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I am a book hoarder - I probably have nearly every book I have ever bought or been given.Before I started coming on the bookcrossing site I wouldn't have imagined that I'd be passing any of them on.Now I can , but I haven't totally reformed as I feel the need to read them again before I release them in the wild or pass them to someone else ! I have got quite alot of books stored in boxes and plan to release all but my favourites or ones I want to keep for other reasons.It may take a while if I read them all again first ! while at the same time reading books I haven't read before. I now think other people could be enjoying the books which are currently in boxes and I can get enjoyment seeing where they travel and what other readers think of them.

I have decided to devise a rating system(I have seen this done on other people's bookcases and decided to do my own).I seem to have given most books a 6 or 7 score and this should help me to be consistant with rating the books.I have checked the ratings on the books I have done before(prior to 6/1/08)but none needed amending.

1 - only read a few pages
2 - read more than a few pages but didn't finish
3 - finished book, but more a chore than pleasure
4 - finished book , but wouldn't choose to read another by this author
5 - average, but wouldn't put me off another book by same author
6 - slightly better than average , would try author again
7 - better than average, would definately read this author again
8 - Very good and enjoyable would look out for author again
9 - Very very enjoyable, would recomend to others, possible permanent collection
10 - Excellent, definately permanent collection,actively recomend to others

Books read in 2007 - 35

Books read in 2008 - 60(includes 1 quick read paperback)
Books read in 2009 - 35(so far)

Bookrings/Rays participated in -
A Gathering Light
Agatha Christie - 13 For Luck
One for the Money
Two for the Dough
Light on Snow
I am Legend
Endless Night
Life of Pi
The Angel Makers
Chart Throb
Leave me alone I'm reading
The Weight of Water
The War of the Worlds
The Godfather
A Prayer for Owen Meany
Three Act Tragedy
Peter Pan
The Swarm
A is for Alibi

Spirals started - Agatha Christie spiral
Bookrings started - My Booky Wook
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman


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