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ABC Bookray (cat02886)
Wife for Hire (DK1010)
White Wash (HunterRyu)
All Girls box (Blackadder75)

Bookrings/Ray/Boxes I've finished:

The Hot Flash Club (T02S03B11D20) in the mail 1/4/05
Under the Duvet (MyopicMeringue) - recd read & mailed
MarciNYC's Cleaning Out the Trunk Bookbox-rec'd and passed on
Private Diary of Anne Boleyn (Czesk) - rec'd and passed on
Wicked: The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (butternut) - rec'd & mailed
Replay (Reader1107) - in the mail
The Other Boleyn Girl (Kelwood) - Finished and mailed
Kindred (Cyrclark) - Rec'd - read and passed on 10/12/04
Pandora (calverez4) read and in the mail 11/4/04
Affinity (redhouse) - in the mail 9/18/04
Sam's Letters to Jennifer (Rrrcaron) - read and in the mail 11/16/04
Dime Store Magic (wizzbiz) - Rec'd by LaurieS
Dead Witch Walking (Quest-Kraven) - read and in the mail 11/16/04
Grass (Cyberked1) read and in the mail 11/16/04
Lucky (Loopy1) rec'd 12/27/04 - in the mail 1/4/05
Breakfast at Stephanies (Flakes) in the mail 12/7/04
Trace (grover3d) in the mail 1/4/05
The Way of the Witch (explorer1118) in the mail 1/4/05
Judas child (wizardsheart) - in the mail 12/7/04
The Bone Woman (Ada2) - mailed 2/5/05
Regency bookbox (regencylover)mailed 2/5/05
The Bone Woman (Ada2) - mailed 2/5/05
Regency bookbox (regencylover) mailed 2/5/05
Mammoth Mystery Bookbox (FamFatale) mailed 2/13/05
As Nature Made Him (Starbytes) - mailed 2/26/05
Odd Thomas (TinkEsq) - mailed 2/26/05
Digital Fortress (iguana-girl) - mailed 2/26/05
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night (Round Robin #5 1st book) - mailed 2/26/05
The New Girls (Secretariat) - mailed 3/15/05
Round Robin #5 2nd book (Mutant Message Down Under) - mailed 3/15/05
Honeymoon (khillz28) - mailed 3/18/05
Serial Killer Letters (StormyBreeze) - mailed 3/18/05
Round Robin #5 - book 3 (The Cyborg & the Sorcerer) mailed 4/13/05
Son of Rosemary (princessaurora) last on the ray
Sightings (stickerooni) - mailed 4/13/05
Superhero (ThanksMom) mailed 4/13/05
Bitten (wizzbiz) mailed 4/13/05
The Good, the Bad and the Undead (Quest-Kraven) mailed 4/13/05
Red Bookbox (Pyan) mailed 4/19/05
The Doctor Makes a Dollhouse Call (WritinReader)
Shopaholic Ties the Knot (Bksfamily) mailed 5/2/05
Stardust (SqueakyChu) mailed 5/23/05
Regional Round Robin - Green Grace Grace - mailed 5/23/05
Regional Round Robin - A Short History of a Small Place (glade1) mailed 6/24/05
The Breakdown Lane (Rrrcaron) mailed 6/24/05
SF/Fantasy bookbox (BountifulPots) mailed 6/24/05
Out on Blue Six (cyberkedi) mailed 8/12/05
Water Witch (time-traveler) mailed
A Void (GeeMont) mailed
If (guinaveve) mailed 11/1/05
Bad Mother's Handbook (allbookedup/glade1) mailed 11/1/05
PS I Love You (SCA2003) mailed
Wrap it up bookbox (wyldewomin) mailed 1/14/06
Ladder of Years (heartsong2) - mailed 1/21/06
His 'n Hers (sublevel4) - mailed 3/7/06
Syrup (lightwavz) - to be released
Laci (Dawgmycat) mailed 3/25/06
S is for Silence (bksfamily) mailed 3/25/06
Shut Up He Explained (ldpaulson) - mailed 4/15/06
Magic Hour (Rrrcaron) mailed 4/24/06
Songs of the Humpback Whale (beckerbuns)- mailed 5/26/06
