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i found out about this community when i ordered a copy of "into the wild" in 2006, and it came complete with BC bookplate and stickers. since then, i haven't been on the site, but i've been re-homing many of my books in an effort to slim down the material things in my life.

for my work, i teach writing in new york city. so i have a ton of books about pedagogy, writing instruction, writing, literacy, teaching, assessment, educational policy . . . you name it, i want it, have it, read it, or am gonna read it.

for my play . . . i love comedy--especially british comedy (adams, prachett, fry). radical feminism (from the US or around the world). postcolonial theory (love Said). the beats (ginsberg, kerouac, burroughs). bell hooks. poetry (patti smith, dorothy parker).

I have a special love for comics and graphic novels (everything from X-Men to Joe Saco).

and i love numbered lists.... so lets end with one:

1. since highschool (1997), i've kept quote books of the funniest things i heard today.
2. i teach writing; however, despite my best efforts, i can't spell worth a damn.
3. i'm too engaged in thinking aloud.
4. i've taken a photo a day (every day) for three years (
5. "the essence of a person has the form of a question." ~ kundera (quoting Heidiger)
6. i only use non-sequitors or quotes for the #5
7. i have a bengal cat (madeline maxamus---aka mad max)

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