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hello everyone,
it only took me 3 weeks to think up my screen name ... and here are my Desert Island book choices

Book 1: Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Persig
One of only 2 books I've bothered/wanted to read twice. First forced to read it as a student, when its seemingly emphemeral ideas shot over my head at the speed of a Ducati in the fast lane. Chosen here because it *Really Makes You Think* about: yourself/people around you/people in general - as well as other far deeper stuff. This is a masterpiece that transcends genres - is it a novel? is it a philosophy text? Who cares, whatever it is, it's quite simply brilliant.

Book 2: At-Swim-Two-Birds by Flan O'Brien
This is a work of utter & absolute genius - it contains the most hilarious passages ever written. Ever. [Examples:the bit where one of the characters gets p!ss@d for the first time; the female spouse who is half kangaroo, the woman who gives birth to adults .... and so on ... and so on]. The structure is really odd (intentionally 'experimental'), but the quality of the writing is so exhilarating, that we are effortlessly carried through it - a humungus smile rarely absent from our faces. The days would surely whizz by with Flan's weird characters for company. (Tragic that O'Brien is almost totally eclipsed by his compatriot, JJ).

Book 3: Speak, Memory by Vladimir Nabokov
Nabokov's memoirs are a fabulous *Must Read:(Again + Again)*, You can get lost in the extra-ordinary descriptions about - frankly - everything he has selected to write about - childhood, butterflies (Vlad is a well known lepidopterist), Russia ..... The passages about 'colours' are sublime, and sets him apart from lesser [authorial] mortals.

Poetry Book:Collected Poems by Pablo Neruda
Truly fantastic stuff, this collection will remind me of all the non-desert island objects I won't see for a while, and do so in a fascinating, yet, totally off ya head, poet-y kinda way .... worth taking along for "Heavenly Socks" alone.

It takes me aeons to read >350 pages - be warned!

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