The Auctioneer (saidenuj) - mailed 6/29/06
Do You Remember the First Time? (laura0141) - mailed 6/30/06
Bitter is the New Black (book-man-8) mailed 7/29/06
The Turning (innae) rec'd 8/30/06
Anything Goes Paperback Bookbox (jenvince) mailed 9/16/06
Don't Tell Mum I Work On The Rigs (Sydney2259) mailed 10/14/06
Cell: A Novel (dopeyk17) mailed 11/2/06
Not Tonight Honey, Wait 'Til I'm a Size Six (glade1) - Mailed 11/2/06
Morrigan's Cross (nightraine56) Mailed 11/13/06
Chill Factor (Martyup) - Mailed 12/19/06
The Same Sweet Girls (momx3lovesbooks)
Death on the Rocks (Risa29) mailed 1/20/07
Anything Goes Bookbox (tribefan) - Mailed 2/12/07
Mystery/Thriller Bookbox (mom2jwn) - Maied 2/17/07
Everyone Worth Knowing (jenn7747) -mailed 4/3/07
The Little Friend (GorgeousGlo) - mailed 4/9/07
A Good Yarn (agschoolgrad) Bookray - to be released
Life Expectancy (efs300) mailed 4/25/07
Topping from Below (book-man-8) mailed 4/30/07
Ray it forward bookbox (BunnyLady) - mailed 5/10/07
Memoir/Biography bookbox (KarenZero) - mailed 5/17/07
Bill Bryson's African Diary (catwoman) - mailed 5/22/07
Dreams from my father (Genevalove)- mailed 5/22/07
It's All About Murder (Tribefan) -mailed 5/30/07
Books about Things Bookbox (MaryZee) - mailed 6/7/07
Books I've Already Read Bookbox (Tribefan) - mailed 6/8/07
Dusk Before the Dawn (lketchersid) mailed 7/31/07
Bright Lights, Big Ass (bluestocking88)mailed 7/31/07
What's for Dinner bookbox (Tribefan) mailed 9/17/07
x-chromosome box (jenptcfan) mailed 10/3/07
The Tuesday Erotica Club (bethaniekay) mailed 10/3/07
Shopaholic and Baby (ariesgirl29) - mailed 10/3/07
The Boleyn Inheritance (indygo88) - rec'd 10/15/07
Jasper Fforde bookrings (smilingheron) rec'd The Big Over Easy 10/15/07
Julie and Julia (bluehawaii218) - rec'd 10/15/07
High Noon (smhamn) - mailed 10/31/07
Books About Things bookbox (MaryZee) - mailed 11/26/07
Romance Bookbox (JennyC1230) mailed 12/4/07
Jasper Fforde bookrings (smilingheron) - mailed 1/2/08
An Unquiet Mind (siriradha) mailed 1/15/08
Recent Romance bookbox (LoriPed) - mailed 1/18/08
Lumbermoose's Mystery/thriller bookbox (JennyC1230) - mailed 3/08
You've Been Warned bookray (timollie5502) mailed 3/08
morphing romance bookbox (elizardbreath) mailed 5/17/08
The Secret Between Us (dabercro) - mailed 5/27/08
Color Bookray (cat02886) - mailed 6/9/08
I Am Legend (CollegeLady) - mailed 6/16/08
Forbidden Pleasure (book-man-8) - mailed 7/3/08
Holiday/Wedding/Romance bookbox (LoriPed) - mailed 7/18/08
Virtual Romance bookbox (JennyC1230) - mailed 7/18/08
Lovable Books bookbok (jenptcfan) - mailed 7/21/08
Here, There and Everywhere (time-traveler) mailed 10/22/08
Wrap it up Bookbox (Moonbeach03) - rec'd 10/22/08
Virtual Romance bookbox (JennyC1230) - rec'd 10/22/08
Duma Key (ladybug74) mailed 12/31/08
Slow Burn (lauraloo29) rec'd 2/6/09 - bookray to be released
Erotic Romance bookbox (princess-peapod) - mailed 2/09
Confessions of a Serial Dater (qweenoftheworld) mailed 2/09
The Knitting Circle (dabercro) - mailed 4/16/09
Judge A Book By Its Cover (300dogs) - mailed 6/22/09
Infected (bibliocrates)- mailed 7/10/09
Pretty in Plaid (tempestsans) mailed 8/14/09
Spook (indygo88) - Mailed 9/3/09


