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How Air Ambulance Services Transport Patients From Bedside To Bedside

Air ambulance services are the fastest way to transport medical patients. These services are ideal for non-critical patients who live in remote areas or who live a long distance from their doctor. Taking air transport is a safe and convenient way to get to doctor's appointments.

Air ambulances are a convenient way to acquire a long distance medical transport. Mainly, these services help patients by moving them from one bed to another in two different locations. A professional, trained team provides the moving, ensuring patients are always treated with care and respect. Here is a detailed look at how these professionals move patients from bedside to bedside.

The process begins at the medical facility where the patient is currently residing. An air ambulance arrives and the team of highly trained paramedics and nurses enter the facility to transport the patient.

They have all the necessary medical equipment with them including a vital signs' monitor and a stretcher. These professionals greet the patient and then carefully lift them or otherwise move them onto the stretcher as promptly as possible.

These professionals continue to monitor the patient with the necessary equipment from the moment the patient is moved on the ground to the moment the flight begins. All data on the patient is compiled and transmitted to the facility where the person is being moved. At every moment, the nurses and paramedics ensure that the person is comfortable and safe.

It is critical that the transfer from bedside to bedside takes the shortest time possible. The medical team on the flight understands the importance of getting the patient to his or her new facility or appointment in a timely fashion. They also understand that they have the patient's health in their hands for the entire journey. For this reason, they try hard to make the air medical transport process as seamless as possible.

Communication between the air ambulance team and the receiving facility is maintained throughout the flight. When the patient reaches his or her destination, the medical flight team's job is not done. They ensure the patient is properly checked in and placed comfortably into a new bed.

Once the patient is successfully transported to the new city and state, the air medical transport crew will do the proper hand off to the ground ambulance that will be transporting the patient to their new medical facility. The air medical crew will go over all the treatments, monitoring and healthcare that was performed on the flight and what the patient needs as a way to confirm the ground ambulance is on the same page.

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