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I found Bookcrossing through another 'tracking' site called where you can track you'r (American) currency (Canadian's can go to I was curiouse & clicked on the link & was hooked ever since.

I Read mostly SF/Fantasy & Self help book's but have many different book's I get in my travel's & offer many here.

I have included some book's from my "perminent collection" which include the autographed book's I've collected over the year's (collecting autograph's is a hobby of mine). Sorry,but I'm not willing to loan PC book's. Collecting music (vinyl, CD's) & money (coins & paper) are also hobby's of mine

When I'm not here,I'm usually at (of course)& either listening to or (both are commercial free jazz).
Below is a list of book's I've read . I'll keep the list to about 10 years worth. I've been keeping track since 2004, so if interested in books read not on list here, let me know.

I also sell music (record's, CD's & tape's) @ & ad new items regularly.

01)Eragon (Inheritance)-Christopher Paolini
02)Beyond UFO Secrecy:The Black Vault-John Greenewald,Jr.
03)The Excyles-Mia Adams
04)Star Ancestors-Nancy Red Star
05)The Elf Queen of Shannara-Terry Brooks
06)Taken-Thomas Cook
07)The Magic of Krynn-Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
08)The Darwin Awards-Wendy Northcutt
01)Connecting The Dots....making sense of the UFO phenomenon-Paola Harris
02)Bliss to You-Trixie Koontz,dog as told to Dean Koontz
03)Caverns of Socrates-Dennis L. McKiernan
04)We Don't Die:George Anderson's conversations w/the other side-Joel Martin & Patricia Romanowski
05)One Last Time-John Edward
06)Jedi Search (STAR WARS)-Kevin J. Anderson
07)The Eternal Smile-Gene Luen Yang & Derek Kirk Kim
08)Confessions of an Alien Hunter:a scientist's search for extraterrestrial intelligence-Seth Shostak
09)Secret & Suppressed II:Banned Ideas & Hidden History into The 21st Century-Adam Parfrey & Kenn Thomas
10)Growing Up Dead:The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead-Peter Conners
11)The Sharing Knife:Passage-Lois McMaster Bujold
12)Mirage-Louise Cooper
13)Ethan of Athos-Lois McMaster Bujold
14)Nemesis:Book 1 of Indigo-Louise Cooper
15)Inferno:Book 2 of Indigo-Louise Cooper
16)Twilight-Stephenie Meyer
17)The Perfect Spot:Iowa 80's Journey From Iowa Cornfield to World's Largest Truckstop
18)Star Trek:Strangers From The Sky-Margaret Wander Bonanno
19)Star Wars:The Crystal Star-Vonda N. McIntyre
20)Star Trek Voyager:Cybersong/S.N. Lewitt
21)Winter Moon-Dean Koontz
01)Sepulchre-Kate Mosse
02)The Way of the Explorer-Dr. Edgar Mitchell
03)You Suck-Christopher Moore
04)Bite Me-Christopher Moore
05)It's Not News,It's Fark-Drew Curtis
06)The New Moon's Arms-Nalo Hopkinson
07)New Moon-Stephenie Meyer
08)Dragon Keeper-Robin Hobb
09)Dragon Haven-Robin Hobb
10)Alive at the Village Vanguard-Lorraine Gorden & Barry Singer
11)Imperfect Endings-Zoe Fitzgerald Carter
12)The Art of Racing in The Rain-Garth Stein
13)Angel Whispers-Marcy D. Nicholas
14)UFOs:Generals,Pilots & Government Officials Go On The Record-Leslie Kean
15)Shadow of the Swords-Kamran Pasha
16)Fiona:Stolen Child-Gemma Whelan
17)Kill the Dead-Richard Kadrey
01)Ancestor-Scott Sigler
02)Is This the Real Life?:The Untold Story of Queen-Mark Blake
03)Turn Right at Machu Picchu-Mark Adams
04)A Dog's Purpose-W. Bruce Cameron
05)Naked City:Tales of Urban Fantasy-Ellen Datlow
06)Regina's Song-David Eddings
07)Invisible Residents-Ivan T. Sanderson
08)Life-Keith Richards
01)The Winter Ghosts-Kate Mosse
02)Half In Love(surviving the legacy of suicide)-Linda Grey Sexton
03)A Discovery of Witches-Deborah Harkness
04)Empire of the Summer Moon-S.C. Gwynne
05)Summer Knight-Jim Butcher
06)The Message of the Sphinx:Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Man-Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval
07)The Iron Tower-Dennis L. McKiernan
08)Johnny Tremain-Esther Forbes
09)Star Trek:New Frontiers*Fire on High-Peter David
10)Cold Fire-Dean Koontz
11)Star Trek:DS9*The Siege-Peter David
12)Star Trek:Voyager*Bless the beasts-Karen Haber
13)Grimm's Fairy Tale's
14)Seventh Son-Orson Scott Card
15)Star Trek:DS9*Bloodletter-K.W. Jeter
16)Mystery of the witches bridge-Barbee Oliver Carlton
17)The Silver Call-Dennis L. McKiernan
01)The Sharing Knife:Horizon-Lois McMaster Bujold
02)Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust...-Ken Scott & Bobby Owsinski
03)Readers Digest Condenced Books:Vol. 2, 1970
04)Fevre Dream-George R.R. Martin
05)Night Of The Living Trekkies-Kevin David Anderson & Sam Stall
