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Este proyecto parece interesante. Tengo algunos libros para liberar. Probablemente lo haré poquito a poco.

This project seems interesting. Have some books to release. I'll probably do it little by little.

Libros no registrados aquí que *he leído o que ***estoy leyendo ... Books not registered here that *I read or ***I'm currently reading


* The Return of History and the End of Dreams, Robert Kagan -- An interesting refutation of the Fukuyaman fallacy based on current international relations. Quite scary (as much as Mr. Kagan himself), too, but nothing new after all. It's a pity people still cannot think outside their country-defined mindframes.
* 365 Ways to Live Cheap, Trent Hamm -- Didn't completely read it really but I found a few tips interesting and/or useful.
* The Algebra of Infinite Justice, Arundhati Roy -- Informative, both accurately and beautifully written, showing the other side of unbridled capitalism and sheer power. Roy stopped writing novels after her hugely succesful first one but fortunately she never stopped writing.

* The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone, Richard G. Wilkinson & Kate Pickett (ISBN 978-0141-03236-8) -- Statistics and further analysis dismantling some ingrained assumptions we have in favour of the benefits of "the king of the mountain and his crumbs doctrine". We need more bonobo-like ones among our chimp-like prone numbers. Great book.
* The Walking Man, Jiro Taniguchi (ISBN 84-933409-9-5) -- I have usually perceived zen touches in most mangas I've read, even in some of the maddest ones. In this lovely work, though, a zen approach is pervasive. Great.
* Imperial Ambitions: Conversations on the Post-9/11 World, Noam Chomsky & David Barsamian (ISBN ) --
* Debunking 9/11 Debunking, David Ray Griffin (ISBN 978 184437 069 6) -- A detailed debunking of a few books and reports debunking the general unofficial theory about 9/11. Truly interesting. In order to be fair, I'll try and find some of the works trying to debunk this one.
* Biological Exuberance, Bruce Bogemihl -- A compilation of seldom reported alternative animal (mostly vertebrate) sex life. I didn't read it all, only most of the first part, and I browsed randomly over the 2nd part (The Bestiary). Interesting how strongly basic assumptions cling to our perceptions: even scientints can often be a truly partial bunch. I noticed today, at the beginning of the 2nd part, a poem (Gerald Manly Hopkins' Pied Beauty) that SpeedyTuft mentioned a few days ago, in the 22nd Feb meet :)
* Heart Of Darkness, Joseph Conrad -- Great book. Oddly, one year ago or so I tried to read it three or four times but I couldn't go beyond page 3. The setting of that dreamy sunset and the contemplative sailors allured me a lot but not as something to be read about. Once Marlow starts telling his story, everything changes and, not being a long book, I read it in a flash. I wonder how much Conrad's Kurtz is just England (or, maybe Germany or any other colonial power of the time) and his girlfriend's view, most of Europe's standard view of colonialism. I wonder as well if the "harlequin-cladded" Russian is some kind of self-portrait of the author.

* Teranesia, Greg Egan (ISBN 1-85798-864-7)-- I found this book gripping at several different levels: cultural, social and scientific alike. The least I can say about all I have read of Mr Egan so far is he has always managed to be very interesting to me. The end of Teranesia can put off some readers, though (I initially thought it was a kind of mild joke, then I read it again and my perception changed "for better"), but I would say it can be enjoyed by a very wide range of people.

*** Floods, Famines & Emperors, Brian Fagan --
*** Beggars and Choosers, Nancy Kress--
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