundary Street (corner of East & Boundary) in the Oakwood section of Raleigh. But please remember that BookCrossers are guests at these sites and be polite and appreciative.

Local BookCrossers use the Raleigh-Durham BookCrossing Group to arrange monthly meetings and to communicate regional BookCrossing information.

If you want more information about the local BookCrossing community, please message me.

Button Bright is a fictional character in Oz. He is always getting lost, but he is always found again, like the books being released in BookCrossing.

When I first read of Yoko Ono's Peace Event For John Lennon,

I was impressed by the importance of reaching out to others as a true gesture of peace. Circumstances prevented me from Visiting In Peace other countries and peoples. So I focussed on the Home In Peace segment and decided to find pen pals around the world. My first attempts were depressing because people wanted to write to me in hopes I would sponsor their visit to the USA, something that is beyond my resources.

As I am a librarian, books are an important value in my life. So I started contacting people in other countries through BookCrossing Wish Lists and sending books to people who want them. I have already sent books to people in 34 different countries: U.S.A., Canada (900km), Costa Rica (1900km), Ireland (5800km), Scotland (5950km) Portugal (6000km), England (6250km), Spain (6400km), France (6500km), The Netherlands (6550km), Denmark (6880km), Sweden (7000km), Germany (7200km), Finland (7300km), Italy (7350km), Brazil (7400km), Poland (7500 km), Serbia (8000km), Argentina (8050km),Ukraine (8200km), Bulgaria (8250km), Romania (8350km), Greece (8600km), Turkey (8750km), Egypt (9700km), Iran (10550km), Japan (11200km), China (12300km), Bangladesh (13300km), New Zealand (14000km), Philippines (14050km), Malaysia (15450km), Singapore (15900km), Indonesia (16675), and Australia (18550km).

visited 33 states (14.6%)
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I have made wonderful friends and really connected with many people. The gift of books has been the way I have been able to make this real for myself.

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