Bookring/Ray/Box Rules

1) Please send me a PM when the box arrives
2) PM the next person on the list to get their address
3) PM me again when you're ready to send it on.
4) If you are the last person on a ray, the book is yours to do with as you please at the end. Start another ray if you'd like, wild release it or keep it.
5) If this is a bookbox, remove what you would like and replace with the same (or more) number of books. If the box is getting beat up, please replace it. Don't forget to use media rate to save postage costs.

My first bookbox: Doubles Mailed 8/21/04 - Returned home 12/6/05
Since this was my first box, I wasn't smart enough to make a list of what I put in, but I think I started with about two dozen books. 18 came home, 4 of which were originally mine.

1) Bookaholic2 (New Jersey)
2) MrsJones (Ohio)
3) Adah-Price (Missouri)
4) Tabby-Cat-Owner (Arizona)
5) suefitz (California)
6) LaughAtlantis (Massachusetts)
7) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My second bookbox: Cookbooks Mailed 1/30/05 - Returned home 7/27/05

19 books in the original box; 17 came home, 3 of which were originally mine and 14 new ones for me to try. Thanks everyone!

1) echesketch (Virginia)
2) lilmztaz (South Carolina)
3) telson99 (Missouri)
4) DP31 (Illinois)
6) TJROTH (Washington)
7) MaryGrim (California)
8) nimrodiel (Illinois)
9) sistert (Maryland)
10) Kryta33 (New York)
11) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My third bookbox: Trade Paperbacks mailed 12/5/05 - home again 4/24/06!

I've started with 21 trade paperbacks listed below. Please PM the next recipient for their address when you get the box, replace one book for one book for one and try to mail on within a month. Since this isn't something you have to read right away, I think a month is more than adequate (most of the time) to hold a bookbox. If there are any problems, please PM me.


1) Mrsjones (Ohio)
2) Tribefan (Ohio)
3) Affinity4books (Texas)
4) Gothamgal (Ohio)
5) Tranq1 (Florida)
6) SpaceyStacey (New Jersey)- bookbox is here!
7) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My fourth bookbox - Thrillers - mailed 1/6/06

The exact number will depend on what fits in the box but I have about 40 books set aside. As always, you are free to take as many books as you'd like, but please replace each one you take with one of your own. I'd like to keep the box moving so please try to pass it on within one month of recieving. PM the next person at least twice before moving on to the next person on the list. Any questions, please PM me.

What exactly happened is a bit of a mystery. Apparently the box got to mnewman. After that it appears to have been put in a yard sale and many of the books were purchased. My apologies to the rest of the participants.


1) mnewman (Oregon)
2) tammywith2kids (Ohio)
3) ladyofunicorns (New Mexico)
4) Christine71 (Illinois)
5) surmisez (Massachusetts)
6) kbgoffe (Oregon)
7) Janastasiow (California)
6) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My fifth bookbox - Regency romances - never started

I have a box of about 30 Regencies just waiting for people to sign up. This is on hold until I get a few more participants!


