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So far I have done only wild releases, and I plan to keep it this way. I think wild releases are much more interesting than controlled releases via conventions or by mailing books to other bookcrossers. Doing a wild release is a bit like throwing a bottle with a scrap of paper into the river and waiting for someone to find it and maybe write back.

The catch rate of my releases was quite good in the first time (about 50%), but it has been quite a while now since any of "my" books got a journal entry. No catch for ages, and the catch rate is just below 27%. Quite frustratingly most books seem to vanish into thin air after being released. And the few that do get caught and journaled usually get lost after the subsequent release, or spend ages waiting to be read and released again.

But then, bookcrossing is my way of getting rid of those books. Once released they are not really "mine" anymore. The fun of getting journal entries, of being able to read about a book’s travels in a string of journal entries is nice, but not essential. And who knows, maybe some of the books will surface again some day.

I have spent some time fiddling with labels and designing my own labels and flyers, both English and German, on the basis of materials found on this website. Feel free to take a look at them here and use them for your own bookcrossing activities.

Have fun,

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