06)Every Dog Has A Gift-Rachel McPherson
07)Trout The Size Of Footballs-Richard Anderson
08)Confederate Currency-Pierre Frick
09)A Song For Lya-George R.R. Martin
10)A Guide Book of United States Paper Money-Arthur L. & Ira S. Friedberg
11)Adult Children of Alcoholics-Janet Geringer Woititz, Ed.D.
12)Dear Dad:Letters From an Adult Child-Louie Anderson
13)Goodbye Jumbo...Hello Cruel World-Louie Anderson
14)The Last Lecture-Randy Pausch w/Jeffrey Zaslow
15)Living With Grief After Sudden Loss-Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D.
16)Star Of Danger-Marion Zimmer Bradley
17)A Perfect Blood-Kim Harrison
01)The Hobbit-J.R.R. Tolkien
02)All Quiet on the Western Front-Erich Maria Remarque
03)Hiero's Journey-Sterling E. Lanier
04)The Great Secret-L. Ron Hubbard
05)Journey to the Centre of the Earth-Jules Verne
06)A Genteel Spy: The Inspiring Odyssey of Martha Broyles Royce & her Family During The Civil War-Judith Riker Damon (editor)
07)Moon Called-Patricia Briggs
08)Legends Vol.2: War of the Twins-Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
09)Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide-Kay Redfield Jamison
10)First King of Shannara-Terry Brooks
11)The Effects of War:Letters of Joseph S. Rogers, Civil War Soldier Warner,NH-Warner Historical Society
12)Manwolf-Gloria Skurzynski
13)The Haunted Mountain-Mollie Hunter
14)Friday-Robert A. Heinlein
15)Best Sellers From Readers Digest Condensed Books 1968
16)Hollywood Haunted: A Ghostly Tour of Filmland-Laurie Jacobson & Marc Wanamaker
17)Radio City Knight-C.J. Henderson
18)Radio My Way-Ron Della Chiesa w/Erica Ferencik
19)Readers Digest Condensed Books Vol. 2, 1969
20)The Adventures of The Cowl-Anthony Giangregorio
21)Tom Swift & His Flying Lab-Victor Appleton II
22)Superheros vs Zombies-Eric S. Brown & Anthony Giangregorio (editors)
23)Starting Over: The Making of John Lennon & Yoko Ono's Double Fantasy-Ken Sharp
24)Haunted New Hampshire-Thomas D'Agostino
25)Abandoned Villages & Haunted Towns of New England-Thomas D'Agostino
26)Paranormal Realities-Keith Johnson
27)Encounters at Indianhead: The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited-Karl Pflock & Peter Brookesmith, editors
28)Citadel-Kate Mosse
29)The Forbidden Tower-Marion Zimmer Bradley
30)The Selling of the President 1968-Joe McGinniss
31)James Herriot's Yorkshire-James Herriot
32)Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man-Siegfried Sassoon
33)The Dark is Rising-Susan Cooper
34)The Bronze Bow-Elizabeth George Speare
35)The Mansion in the Mist-John Bellairs
36)The Landing of the Pilgrims-James Dougherty
37)The Voyage of the Frog-Gary Paulsen
38)Star Wars: Boba Fett/Maze of Deception-Elizabeth Hand
39)NaNa HeyHey Kiss Him Goodbye: Biography of Gary DeCarlo-Mary Rose Scinto
40)A Quest for the Four Keys in Wonderland-Lory La Selva Paduano
41)Fables And Fantasies-Dale T. Phillips
42)The Unofficial Dr. Who Companion-Matt 'Matman' Herring
43)I Could Chew This & other poems by dogs-Francesco Marciuliano
01)Shadow of Night-Deborah Harkness
02)The House of The Seven Gables-Nathaniel Hawthorne
03)Reader's Digest Condensed Books: Best Sellers 1981
04)Vinyl Junkies:Adventure in Record Collectin-Brett Milano
05)Awakening From Grief-John E Welshons
06)Tales of a Road Dog-Ron Levy
07)Beholders Eye-Julie E. Czerneda
08)Agenda 21-Glenn Beck
09)Judson's Eden-Keith Laumer
10)Mt. Washington Auto Road-Steven Coming
11)How To DJ Right-Frank Broughton & Bill Brewster
12)Star Trek:Timetrap-David Dvorkin
01)Star Trek: The Kobayashi Maru-Julia Echlar
02)Fortunate Son-John Fogerty
03)On The Road With Janis Joplin-John Byrne Cooke
04)Dust & Grooves:Adventures In Record Collecting-Eilon Paz
05)"Dear Charlie" Letters: Recording The Everyday Life Of A Young 1854 Gold Miner-Horace Snow/Mariposa County Historical Society
06)Hell's Angel: The Life & Times Of Sonny Barger & The Hell's Angels-Sonny Barger w/Keith & Kent Zimmerman
07)Greek Myths-Olivia Coolidge
08)Twin Destinies-Delbert & Delmer Forsberg w/C.M. Parmenter
09)Worlds Great Train Journeys-National Geographic
10)Hood-Stephen Lawhead
11)Scarlet-Stephen Lawhead
01)Tuck-Stephen Lawhead
02)The Alchemyst-Michael Scott
03)The Magician-Michael Scott
04)The Sorceress-Michael Scott
05)Star Trek: The Cry Of The Onlies-Judy Hlass
01)The Hardy Boys: What Happened At Midnight-Franklin W. Dixon. (yeh, I know!).
02)Lizzie Didn't Do It; Emma Did-E. Elaine Watson
03)Leadbelly-Tyehimba Jess
04)The Lion, The Withch And The Wardrobe-C.S. Lewis

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