1) bookreadera (Pennsylvania)

My sixth bookbox - U.S. Presidents - Mailed 1/6/06

Strictly speaking, this isn't my bookbox because the books are all from the shelf of my SO, Pixelmutt. He joined Bookcrossing and likes the concept but the actual work of putting the box together, getting participants, mailing, etc., he prefers to leave to me. So I figure I might as well make life easier for me and post 'his' bookbox on my shelf.

The bookbox currently has seven books with maybe one or two more to be added. I'm anticipating mailing within the next week or so.


1) LisaGriffith (Massachusetts)
2) Lilygirl (Oregon) - claims received but never returned the box
3) awakeagain (New Jersey)

This was a disappointing experience. The box apparantly got to the second stop but the participant hasn't journaled or returned anything. It seems all books are 'lost' in her possession.

My seventh bookbox - A - Z Bookbox Mailed 1/14/06 - Returned home 12/11/06

This will be a total of 26 books, one starting with each letter of the alphabet. I hope to be mailing within a week to ten days.

1) mnewman (Oregon)
2) innae (Colorado)
3) hak42 (New Hampshire)
4) Bunnylady (Wisconsin) bookbox is here!
5) bellachia (Ohio)
6) gomboggit (Oregon)
7) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My eighth bookbox - Non-returning bookbox (mailed 1/21/06)

I plan to move in the next year or so and, having moved in the past with boxes and boxes of books, I decided it would be a good idea to move many of my available books. I decided to start a bookbox in which participants could take out what they please with or without putting any of their own books in. The box would end its journey with someone who runs an OBCZ and the books would be offered there.


1) Wyldewomin (Massachusetts)
2) wss4 (Florida)
3) Tiatia (Virginia)
4) DoveiLibri (Florida)
5) napper (New York)
6) Janastasiow (California)
7) Tribefan (Ohio)
8) BunnyLady (Wisconsin) the box is here with BunnyLady. coffee-n-books is not responding so BunnyLady will release.
9) coffee-n-books (Virginia) - this is the OBCZ where the bookbox will end up. Please PM coffee-n-books for an address to send the box.

My ninth bookbox - nonreturning bookbox 2 Rec'd by solittletime 7/06

This will be done the same way as the first one. I've got between 40 and 50 books ready to go.

1) dittybopper (Louisiana)
2) Tribefan (Ohio)
3) Pyan (Wisconsin)
4) Bunnylady (Wisconsin)
5) schoolinathome (Alabama)
6) wss4 (Florida)
7) pugslie (New Hampshire)
8) solittletime (Maine) - this is the OBCZ where the bookbox will end up. Please PM solittlegame for an address to send the box.

My tenth bookbox - Regency Romances - mailed 7/25/06 - returned home 9/15/06

I tried this before and only had one person interested but am offering it again. I'll accept new participants as long as the box is still out there.

1) Vivyip (Maryland)
2) ThanksMom (Pennsylvania)
3) cmbohn (Utah)
4) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My eleventh bookbox - Cowboy/Indian Romances - nonreturning bookbox. - mailed 8/26/06

This box will make the rounds and then end up at an OBCZ. Most of the books in here are part of seven boxes of books I received from Freecycle!

1) ollie1976 (New York)
2) elizardbreath (Oregon)
3) Gomboggit - this is the OBCZ where the books will end up

My twelfth bookbox - Another Trade Paperback Box - returned home 3/24/07

This box went out with 22 books; 12 of the same ones came home, 10 were new. Thank you everyone for participating.

