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I have come back into the fold after a long absence, been locked inside myself as my husbands cancer has come back after a hard year of recovery from some bowel resection surgery which did not go well. Bleeding into his stomach sent him back into surgery for another 4 hour one to find the bleeder. They did not tell him they stuck a metal piece in there to repair bowel. So, no more MRI's. He goes back under the knife, most likely for a bowel removal and back on the bag. Well, it beats being chained to the damned toilet. Needless to say, I am bummed.
Well, my husband died on the 4th of December, complications from surgery and toxicity of prescription drugs. Then to top that all off, my mom died on the 30th of January of this year. I am not a happy camper.

Hello, I like to read science fiction (hard) and fantasy books, (any) also some historical fiction. My favorite character next to Samwise is Miles Vorkosigan in his Admiral Naismith persona. I think this is a great idea for a web site and I love the concept. I think my favorite book of all time is the LOTR series. I remember reading it at my sister's in Vallejo, CA during the 70's and how I loved it. Enough to read it about 10 times. Books marked with a PC in the journal entries or book details are ones I can't give up yet.

I live in Wyoming on a small acreage (6.6) with 1 cat, 1 horse and a Rat Terrier named Jack. We just got him from our local humane society not that long ago. Our other dog, Reo was given the last act of kindness in March of this year due to the complications of kidney disease from eating those damned chicken jerky treats.
The mare I am on is Skeeter, my Appy mare that died at age 30. I miss her still. We all get on really well except for our female cat Baggy, who likes to beat up on Oliver and Samwise. They all try to get out of her way when she is in the immediate vicinity. Our Samwise was also put to sleep in October due to the complications from feline diabetes and Baggy went not to long after due to kidney issues, both were in their teens . I miss them both terribly. I have a new kitten, Roxy, that I found at work. She is a tortie with the typical 'tude that they have. Seems to be a color thing. Oliver was diagnosed with cancer last week. He is still eating quite well so I will hope he lasts a good while longer.
Dear old Ollie received the last act of kindness. His cancer was worse and he was sneezing blood and it wouldn't stop. He went quickly and I know have his little tin of ashes on my end table which will be scattered soon near his favorite spot. I miss him. Roxy doesn't seem to though. I think she likes being only cat.

I like to watch the sci-fi shows on television-Stargate SG-1,(which has been canceled!) Star Trek TNG reruns, Babylon5, Stargate Atlantis, Firefly and Farscape (hooray for Netfix, they have them all on dvd).The HBO series From the Earth to the Moon was great too.

I had a couple of books caught and journaled by anonymous finders! What a good feeling that is! One that was caught in Glenrock joined bookcrossing! Got a book journaled after 2 years!

If anyone sees anything they like on my shelf, please PM me I'll try and send the book on.

Well, I usually don't know what I really want to read until I'm in a bookstore looking at books. I did find a few I would like to read though:

Wish List

The Antelope Wife by Louise edrdich
New York 2140: Kim Stanley Robinson
Seven Stones To Stand or Fall: Diana Gabaldon
Forsaken Skies: D Nolan Clark

For Sweeps: Things I like:
Tea, cats, horses, odd & old postcards, bookmarks, buttons-the kind with messages on them , brochures from the places you live, pansies are my favorite flower, stationery, blank cards, I love to write letters, cool rocks . Any other interesting small things.

Books read in 2018
The Wind In His Heart - Charles deLint
Dragon's Child - M.K. Hume King Arthur Trilogy
The End of The World Running Club-Adrian J Walker
Penric's Mission- Lois Mcmaster Bujold
Storm Front- Jim Butcher
The Cat Who Came Back For Christmas-Julia Romp
Sister Noon- Karen Joy Fowler
Away- Amy Bloom
Snow in August- Pete Hamill
Unnatural Issue - Mercedes Lackey
Quest for the Fallen Star - Piers Anthony James Richey Alan Riggs
(started Jan finished 2/5)

Our Lady of the Harbour - Charles deLint
Black Creek Crossing- John Saul
I Could Pee On This (and other poems by cats)- Francesco Marciuliano
Boo - Neil Smith
The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains - Neil Gaiman
Blue Hope - John Dreese
Red Hope - John Dreese
Orphanage Robert Buettner
Orphan's Destiny - Robert Buettner
Orphan's Journey - Robert Buettner
Cyber Storm- Matthew
Dirty Chick - Antonia Murphy
Journals of Elenaor Druse- Eleanor Druse (Stephan King)
Devil's Due- Taylor Anderson (Destroyer man series #12)

A Green and Ancient Light - Frederic S Durbin
For One More Day - Mitch Albom
Alas, Babylon - Pat Frank
Everything But The Squeal - John Scalzi
Pandemic - A.G. Riddle
The Duke's Ballad- Andre Norton & Lyn McConchie
Infected - Steve Sigler
Solar Queen - Andre Norton

Victoria - Daisy Goodwin
The Princess Bride - william Goldman
The Wanderer - Kayna Reiman
Sister Emily's Lightship - Jane Yolen
M is for Magic - Neil Gaiman

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