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From Ilford, Greater London United Kingdom
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I have a new friend, it's due to hatch soon, check back now and again to see how it's doing.
I've actually decided to adopt two eggs, in case one of them turns out to be a lemon :) target="_blank">" border="0" title="Adopt one today!"> target="_blank">" border="0" title="Adopt one today!">

You may notice a trend in my bookshelf, yes, I'm an SF fan, but having said that I'll read most anything, but with a definite preference for science-based fiction, whether real world or futuristic. If you need any of the reserved books on my shelf please PM me and, if I can get them to you, and back by the time they are promised to someone else, I will.

The more observant among you may have noticed that my picture is not actually of me, I don't look that green even after a night out with the Renegades, it's my furry Cthulhu who watches over me from his usual place, perched on a bookshelf. If you ask really nicely I may even bring him to meet you at a gathering.

I actually have at least 2 new member referrals, but I'm guessing they didn't fill in that little space that says that they were referred by me, oh well I'm not doing this for the glory anyway :-)

I'm looking for Flatterland (by Ian Stewart), the sequel to Flatland.

I case anyone is interested I seem to be an Earth Dragon
Take the quiz: "What Element Dragon are you?(pics)""
The Earth Element Dragon
Congratulation! You are a Earth dragon, you love anything to do with nature, and you are the ruler of all the land. type="application/x-shockwave-flash" menu="false" width="450" height="400">

You scored as Commander Samuel Vimes. You are Samuel Vimes! Captain of Ankh-Morporkâ??s city Watch! You are a knight, married to the very wealthy, noble lady Sybil Ramkin. You often walk the streets at night, and are able to tell where you are by the feel of the cobbles under your boots. You always do what is right â?? that is, what needs to be done â?? to keep the city safe, even when it seems bad.

Commander Samuel Vimes




The Librarian


Gytha (Nanny) Ogg




Carrot Ironfounderson


Cohen The Barbarian


Esmerelda (Granny) Weatherwax




Lord Havelock Vetinari


Which Discworld Character are you like (with pics)
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I don't even know who this guy is, but I'm guessing he features in Guards, Guards, one Pratchett I have yet to read, maybe I should opt for the second choice, Greebo, much safer :)))

You scored as Storyteller. You're more inclined toward the role playing side of the equation and less interested in numbers or experience points. You're quick to compromise if you can help move the story forward, and get bored when the game slows down for a long planning session. You want to play out a story that moves like it's orchestrated by a skilled novelist or film director.





Method Actor






Power Gamer


Casual Gamer


Law's Game Style
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You Belong in London" height="100" width="100">

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.

A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.

A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.

No wonder you and London will get along so well.

That was lucky I guess. So I'm where I'm supposed to be, much to the consternation I'm sure of some other Londoners

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