1) Indygo88 (Indiana)
2) LOGOphelia (Ohio)
3) mrsjones (Ohio)
4) lynlee4 (Florida)
5) colebear (Florida)
6) tranq1 (Florida)
7) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My thirteenth bookbox - All Harlequins - mailed 1/22/07 - returned home 3/29/07

1) Bunnylady (Wisconsin)
2) Vivyip (Maryland)
3) LoriPed (Oregon)
4) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My fourteenth bookbox - Another A to Z Bookbox - 26 books (obviously!) mailed 2/2/07 - returned home 6/18/07

1) ghaweyn (Colorado)
2) elizardbreath (Oregon)
3) blackadder75 (Pennsylvania)
4) tenneh (Nebraska)
5) jaenelle (Kansas)
6) carrie1 (Tennessee)
7) katiesmama (Florida)
8) tribefan (Ohio)
9) gomboggit (Oregon)
10) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My fifteenth bookbox - One Word Titles - mailed 2/2/07 - home again 9/28/07

This box started with 24 and returned home with 27 completely different titles. Thank you to everyone who participated.

1) elizardbreath (Oregon)
2) buoci (Ohio)
3) jaenelle (Kansas)
4) maurean (Florida)
5) katiesmama (Florida)
6) tribefan (Ohio)
7) gomboggit (Oregon) - box is here!
8) dancing-dog (Tennessee)
9) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My sixteenth bookbox - By the Numbers bookbox - mailed 2/2/07; home again 8/22/07!

1) blackadder75 (Pennsylvania)
2) elizardbreath (Oregon)
3) jaenelle (Kansas)
4) katiesmama (Florida)
5) tribefan (Ohio)
6) gomboggit (Oregon)
6) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My seventeenth bookbox - Non Fiction - Mailed 2/17/07 - returned home 5/3/07
Lots and lots of my original books in here!

1) dusties (New York)
2) GrannyAnn (New York)
3) Echesketch (North Carolina)
4) rootmartin (Massachusetts)
5) Ollie1976 (New York
6) elizardbreath (Oregon)
7) tranq1 (Florida)
8) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My eighteenth bookbox - Third Trade Paperback bookbox - mailed 6/4/07 - ret'd home 10/11/07

Starting with 20 trade paperbacks; more to be added. Went out with 24 titles and came home with 28. About half a dozen are the ones I put in. All the rest are new. Thank you everyone for a successful bookbox!

1) jenptcfan (Arkansas)
2) LoriPed (Oregon)
3) mrsjones (Ohio)
4) nuttyreader (Texas)
5) affinity4books (Texas)
6) batty14 (New York)
7) MsJoanna (New York)
8) KarmelK (Michigan)
9) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My nineteenth bookbox - Short stories nonreturning bookbox

1) Tribefan (Ohio)
2) echesketch (North Carolina)

My twentieth bookbox - Recent hardcovers - mailed 9/27/07

This bookbox was inspired by my overflowing hardcover bookshelves! Since hardcovers cost more to mail, there are only eight in the box, published 2000 to 2006, all in excellent condition with dustjackets.

This box appears to have gone missing while being mailed from elizardbreath to momofap.

1) elizardbreath (Oregon)
2) momofap (Iowa)
3) itpdx (Oregon)
4) JennyC1230 (Georgia)
5) awakeagain (New Jersey)

My twenty first bookbox - True Crime Headlines

Stories that made the news. About 12 to start with - mailed 11/26/07 - home again 1/17/08

1. mrsjones (Ohio)
2. hostile17 (Indiana)
3. MRWiley (Oregon)
4. awakeagain (New Jersey)

My twenty second bookbox - Regencies - mailed 11/29/07 with 36 books - returned home 2/13/08

1. Bluesneak (Georgia)
2. KarmelK (Michigan)
3. Vivyip (Maryland)
4. Bluestocking88 (Washington)
5. LoriPed (Oregon)
6. awakeagain (New Jersey)

My twenty third bookbox - historical fiction - mailed 1/9/08 - returned 8/16/08

1. keno-mom (Texas)
2. LoriPed (Oregon)
3. bluesneak (Georgia)
4. Donduckandy (Pennsylvania)
5. ariesgirl29 (Tennessee)
6. Morgail (Kentucky)
7. VivYip (Maryland)
8. bluestocking88 (Washington)
9. downtime (Tennessee)
10. KarmelK (Michigan)
11. awakeagain (New Jersey)

My twenty fourth bookbox - Chick lit

This box has stalled with brighteyes413.

