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From Stockport, Cheshire United Kingdom
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"One was a Trog named Torve, a light brown, woolly, six foot toad. He had a white belly and the faintest of black stripes. His personality was lumpish. His motives were inscrutable.
...Keep your eye on him and watch what happens."

Alexei Panshin, Star Well, 1968

Torve is one of my favourite book characters. He appears in three books written by Alexei Panshin. The first book crossing book I came across included an Alexei Panshin story, so Torve immediately presented himself as a nickname for this site. My apologies to Alexei Panshin for adopting this name and the artist for scanning Torve's picture from the front of the book.

My introduction to Book Crossing
I had heard something about Book Crossing on the radio, so I was pleased to come across Book Crossing at the BCP Guildford Arms, Edinburgh.

I have tried to start a book crossing point at work, but it met with apathy. I have most success at Charity shops, where at least the books stay on the shelves until found by an appreciateive reader. At other sites, books tend to get thrown away by cleaners.
What do I do with my books
If they are book crossing books I found in the wild, I read them and release them into the wild as soon as possible.
I usually release books at charity shops. As well as earning the charity a bit of money, I think the books are then looked after and more likely to come to the attention of a book reader. I have released a number of books at pubs, cafes, museums, heritage centres and clinics, but I suspect most of them got binned by the cleaners. Apart from The Guildford Arms, an official crossing point, the only time I have had responses to wild releases is when given to a charity shop.
I still treasure books. So as long as the book didn't come from another book-crosser, I feel free to add them to my growing permanent collection.
My wish list
There are some books I would very much like to read. If you feel like seeing if you can help, click here to see my wish list.

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