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Hey.Well,I love to read books. I'm mostly reading right now,the Love Stories. They're by various authors. I don't know if any of you have heard of them, but they're great.I only have a few, so I'd love the entire set maybe if anybody has the super editon I only have one of those. Well, I'd like to see what kind of books you all have to offer. I use most of my time on school, and when it's not school it's reading. I have a huge excitement for encouraging people to read, and I think that this is just the site to encourage others, to read. I've, only been on this site for two days, and already I feel at home. Thanks bookcrossing. As for my family, my siblings love to read. I have two older sisters, the oldest Amanda, loves to read in fact she's a part of this site. The second oldest Brandee, is a great reader, who has great vocabulary and a wide reading level. Then there's me, and I've got to be in the reading mood which I always am. I'm always up for a new and good book, with lots of information, and adventure. I love to learn new things everyday, especially when reading books. I almost forgot the youngest of the family, Adam, oh boy does he love to read. He finishes books within hours and sometimes, they're as big as dictionaries. He has a reading level way above his grade level. He's alomost passing Amanda up. He may be littlest, and shortest, but he's aiming for the smartest. I encourage my family to read, because it's fun and I'm going to do my best to get everyone I can onto this site. This is just another site of knowledge and it is a great resource, to look at for any book. I hate to say it but I'm not a big collecter on books. I try to get books, but it just doesn't come to that. I'm afraid I have nothing to offer any of you. I can't trade anything though if i get the book you want, you can bet I'll try my best to make it yours. I believe everyone should read the books they want to read and at the same time have fun doing it. I sure do love to read and I'm so glad that Igot reffered to this site. it is truly encouriging and amazing. My favorite books consist of Love Stories, old diaries, such as Anne Frank, and thirillers like "The cold one,"by Christopher Pike. I have lots of other interests in books too. Those are just the top three. Feel free to ask my anything if you need to. As I said I haven't much of anything to offer and that only makes it harder to accept books, I don't know what I can do to tell you how great this site really is, and I'm glad that I am welcomed to be a part of it.

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