1. HeresDeb (Illinois)
2. Jenn7747 (New Jersey)
3. princess-peapod (California)
4. Brighteyes413 (Connecticut) - box is here!
5. ariesgirl29 (Tennessee)
6. batty14 (New York)
7. awakeagain (New Jersey)

My twenty fifth bookbox - Suspense & Thrillers - returned home 5/5/08

1, LoriPed (Oregon)
2. Donduckandy (Pennsylvania)
3. nuttyreader (Texas)
4. Busyangel (Florida)
5. Tribefan (Ohio)
6. awakeagain (New Jersey)

My twenty sixth bookbox - Mixed Bag Bookbox - returned home 12/11/08

About 30 books of various genres.

1. ivylibra224 (Missouri)
2. kaila-ann (South Carolina)
3. Busyangel (Florida)
4. mom2jwm (Pennsylvania)
5. jnpert (Kentucky)
6. ladilee24 (Delaware)
7. awakeagain (New Jersey)

My 27th Bookbox - chick lit - Mailed 2/22/10 - Returned 10/7/10

1. Heartthumper (Kansas)
2. Cheli-garza (Texas)
3. Sarkiegirl (California) - box is here!
4. Fireyfairy (Indiana)
5. easterngirl71 (Illinois)
6. wildflower37 (New Jersey)

My 28th Bookbox - paperback thrillers - returned home 8/18/10

1. Bookaholic58 (New York)
2. affinity4books (Texas)
3. ladilee24 (Delaware)
4. easterngirl71 (Illinois)
5. svoight (Tennessee)

My 29th Bookbox - hardcover thrillers Mailed 3/9/10

1. Bookaholic58 (New York)
2. Ring88 (Kansas)
3. easterngirl71 (Illinois)

My 30th Bookbox - A touch of the paranormal - Returned home 8/7/10

1. blackadder75 (Pennsylvania)
2. eblanco001 (Florida)
3. LoriPed (Oregon)
4. Rubyrebel (Ohio)
5. kiyoteefoxx (Pennsylvania)
6. Flossie771 (Georgia)
7. K00kaburra (California)


Le Divorce

CDNBlueRose - Colorado
SpaceyStacey - New Jersey


CDNBlueRose - Colorado
SpaceyStacey - New Jersey
RaineeRose - New York
BelleMorte - Alabama

Past Imperfect

Weebaby mailed 3/18/05

Son of Rosemary

nightraine56 -mailed 4/19/05

Cabinet of Curiousities


Alice's Tulips/Persian Pickle Club

LoriPed (Oregon)
flowergirl68 (UK)
quizgirl (UK)
sydney2259 (Australia)

The Rosecliffe Series:

The Bride of Rosecliffe
The Knight of Rosecliffe
The Mistress of Rosecliffe


Still Life with Crows - Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child

Luintaurien (Nebraska)


Anne McCaffrey's Freedom Series as one ring:

Freedom's Landing, Freedom's Choice, Freedom's Challenge, Freedom's Ransom:

awakeagain - home again

The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions - mailed 4/15/06 - home again

Joanthro (CO)
therubycanary (TN)
awakeagain (NJ)

More Lives Than One - home again 5/12/07

oldreader (CA)
lynlee4 (FL)
awakeagain (NJ)

A Special Relationship

BigBird2002 (Arizona)
acountkel (North Carolina)
awakeagain (New Jersey)

Ray It Forward Bookrays

Bad Heir Day - mailed 5/18/07

Boomda181 (Canada)
Bookcloud (Great Britain)

The Homing

Bookworm-lady (Spain)
Jessi626 (Germany)
prollacct (Pennsylvania)

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